Volume LX: Magical Spells – The Virus in Man’s Matrix

Hello every One, and welcome to Wednesday’s Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition, thank You for being here.  Today I’m Presenting some Powerful Spells.  I found a Video in My ‘recommended for You’ YouTube list.  The Spelling of Words is the first ‘hint’ of their Magical Power to influence Our Mind.  Consider the Title of the video ‘recommended for Me’,

“A Glitch in the Matrix” – Jordan Peterson, the Intellectual Dark Web & the Mainstream Media

‘Dark Web’.  Hmmm.  And not just ‘Dark Web’, but the Intellectual Dark Web.  The Title alone Will vastly determine the audience, and is the first example of Magical Spelling, the Summoning of a desired audience.

I’m going to touch on a lot of ‘Magical’ Ideas today, because these concepts Truly are at Play in One’s Mind whether We are Conscious of it or not.  I capitalize Letters deliberately because it makes a Word seem more important in Man’s Mind.  In fact, it is so effective, I have had a few of My Facebook Friends thank Me for capitalizing Me, You, We, Us, Our, etc.  One of My Friends even told Me she started capitalizing them, too and feels they look ‘wrong’ now if they are not capitalized.  They should look wrong because We are important, and so are You.

Another Idea I want to touch on with respect to the Posted video, is ‘Dark Web’.  Sounds scary, doesn’t it?  In My ‘V for Vendetta, the Truth‘ Post, I am tall King about how V is the white Knight dressed in black.  We’ve been taught to believe that resisting government is a bad Idea, so ‘V’ was portrayed as something We should not be, though as the film progresses, We begin Wishing V Will prevail (rather than England).

Directed by the same individuals, the Wachowski’s, ‘The Matrix’ mimics the same concept – Our Hero’s are dressed in black.  This is a really big deal.  Glorifying the Villain as the Hero is not a new concept (think Robin Hood), but Hero’s are very seldom portrayed in black, at least in mainstream Holy Wood movies.  Did You know that Holly is one of the most Magical types of Wood?  Coincidence that all [American] mainstream movies are made in Hollywood?

We are generally taught to believe that black represents darkness, and that the dark is something to fear.  What does black really symbolize in film and television?  The animus.  Jordan Peterson is tall King about this in parts of the video featured above.  I try not to get into that kind of stuff too much, despite Jung being My favourite psychologist, mostly because I don’t want My Blog to be too ‘technical’ or difficult to comprehend.  Psychology isn’t exactly the kind of thing People generally Wish to read about for ‘entertainment’, and I have had Friends and family tell Me they have a difficult time comprehending some of My philosophies and Ideas already.  I try to Keep it Fun and simplify the information in hopes it Will appeal to a wider audience and make the information easier (and tastier) to digest.

However, the People who are Truly in control of Man’s world, understand the Spelling of Magic with unsurpassed fluency, and it permeates every fibre of Man’s Matrix, including the ‘Dark Web’.  By Calling it the ‘Dark Web’ and associating it with Intellect, on a subconscious level, it is suggesting that Intelligence is something One should be afraid of, a threat to Man.  No, it’s a threat to Man’s Current (Energy) Matrix, and that is what the world is interested in over Standing.  If One is not as King, One cannot receive.

“Keep on as King, and it Shall be Given.” – Bible (with Magical Edit)

We are drawn to what We don’t know.  Consider how the [mainstream] media Loves to Focus on doom and gloom.  Why?  Because We are inexplicably drawn to it like moths to a flame.  Why?  Because it is the opposite of Our True nature.  6 is 9, Our world has been turned upside down.

“I don’t know how Your Love was inverted, it was perverted, too” – the Beatles, ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’

Truth is everywhere for those with ‘Real Eyes, eh Sean’ (realization).  Although it appears on the surface as though Titles like the One above were designed to avert Our attention and Keep Us from watching it, the affect is exactly the opposite.  The more controversial the Title, the ‘darker’ the information it is alleged to contain, the more enticed We Will be to watch it.  We are collectively more curious than cats.  And the People who are Truly in control, are Adepts in the manipulation of Man’s Mind.  These are Good things.

The People who are Truly responsible for the programming of Man’s Matrix control everything.  No information Will reach the Masses unless it is their Will.  Speaking of which, the video I Posted over the Easter weekend has been removed from YouTube, along with the Creator’s entire channel.  They could remove Me, too – if it was their Will, though I dont’ believe that ‘Will’ ever happen.

The reason I don’t believe that Will ever happen, is because I believe that the People who are Truly in control of Man’s Matrix are Good People.  It is probably My most controversial opinion of Our world, especially within the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’.  These are schools of thought where it is widely believed that the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, the Queen, the central banks, and government institutions are completely corrupt – and some of them are.  However, much of it is Our fault, and God does not interfere with Free Will.

I really hope My audience Will take the time to watch the video I’m Posting today in its entirety.  I don’t think they ever use the Word Magic to describe anything that’s going on in the world and mainstream media, but the video does touch on some very Powerful psychological effects of mainstream media, which essentially is Magic.  What greater Spell could there be than to influence Man’s collective conscious?  Once We comprehend that is what is happening in Our world today, We begin to recognize that the ‘chaos’ that seems to permeate Our world is really the awakening of Our animus, also known as Our ‘shadow self’, the dark Part of Our personality We have not yet identified and therefor, do not know how to control.

Finally, before I Sign off, I Wish to tell You about One last Magical Spell I Cast just recently.  On Easter Monday, I Posted My Letter of complaint regarding the city of Ottawa’s determinations, and said I would be war King on Writing it out by Hand to deliver to City Hall.  I sent an email to the city to notify them of My response with a link to My Blog, informing I would deliver the Letter by Hand when it was complete.  The city responded saying that a Hand delivered copy Will not be necessary and a reply with be forthcoming.  That’s another ‘first’ for Me.  My Blog is officially a legal and lawful Public A’Sean. 😉

I hope You all have a wonderful, Lucky Wednesday,

Love and Blessings,


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