Volume LXI: Matrix De-Coded, Part XI

Happy Tuesday, every One, and welcome to Part XI of the Matrix De-Coded.  I am thing King We Will reach the end of the first film of the Trilogy today.  I am also successfully completing My 30 day challenge to Write a daily Post, and I could not be more pleased to celebrate the event by Writing My favourite weekly Post.  This has been a lot of Fun for Me, and it is also one of My most read weekly Posts, so thank You kindly for Your support.

Last week, Neo had successfully saved Morpheus and the Trio had just as King of Tank to provide an exit from the Matrix.  Tank assures them he has a line secured for their departure.  Meanwhile, agent Smith is advised by his lackeys that ‘the trace is complete’; the sentinels have located Zion, and agent Smith orders the strike.  The exit point is at Balbo Street, and Balbo was an Italian fascist and minister of aviation from 1896-1940.  No detail in the Matrix is arbitrary, so I thought it might be worth mentioning.

Morpheus is the first to exit the Matrix, and while Neo and Trinity are waiting for the line to reconnect, Trinity confides in Neo.

“Everything the Oracle told Me has come true.  Everything but this.” – Trinity

Neo has no Idea what she’s tall King about, and unfortunately, neither do I.  The phone rings again, and Trinity answers and disappears – so We don’t get to find out.  Just before Trinity is whisked away, she notices an agent possessing a homeless man, and Neo is left to fend for his Self.  Trinity watches helplessly,

“Run, Neo, run!” – Trinity

As You might guess, he doesn’t.  Trinity asks what he’s doing, and Morpheus tells her that he’s starting to believe.  Neo is no longer afraid.

When I started Writing this Matrix ‘Interpret-A-Sean’, I said that this film was Significant to Me because it’s a metaphor for My own Life in many Ways.  When I was arrested and interrogated in Toronto so many years ago, I knew My innocence, but I wasn’t sure I would win in Court, I didn’t have the knowledge necessary to Play their Game.  When Neo turns to face agent Smith, it reminds Me of My arrest by con-stable Christopher Jenkyn of the Ottawa Police.

“You have no Idea who I am.” – Me

But con-stable Jenkyn proceeded with the same confidence as agent Smith.  He had no Idea who I am, or what I’m capable of – just like agent Smith.  I felt the same confidence through every court proceeding as Neo does in the ensuing (pun intended) conflict.

At first, Neo gets his ass kicked.  So did I.  Jenkyn broke one of My ribs by slamming Me to the ground and thrusting his knee in My back, right after I told him I’d go with him peacefully.

Agent Smith is like Our local police; the frontman responsible for the physical apprehension [and in My Case the assault] of a Man.  Agent Smith’s lackeys are the prosecuting attorneys who Act on the orders (information) Smith Gives them.

It appears as though Neo is finished.  Smith slams Neo into the wall across the subway ditch, right beside a Sign, “Sol”, meaning Sun [Son] in Latin.  Neo represents the [promised] Son; the Truth, the Light and the Way.  Every detail is intentional.

Agent Smith has Neo in a choke hold, waiting for the subway car.  If One knows anything about fighting, this is potentially the absolute worst position to be in and extremely hard to break out of; it cuts off oxygen to the brain and Will cause the individual to pass out very quickly (often called the ‘sleeper’ for this reason).  He warns Neo of his impending doom, just before another very Significant detail is made.

“Goodbye, Mr. Anderson” – Agent Smith

“My name is Neo!”

In that moment, Neo realized (to see with Real Eyes) his purpose.  He knows his [True] Self.  He slams Agent Smith on the ceiling of the subway, breaking free of Smith’s stranglehold.

After I told Jenkyn he had no Idea who I was, he replied,

“Oh, We know all about You, Mr. von Dehn – wanted in Toronto, wanted in Guelph.  You like to run from Your problems.  We expect You’ll run from this, too.  We don’t care, We just want You out of Our city.” – Constable Christopher Jenkyn, Ottawa Police Service

Even Writing about it now, it sounds like something out of a movie, but this is My real Life.  I laughed,

“Actually, it’s King Sean, House of von Dehn...  And I’m not going anywhere.”

Of course, Christopher just laughed, too.  I didn’t expect him to take Me seriously, just as I don’t Imagine agent Smith expected to get slammed on the subway ceiling.

Neo does end up running again, looking for a Way out, and ends up in exactly the same place the film started, a hotel called ‘The Heart of the City” (home is where the Heart is…).  In the beginning of the film, it was Trinity that was in the Heart of the City – no coincidences.

Neo is told to go to a fire escape at the end of an alley, Room 303.  The Magical Value of 303 is 3+0+3, or 6.  In Magic, Six represents Peace, Home, Heart, Love.  And because 2 is a Door, it is worth noting that two 3’s represent a Door Way to Peace.  0 also equals 2 in Magic, but that’s an entire Post all its own and too complicated to get into here.

When Neo finally reaches his Door Way to Peace, he is surprised to find agent Smith on the other side, who promptly empties a full clip of bullets into Neo’s chest, and Our unlikely Hero slumps to the ground.  Back on the Nebuchadnezzar, Neo flatlines, the Crew is in shock.


Well, last paragraph makes 966 Words, Magical Value of 21, which is both 3 and 3 7’s, which means it’s the perfect time for Me to Sign off for this week.  It appears there Will be two more installments of the De-Coding Matrix Program on the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition to look forward to.  We Will have the final Act-Ion Scene to cover next week, and then a summary of the entire film for Lucky Part XIII.  13 isn’t unlucky, it’s just 1+3 which is 4, and Four is for Foundation.  (There also happens to be exactly 13:00 minutes left of the film).

I hope You enjoyed this Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition of Matrix De-Coded, have a wonderful week!

Love and Blessings,





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