Volume LXII: My Sovereign State and International Post Office

Hello every One, and welcome to the Motivational Monday Edition.  I’m feeling very motivated today, I hope You are, too.  It is the beginning of a new week, and hopefully You are all off to a wonderful start; the weather is certainly cooperating, at least here in Canada’s nation capital of Ottawa.

I Love tall King about Magic and it seems most of My audience enjoy reading about it, too.  I am thing King there is a small Part in all of Us that would Love to believe Our world is Magical, and I am here to encourage and Inspire One’s wildest Fantasies and most daring Dreams.

I am also often tall King about the Power of the Word, and today I Will be tall King about the Power of Creating a Domain for One’s Self.  Before I provide any of My own interpret-A-Sean’s of what a Domain might be, let Us see what the definition of the Word might be.

“An area or territory owned by a ruler or government.”

Hmmm.  That’s an interesting start, isn’t it?  But most of Us know We are speaking specifically of a Domain (do-Main) as it pertains to the internet and computers, so let’s see what that definition has to say.

“A distinct subset of the Internet with addresses sharing a common suffix or under the control of a particular organization or individual.”

I recently Writ a Post tall King about the requirements of a Sovereign nation.  To be Sovereign, a nation must be completely independent of external influence, have the Power to Create its own Currency (Coin of the Realm), and its own Post Office.

I have also suggested that My Blog is one of the most Powerful tools I have.  It is My Domain, and We have just learnt it is also an address.  The Domain is the Home Page, (in My Case, http://www.vondehnvisuals.com), and every Post is an expansion of that Domain.  Essentially, every Post is a new Establishment within My Kingdom (You Will also find kingdom as a synonym for domain in the above definition of Domain).

Now let’s look at the definition of the Word ‘Post’.  Most Will be familiar with both definitions of the Word as a noun.

“A long, sturdy piece of timber or metal set upright in the ground and used to support something or as a marker.”

I suggest that the connection between two meanings of a Word are not coincidental or arbitrary.  Here is the second definition of the Word Post.

“A piece of Writing, image or other item of content published online, typically on a Blog or social media website.”

So, I have Established My own Domain.  It is unique and exclusive to Me.  That Domain can only exist because it is a product-Sean of My physical Land (My Body).  The Body can only be animated by the Spirit of God, or Will.  Domain = Do-Main.  And what is the definition of main?

Principal, chief, Head, leading, foremost, most important, major, Ruling, dominant, central, Focal, Key, prime, Master, premier, primary, first, High, grand, fundamental, Supreme, predominant, (most) prominent, preeminent, paramount, overriding, cardinal, crucial, vital, critical, CAPITAL, pivotal, salient, Elemental, Essential, staple, intrinsic, urgent.

And of course, none of Us Will be surprised by the definition of the Word, ‘Do’.

  1. “Perform (an Act-Ion, the precise nature of which is often unspecified)”

  2. “Achieve or complete”

As a verb, the definition is even more fitting and auspicious.

“A party or other social event” (British, informal)

Nothing in the Universe is a coincidence.  None of these Words ‘link’ together by happenstance.  As the chief administrator of My own Domain, I am the Head of My State, Issuing Public Notices with every Post, further developing My Kingdom with the expansion of each new territory (Post).  Every Post is much like a support in any physical building, as each supports the original Domain, http://www.vondehnvisuals.com (“A Piece for Peace”).

Of course, it is also much faster than the traditional mail system.  One thing I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned on My Blog is the Creation of My Book.  I was very pleased to publish a hard copy so that (with respect to My over-Standing of Magic) My Ideas would exist on the physical plane.  I did not register an ISBN number, and to this day, I’m not even sure how I accomplished that, as You cannot (generally) publish a book without one.  Don’t get Me wrong, My Book does have a serial number on it if One were to Order one, but I am not responsible for it.  However, sometime shortly after publishing My Book, I received an email from the government of Canada, ‘notifying’ Me of this.  It read something to the effect,

“Please be advised that it has come to our attention you recently published a book and have not registered an ISBN number.  All Canadian authors are required to register an ISBN number before the book can be published (it may have said something about Canadian law here, too, I’m not sure).

Please also be advised that in addition to registering an ISBN number, You are also required to provide two copies of your book to the Canadian government, one for the Canadian archives, and one for the National library of Canadian authors.”

Needless to say, I was outraged by this.  I responded to the email quite curtly, something to the effect,

“My Book is My intellectual property and Canada has no right to it whatsoever.  I Will not register an ISBN number as I have no interest in producing the Book for profit.  Also, I Will not provide You with any copies of My Book, as the full content of My Book is available online on My website, http://www.vondehnvisuals.com, and if You really want a copy, You can download it from My website or order it Your Self.”

After receiving this email, I was curious to know if I could actually order a physical copy and found that I could.  I’m presuming the Canadian government registered an ISBN number on My behalf and ordered physical copies to place in the Canadian library and archives if it were really that important to them.  I never heard back from them on the Issue, (which I now think is kind of humorous, though I am interested to know what they might have done).

I mention this because if anyone presumes that anything One creates is not considered ‘property’ of One’s government, One is sorely mistaken.  My Blog is the only thing I truly ‘owned’ without external influence in My Sovereign capacity before Creating My own documents (even though the Domain is registered and ‘Hosted’ by WordPress, which Will be a registered business/corporation (which Will be owned (custodial care of) by the Crown)).

Every business within the Common Wealth is in some Way, Shape, or Form, registered, and in the custodial care of, the Crown.

Registering One’s own Domain, is Establishing an Office for the expression of One’s State, and every Post is delivered to the Public by Way of the Act (Do) of Publishing to the Main Site (Establishment/Kingdom).


When One Establishes One’s own Domain, they are effectively also Establishing One’s own Postal Office and International Publication.  That is why http://www.vondehnvisuals.com is on the top right (Standing/Up-Right) of all My Hand Writ documents.  It connects the Land of My Body to My international Kingdom and Post Office.

Love and Blessings,




  1. The kingdom of God is within you …
    As within , so without …

    Not only do you help your own sovereignty in publishing online , you help preserve and replenish the environment by not using paper , ink and other materials that could be thrown into the sea . Not all wastes are recycled …
    Although some companies like that produce papers like Chemex and Double A say plant fast prowing trees grown by farmers to sell for manufacturing paper to perseve the environmental and promote green sustainable economic development…

    By the way , Google consumes all its electric power from renewable energy resources…
    Please , do your research about the laws and regulations about preserving and upgrading the green environment and forests in Canada …
    Are fast growing trees that suit the generally cold climate of Canada planted there for green sustainable economic development being eco-friendly in reality ?

  2. Yes , the spring and the summer in Canada are generally warm and the land mass is as large a continent like Europe and larger than Australia …
    Could you ask farmers or agricultural engineers in Canada if they plant locally trees that grow fast to help promote sustainable green development ?

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