Volume LXVI: Super Natural Son Day; Living a Purpose Full Life, Part V

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Edition of the Good News Journal and Living a Purpose Full Life, Part V.  I’d like to start with an expression of Gratitude for Your attendance (at-ten-Dance) this evening and always.  I am very Grateful for the Reader-Ship over the last week, especially considering the recent return from My last little break and the Nature of My Current Theme, ‘Living a Purpose Full Life’, which is very close to My Heart (He Art).  You are a Blessing.

Today I Will be tall King about the next Three Cards in Our Tarot Read, which represent the psychological basis of the Quest-Ion.

3 Cups – Abundance; The Hermit, 6 Cups – Pleasure

We have the 3 of Cups, ‘Abundance’, as the Central Focus of the psychological basis of the Quest-Ion.  Personally, I find this very interesting.  The further We work Our Way through this Read, the more perfect the arrangement seems (especially considering this is the first time I’ve shared a read with My audience and the first read I’ve done for Self in over two years).

3 is a number I had Wished to be tall King about anyway, as it was also a central Theme in the Matrix (Trinity).  Morpheus, Trinity, Neo.  Father, Mother, child.  Father, Son, Holy Ghost/Spirit.  Nothing, Something, Everything.  Body, Mind, Spirit.  All these Ideas represent the Trinity, but let’s see what the Book of Thoth and the Virgin Universe has to say about ‘the Three’s’.  Generally, it represents ‘Understanding’.

“The idea has become fertilized; the triangle has been formulated. In each case, the idea is of a certain stability which can never be upset, but from which a child can issue.”

I Will explain why I have placed the Word ‘child’ in italics when I summarize the full reading.  For now, I am only as King of You to take Notice of it.  Another important detail to point out, is that this Card is called ‘the Lord of Abundance’.  Remember, there are no coincidences, and this ‘Trinity’ of Cards represent the psychological nature of the original Quest-Ion.

Now that We’ve examined the Three’s, let’s see how the Three’s are affected by the element of water.


“The Cups are pomegranates: they are filled bountifully to overflowing from a single lotus, arising from the dark calm sea characteristic of Binah.”

There are a few Key quotes worthy of Posting.

“Mercury is the Will or Word of the All-Father; here its influence descends upon the most receptive of the Signs.”

Finally, before moving onto the Hermit and Pleasure, I am including another quote from the website I am sharing pictures from.

“The 3 of Cups Tarot card represents emotional abundance, joy, celebration, and sharing the wonder of life.”

I felt that beautifully summarizes the ‘psychological basis’ of this read, “Living a Purpose Full Life”, and is a reflection of My Will to share My Lust for Life with the world.

Next, We have The Hermit.


Once again, each of the Trump Cards are associated with a Letter in the Hebrew alphabet, this time the Letter is Yod, which means the Hand.  It is also the Foundation of all other Letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  It is also the Ninth Trump Card, which is Highly Significant in this series when We take into account the final Card of the trilogy, Pleasure.

“this symbolizes the Father, who is Wisdom; he is the highest form of Mercury, and the Logos, the Creator of all worlds.”

Keep in Mind, Trumps also represent Universal forces, influences over the Central Idea (Lord of Abundance).

The Book of Thoth also describes the Sigil worn by the Hermit to represent the King of Fire and,

“The Guide of the Soul through the lower regions.”

Once again, relative to Our exploration of the Idea of Living a Purpose Full Life.

Finally, We have the Six of Cups, Pleasure.


Generally, I’ve only been using this site for photos, but the description here caught My attention and seemed relevant as an influential factor over the central Idea.

“The number 6, is Tiphareth on the Tree of Life, and the number of the Sun/Son (also all of the tarot Princes) which is known as the “Christ or Buddha” consciousness. As the number for the Sun (Son), which is in the Sign of Scorpio on this card, places the whole influence of the Sun in the suit of Water.”

(It may also be worth mentioning here that My ‘identifier’ in the Thoth Tarot deck is ‘The Prince of Wands’.)

The Christ Character is always a central Idea as it is war King in the subconscious of most of Man almost continuously.  Virtually all who have heard the Story of Christ are waiting for the Saviour on varying levels of [sub] consciousness.

The nature of the Sixes according to the Virgin Universe, describe them as follows:

“In the planetary system it represents the Sun; in the system of Tetragrammaton it represents the Son.”

And, just to emphasize Good Omens when We find them…

“The zodiacal sign governing the card being Scorpio, pleasure is here rooted in its most convenient soil. This is pre-eminently a fertile card; it is one of the best in the pack.”

As far as the dignity of Our central Idea (Abundance) is concerned, the Water is stabilized by the Earth (Hermit).  The Earth provides the Foundation which holds the Water.  Every single One of these Cards is Good, and perhaps the most surprising detail of this particular trilogy is the numbering of the Cards and it’s relation to what I was tall King about in My last Post, 6=9.  We have the 9th Trump and the 6 of Cups Influencing the Central Card, the psychological basis of the Matter.  The Three Cards themselves are in their own Way, uniquely connected by their numeric relationship, 3, 6, and 9.

Tomorrow, I Will be back with the final Trilogy in Our read, which represents the Universal/Karmic Influences over the Matter.


I’d better Post now or it won’t get done.  I hope this Sunday finds You all feeling fabulous.

Oh, and someone was reading this Post today, which is also related as I am tall King about The Great Work (Living One’s True Purpose).

Love and Blessings,


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