Volume LXVII: Thursday Thing King; Making Good First Impressions

Good evening, Lords and Ladies, Queens and Kings, welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank You for joining Me.  Before I continue tall King about Magic and the Creation of the Babalon (babble on) Empire, I have said that Letters and Language are connected to Our DNA on a subconscious level, which is why Words that sound the same but have different meanings Activate more than a single Idea in Our psyche.  Makes sense, right?  Well, notice that ‘Q’ has the same sound as ‘K’, and both activate similar Ideas in Man’s psyche, even though they are dramatically different in appearance.  The Words ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ are a Great example, and We see the same Idea represented in their Heirs (Air=Mind), ‘Lords’ and ‘Ladies’.  Just something for all You Kings and Queens to Keep in the Mind of Your Castle.

Babel On

We are tall King about Living a Purpose Full Life and reviewing My recent Tarot read as an introduction to Magic.  The Cards are similar to the Oracle in the Way they can be used to provide One with Guidance (Guy Dance) to help Navigate (Navy-Gate) One’s citizen Ship in Man’s Matrix.  Does One really presume all the references to ships in the English language are by happenstance?

I’ve also been tall King about how all of these Ideas were introduced to Us in the Matrix, and today’s Post is about doc-King My ‘new’ Vessel, the ‘King’ Ship (kinship) in Ottawa, which is the same Idea as the Nebuchadnezzar of the Matrix.  Remember, Nebuchadnezzar was a Babylonian King and the name of Neo’s Ship in the Matrix – not a coincidence.  It is also worth Noting in Our Universal Song that the Vessel I am Docking is not My physical body.  My physical body has never been a citizen Ship, and neither has Yours!  All of Us were Saved from sin by the Universal Architect, it was built into the original Operating System of Man’s Matrix with the ‘Perfect Idea’, the Immaculate Concept-Ion, and all Programs are running on this Plat-Form.

Which leads beautifully into the Ship I am tall King about doc-King in Ottawa.

Kingdom Comes!!!

I ‘docked’ (document=Dock Mind) in Ottawa before My Spiritual Vessel (body) even arrived.  But the above document is not My ‘Ship’, either.  The above document is My Land and the Foundation of My Kingdom.  Remember, paper, trees, parchment (Ment=Mind) represent the Earth.  This Shows that My Ship (Spiritual Vessel) has ‘docked’ and the seaman (Me) has Created a Foundation for God’s Kingdom on dry land.  It is an Establishment, the express-Ion of an Established Mind, My Spiritual Idea-entity.  Documents are used to Establish Ideas upon the Earth.

Think of it like docking an Entrepreneur Ship securely in Port.  The Written Words represent the Foundation of My Ideas as they Will make impressions in the Earth.  The thumbprints and toeprints in the four corners of the document are the Four Pillars of My Kingdom because they are above the Land, and represent the Establishment [of Kingdom] upon the Earth.  It represents My physical body as a representative and protector of the Foundation for God’s Kingdom.  In general, the document represents My claim to God’s Kingdom as the Soul Purpose of My Life.

This is the King Ship, the ‘vehicle’ used to communicate My Claim to God’s Kingdom on Commercial Admiralty Waters.  More importantly, it Shows that My claim to God’s Kingdom has been accepted by Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General.  The Attorney General oversees all of Canada’s courts and is the highest authority of law in Canada aside from the Governor General.


This evidences My Claim to God’s Kingdom in Man’s legal fiction.  We all know that ignorance of the law is no excuse, now the government of Canada cannot say they were not in-Formed of My intention to Establish God’s Kingdom.

A true copy of the document was sent to Canada’s Registrar General, the [city of] Toronto Crown, and Canada’s Attorney General.  All documents Play a Part in My Story if You would like to read them.  My Friend said to Me once that received doesn’t mean accepted.  In law, it means exactly that.  Only Express Legal responded right away and they didn’t take any chances with their response, addressing the Letter and envelope to ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God’ – I still use the envelope to Keep My most important Current legal documents. 

Months passed without a Word from any of the government agencies.  After three months, I decided I would Write a Letter to the Queen to inform Her Majesty that I had announced My claim of right to God’s Kingdom, and that My elected government officials had failed to respond.  I sent the Letter ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, and Writ things no other Man would Write.  It read something like, “I am the Prince of Wands from the Tarot, the Prince of Peace in Man’s fiction of law, and I am here to bring more Glory to the Title of Crowns than any Man before Me ever has.” 

I did not receive a reply from the Queen, but I was also not expecting or as King of Her for one.  I did, however, receive a reply from the Ministry of the Attorney General’s office roughly eight days later, April 21st, 2017.  In Truth, My original Cestui Que Vie is the Supreme Claim of right to God’s Kingdom – the problem is, how many People are likely to understand it? 

In court, the first prosecuting attorney I encountered was immediately as King of Me for identification, telling the Justice that I did not have any on Me at the time of the arrest.  I Handed him My Cestui Que Vie [Trust] in a plastic sleeve, the original facing him, the ‘received’ true copy on the flip side.  After making a big dramatic production out of how beautiful the document was, holding it up for the whole courtroom to see, as King of Me if it was Writ with [My] Blood (it’s not, but I thought about it), he insisted he could not accept the document as identification because is lacking a ‘birth’ (like a ship) date.

It was a beautiful moment for Me because Captian Thomas Yoo, Friend and (now retired) Spiritual director of the Salvation Army was in the courtroom to show his support.  I stood there proudly smiling as I waited for prosecution to finish his theatrics.  When he said he couldn’t accept the document, I as King of him to turn it over and watched the colour quickly drain from his face.

“Can You pass that to the clerk to Present to the Justice for Me, please?”

He did.  The Justice reviewed the document for a moment and gave a grave glance to prosecution before as King of Me if I would like the document added to the Court of Record.

It was the only document I entered into the Court of Record in My defence, and all charges were withdrawn at the request of Crown almost immediately after My last court appearance before trial (and virtually every time I was in court regarding this Matter, prosecution was virtually begging Me to take a deal).  I also announced My Self to the court as King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God every time I Presented My Self.

This Post is considerably longer than I anticipated it would be, but everything is related to the events in My Current microcosm as much as it is to Our recent Tarot read.  These Posts are just as much for My Current adversaries in court as they are for any One else.  The Justice Will enforce any Order I Give so long as I re-Present the Highest Moral arguments.

If One pays close attention to the Lust Card, You Will notice that the figures appear to be underground.  It also appears as though there are numerous bodies or spirits being trampled by the beast the woman is riding.  The woman is supporting or lifting some kind of embryo just below ground level (much like a foundation).  It appears to be a Seed for Life planted firmly in the Earth that Will flourish upon the land.  This reflects the Idea of Order from Chaos, the old Ideas of Our dying world provide the rich soil for the Fruit of God’s Kingdom to flourish.

I hope You’ve all had a Thrilling Thursday, Happy Fabulous Friday!!!

Love and Blessings,














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