Volume LXVII: Making Good First Impress-Ions, Part II

Hello, world, thank You for being here.  We are tall King about Living a Purpose Full Life, the Central Focus of My recent Tarot read, and how all of these things are related to the events of My Microcosm.

In the first Part of ‘Making Good First Impressions‘, I was tall King about the first Impression I made with Canada’s government offices after the Creation of My Cestui Que Vie Trust before I even arrived in Ottawa.  My decision to move to Ottawa was to Honour My Duty to Serve God [and the Queen], and the nation’s capital seemed the most appropriate place to represent Canada’s People, and to defend their God Given (Common Law) rights.

When I first arrived at the Salvation Army on June 19th, 2017, I was required to meet with a ‘case worker’, presumably so they could assess My situation and assist Me in attaining the necessary funding to secure an apartment.  I anticipate I Will spend the better Part of the next six months Writing about Our Matrix and De-Coding Man’s fiction of law, attempting to accomplish the same task over a five to fifteen minute interview is virtually impossible.  So I summarize by telling the case worker,

“I have sworn an Oath to God and the Queen, respectively, My Judicial Oath of office is on the Superior Court record, and I am here to remind the Canadian People that We are the authority of government and the reason for virtually every problem in Canada is complacency and a lack of understanding on the Part of its People.”

Needless to say, not what the case worker was expecting to hear.  Of course, I’m fully aware this is not what One is expecting to hear, and I anticipate they Will presume I am crazy.  I’m okay with that.

“Sometimes You must Play the Fool to Fool the Fool who think You’re a Fool” – unknown

I’m not sure they responded to Me at all, except to ask if I was currently receiving any government assistance (which I was not).  They tell Me the first thing I’m going to have to do is apply for social assistance (Ontario Works).

[The whole Idea behind the move to Ottawa and starting with nothing, was the same Idea as an investigative journalist; I Wished to know how long it takes a Man who accepts all the supports Given to get into appropriate, dignified housing.  Because I am not struggling with addiction, mental or physical health Issues, it Gives Me an opportunity to see just how effective the support services offered by the Canadian government actually are, so I can figure out what needs to change in order to improve the [homelessness] Issue.]

I tell the case worker(s) that I’m not an citizen of Canada, I’m Sovereign, which means I’m the Soul administrator of My Life’s unlimited commercial value, not an incorporated person.  I explain that it also means I don’t own or use any government issued identification, and that My Spiritual belief is that doing so is to ‘use the Lord’s name in vein’, and I Will not be compelled to trespass upon God by any of Canada’s Ministries.

Of course, they don’t understand any of this [Knowledge is Power], and they aren’t listening, so the first thing they tell Me is that I Will have to apply for a health card, birth certificate and social insurance number, or I Will not be able to apply for social services.  Instead of arguing with them, knowing they wouldn’t understand, I told them that as the administrator of the wealth that was Created from the Value of My Life, they don’t have any right or authority to deny Me.

Surprisingly, the case manager (her name was Krista), laughed at Me rather condescendingly, and asked Me if I would like to try to set up an appointment with social services, insisting they wouldn’t even Give Me an appointment if I don’t have those documents.

“Sure!”, I replied, cheerfully.

Initially, they dialed the number on speakerphone, Krista (manager of Salvation Army social services department) and her trainee at the time, Caroline Hards, listened in.  When the line connected, they took it off speaker and handed Me the phone so they could only hear My side of the conversation.  This is what they heard.  (The italics represent the other end of the line.)

“I just arrived in Ottawa and was asked to call to apply for social assistance.  Your name?  Sean Stephen von Dehn.  Where are You staying now?  Salvation Army.  When did You arrive in Ottawa?  June 1st.  Do You have Your birth certificate, health card and social insurance number?  No, I don’t have any government identification, I don’t use any of that.  (brief pause, sounds a little nervous) Okay.  Highest level of vocation completed? Sorry, that’s personal, private, confidential information.  (long pause) Can You hold for a moment?  Sure.”

I pull the phone away from My ear, and ask Krista if she can put it back on speaker.  She does, smiling at Me triumphantly.  I smile back, confidently.

“Problems?”, asks Krista, smugly.

I shrug My shoulders, “I don’t know, I guess We’ll see.”

The three of Us sat there awkwardly listening to the elevator music for at least five minutes, though it felt more like thirty.  Finally, the woman returns.

“Hi, Sean?  Sorry about that, My manager needed to speak with Me regarding an unrelated Matter.”

Krista takes the phone off speaker and hands it back to Me, “No problem.  Okay, We left off at vocation, are You married or single?  That’s personal, private, confidential information.  Okay.”

There was one other personal question asked that was none of their business, and the reply was the same, a quick, nervous sounding, ‘okay’.  Then she asked Me how soon I could come in to sign the paperwork.  I said I would take the earliest appointment they have available.  They scheduled an appointment for 11:00 the following day.  I ended the call with,

“Thank You very much, I’ll see You tomorrow at 11:00,” and passed the phone back to Krista, smiling.

I must confess, she was a Good sport about it and her attitude seemed to disappear, though I think she was clinging to some hope that I would be denied, “Let Me know how that goes when You get back.”

I assured her I would, and said that I don’t expect her to understand My paperwork, but I would like the Salvation Army to have a copy of all the documents I’ve sent to the Ministries of the Canadian government and placed on the Superior Court record added to My ‘case file’ with the Salvation Army.  Krista asked Me to forward all the paperwork to Caroline who was instructed to make sure it was done.

I gave the very same documents to Ontario Works to place on My file with My original application for social assistance, which Orsolya Vancsody, the case worker assigned to Me, was happy to accommodate.  Orsolya Vancsody has been exceedingly cooperative any time I have as King of her for anything (which is rare).  Needless to say, My application was approved and Krista had no Words.

At the time, I didn’t really have a ‘Plan’ for creating awareness, the Universe Presented Me with many Gifts of opportunity and I Seized each of them.  The first big One was a project called InFocus, which was a photographic art exhibition fully funded by the Good Hearts of two young ladies Wishing to Create awareness of Ottawa’s homelessness issue, while focusing on the Value of a marginalized minority, typically ignored or regarded with contempt by the general ‘public’.


I described My Purpose for coming to Ottawa to these two young ladies very much the same Way I did with Krista and Caroline.  The difference was, these two ladies (Lady Nina, House of Garacci, and Lady Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick) Loved My Plan, and Wished to do everything they could to increase My exposure.  They as King of Me to participate in their interview with the Ottawa Citizen, and insisted I announce My Self as King Sean, House of von Dehn.  I Promised I would, but cautioned them that I doubted very much the paper would publish it because it constitutes an announcement of My proper legal title to the public if it’s published in a paper.  Much to My amazement, they did! (Though there is a Story behind that, too).  August 28th, 2017, I was officially announced to Canada by the main stream media as ‘Sean, House of von Dehn’.  No One in Ottawa can claim they were not Given notice of My proper legal title.

It is also worth noting that the paper would not have been able to publish My title if it were not (legally) true, and they have a duty and responsibility to ‘fact check’ before publishing, just the same as if I had claimed to be ‘Doctor’ von Dehn.  Dr. is a legal title and You must actually be a doctor to use it, or One is misrepresenting their ‘Self’ to the public.

Well, I’m glad I continued with this Story today, as I was not in very Good mood when I sat down to Write today.  The ‘Housing First’ program is so disorganized, I almost lost My new place!  However, I Will save that Story for another day, and in My next Post, I Will finally get around to tall King about how this all finally led to developing a clear Plan for accomplishing My task, and fulfilling My desire to Live a Purpose Full Life.

I hope this Saturday finds You all feeling sensational!

Love and Blessings,













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