Volume LXVIII: Strawberry Full Moon Magical Monday; City of Ottawa Liable for Libel

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of the Good News Journal, Bless You for being here.  I stumbled upon some new Magic related to yesterday’s Father’s Day Post, “Honour thy Father and Mother” when I discovered that yesterday was also the Full Moon.  To make it even more Magical and related to yesterday’s Post, it is also Called the ‘Strawberry Full Moon’.

To Keep in Harmony with the Universe and the Central Quest-Ion of Our recent Tarot, We should discover what the Universe has to say about the Symbolism of ‘Strawberry’.

“The strawberry was a symbol for Venus, the Goddess of Love, because of its heart shapes and red color. … To symbolize perfection and righteousness, medieval stone masons carved strawberry designs on altars and around the tops of pillars in churches and cathedrals.”

Yesterday I was tall King about how the Word Father and God are connected in Man’s subconscious, and that the Divine Feminine has been suppressed as a result, which is what the Lady and the Lion represent beneath the ground of Our Lust Card.

Babel On

I had no Idea the Full Moon was last night until after I Writ My Blog Post.  It is not a coincidence that the Strawberry Full Moon, a Celebration (Celebrate, Sean) of the Divine Feminine was taking place at the same time.  It is also not a coincidence that I have been tall King about how the Full Moon usually represents the climax of events in Man’s Microcosm (Our personal Life), and that I received the final determination on My Matter with the city of Ottawa this afternoon.  I was as King of the city of Ottawa to respond by Monday, but I had no Idea Monday was a Full Moon when I did.  This is just an example of how these philosophies are True in My Universe, and it seems when One pays more attention to these synchronicities, the more in Harmony with the Universe and One’s True Purpose the individual becomes.

These are the city of Ottawa’s final Words on the Matter:

Good afternoon,


Further to your email of June 13, 2019, I confirm that I have carriage of the file on behalf of the City of Ottawa.


The City is of the view that:

  1. adequate measures are in place to control, prevent and eliminate bedbugs;
  2. the complaint resolution process is posted; and
  3. participation in religious activities is not required.


My instructions are to advise you that the City considers the Salvation Army to be meeting its contractual obligations as it relates to the emergency shelter standards.


We will continue to respond to your judicial review application should you wish to proceed.




Geneviève Langlais

Associate Legal Counsel – Conseillère juridique

City of Ottawa, City Clerk and Solicitor Dept.

It may not sound like very Good News, but this is a Gift.  In addition to barring Me without cause, the city has now officially made false claims against the Honour of My Character by suggesting My overall actions and behaviour were a risk to clients and/or staff.  Not only is it defamation of My Character, but it is also Written proof that I’m being treated with prejudice and discrimination not only by the shelter, but by the Housing Services branch tasked with investigating the complaint.  One doesn’t just accuse someone of being a danger to others for no reason (well, unless You are Housing Services).

The Word risk means One is a danger to the safety of others.  They are going to have to prove that My actions placed others in danger, or at the very least prove they had reasonable cause to believe My overall actions and behaviour placed others in danger.  They didn’t even investigate why I was barred.  By failing to provide any information to qualify what Actions and behaviour allegedly placed others in danger, it Will be difficult for Housing Services to prove they are not discriminating and Acting with extreme prejudice.

The complaint and determinations also resulted in some corrections.  The Word correction confirms the standard was incorrect at the time of the investigation and/or the time I was a client.  Essentially, their own determinations confirmed My complaint [on several issues] was legitimate.  The investigation confirmed that a resolution process was not posted anywhere in the facility at the time of the investigation, that clients were compelled to participate in religious activities to access programs (the application forms have since been ‘updated’), and that bedbugs and other vermin are a continuous challenge.  Property Standards of Ottawa says that any property, occupied or unoccupied must be free from vermin at all times.  These determinations confirm that I was in fact subject to injury and harm as a result of the negligence of the Housing Services branch in their duty to ensure the Salvation Army were operating their facility in compliance with the emergency shelter standards.  (Failing to be in compliance with Ottawa Property Standards is a violation of the emergency shelter standards).

So it really My just makes My complaint with the city that much stronger.  Now they are Willfully causing Me harm by attacking the Honour of My Character without cause.  The only sense My Friends can make of it, is that the city of Ottawa is Wishing I Will take Shelley VanBuskirk into court for defamation of Character and expose the corruption of the Housing Services branch.  My Friends are thing King the city wants Me to win (in court), perhaps to expose the Salvation Army so the Mega Shelter is voted down, or some other matter of public interest.  I don’t have to prove anything I Writ in this Post, Shelley VanBuskirk has done it all for Me – all I have to do now is take it to court.

I also have this Matter to address:



Attacking My Character unprovoked and using My Art to promote their website without My consent and misrepresenting My work as a product of their Art therapy program of which I had nothing to do with… Seriously, the audacity of these People.  I Will tell You this, God is not pleased!

Keep in Mind, this is Powerful Magic.  For every Action, there is always an equal and opposing re-Act-Ion.  Cause and effect.  The fact that the Salvation Army has done this makes it look as though they are deliberately trying to antagonize Me – especially considering these paintings were never returned to Me!

It is, however, the climax of this Matter, in Harmony with Our Strawberry Full Moon, and that really does seem Magical.  I Will be in a new space soon, and I Will begin preparing a new complaint with the city of Ottawa when I get settled.  For now I’ll Keep them in suspense.

The Strawberry Full Moon represents the Love of the Divine Mother, and the event taking place on Father’s Day represents the necessity of the Divine Love of the Father to be remembered, too.

Love and Blessings,





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