Volume LXIX: Thing King of as King for Give-ness

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank You for joining Me.  I’ve got lots of Good News for You this evening, as it’s been rather exciting day in My Microcosm.

In a recent Blog Post I was tall King about how Housing Services, a program designed to help homeless People get off the streets, has been interfering with My move into a new space July 1st.  It’s taken two years and one month (so far) to get Me off the streets.  Thanks to the recent investigation into My complaint with the Salvation Army by Housing Services, virtually everyone associated with the program knows I have a Matter in the Divisional Court, and that Shelley VanBuskirk has Willfully assassinated My Character without cause.  It really, really, does not bode Well for Housing Services to even appear as though they may be Willfully interfering with this move.  The last thing Housing Services should want, is to Give Me another reason to file a complaint, yet they are coming dangerously close to exactly that outcome.

I thought the entire situation was resolved when I last Writ about it.  They had said they require a signed lease agreement and I had/have no interest in signing a lease for one or two months, so I told the landlady to get Christine from Housing Services to contact Me.  Instead, she replied to the landlady to say everything is fine, they have all the required information after all.  Today it started again!

Apparently, Housing Services needs a ‘special’ form filled out by the landlady to facilitate the automated payments.  Honestly, if You had any Idea how much information has gone back and forth about this, how many Written committals there are to the arrangement, anyone presuming they need any more ‘contracts’ to secure the deal is either insane or completely incompetent.  So today, I got involved.  This [message to My landlady] is what I am dealing with:

“As per our telephone conversation, in order to process the monthly payments, we need to create an account for the EFT payments. We ask that you complete and sign the bottom Vendor section of the attached Vendor Master Record Maintenance for and return to us.  Please make sure that all the information at the top of the form is correct ( i.e. the name of the landlord, address and contact info).

Kind regards

Sana Arraj”

Now, this wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t already have; an intent to rent form which clearly states the landlady’s name, address of unit being rented, and the rental amount, two void cheques for the automated bank transfer (one hand Writ containing all banking information necessary for processing which wasn’t Good enough (though I was able to do this over the phone at My last sales job), and a second from her business bank account complete with bank letterhead and VOID Writ clearly on the front of a cheque), another form that covers household stuff like garbage day etc., AND an additional form with all the banking information, landlady’s address, unit to be rented, etc., that was filled out with Dan Powers.  My landlady had to go to their office to do all of this stuff, they are still going back and forth in emails saying they need more information.  Social services, on the other hand, approved the apartment almost instantly – this organization is supposed to be expediting the process.  It is very difficult for Me to believe an organization can be this disorganized – literally the antithesis of what the Word ‘organization’ means, but it is also difficult for Me to believe they would be foolish enough to do anything that might cause Me further stress.  Too late.  Needless to say, I was fed up, and this was My reply:

Hello Sana,

This is Sean, House of von Dehn.  You need to create an account for the EFT payments?  I’m not sure what information it is You are lacking, but I know the information that has been provided.  If You require assistance transferring the branch number, transit number and/or account numbers of the void cheque and rental agreement, please let Me know and I Will be happy to come down to Your office and help You fill our Your form so You can set up Your account.  My fee is $100/hour.  Please let me know if you have any questions,

Kind Regards,

Sean, House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

Don’t even be as King of Me who ‘Sana’ is, it was Christine who was having the Issues last time.  I find it very hard to believe this is just incompetence.  I thought My letter might put an end to the matter, but no, she persisted.  Please also Keep in Mind, every time she does (persist), I get to hear about it!  Lucky Me (sarcastic).  She basically just said she’s sorry it’s so repetitive but she really needs the document signed.  So I intercepted again.

I cannot even express My frustration with this agency.  I witnessed all the forms getting signed.  All the paperwork and information You require for an automated payment to a business has been provided for You.  Why was this form not presented to the landlord at the time of Signing in Dan’s office?  Any inability to process this payment is a result of YOUR business practices and incompetence.  You are now burdening and harassing My (future) landlord with information already provided to You.  Again, if You don’t know how to get this done, I am happy to come down to Your office and SHOW You how to get it done.  Just make it happen!


So, yeah… I’m guessing this is why People don’t Wish for Me to get involved, but this time it was genuinely at the request of My future landlady.  I told her if Sana asks for any more information, to tell her that she’s no longer interested, it’s just too much hassle (for her and Me).  The landlady doesn’t even have anything in Writing promising they WILL pay My rent even after giving them all of this personal, private, banking information – not a single copy of any form she has signed or agree to.  On My landlady’s end, it’s all ‘in Good faith’, but nothing in Writing.  Seriously, who (but the government) does business this Way?

Ah, well, that’s the Way things go sometimes.  Truth be told, I was over this whole thing last time I Writ about it, I don’t even care if they come through or not, but I can see why landlords have issues renting to People in receipt of subsidy – doing business with the city is about as productive as watching paint dry.  Literally, Mind boggling.

It did, however, put Me in the mood to Write a Letter of Demand!!!


I got it done, too!  However, I’m not going to share it until the Free Lance Friday Edition.  I don’t Wish to spoil the surprise for the city of Ottawa, and I also feel it would be a little unfair to share it with the world before I share it with Jason Prevost and Shelley VanBuskirk.  But I thought it might be a Good tease for tomorrow.

I hope You’ve all had a Thrilling Thursday!!!

Love and Blessings,



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