Volume LXIX: The Sensei-Sean All Sunday Re-View

Hello every One, welcome to the Good News Journal’s Sensei-Sean All Sunday Re-View, thank You so much for joining Me.  This might be the first Sunday Re-View that is actually required because there is so much Good News to recap this week!

My Microcosm has been very eventful over the last week.  There is still ‘conflict’ going on between My future landlady and Housing Services (more about that later in this Edition), there was a city council vote on the proposed mega shelter, I was interviewed by ‘Ottawa’s Spirit Radio’, a Friend filed a complaint with the city of Ottawa’s fraud and waste management hotline regarding Housing Services partisan investigation into My complaint, the Salvation Army finally removed from their website three [of My] paintings they were using to promote their organization without My consent, and to top it all off, I finally filed a claim for the injuries sustained as a result of Housing Services’ negligence; quite a week in Deed!!!  I’m also moving tomorrow!

To start it off I Will briefly update the Issue regarding Housing Services and My future landlady.  After the two emails I published in My Post regarding the Issue, Christine emailed Me one last time.  It was a very courteous, polite email, and she insisted that My [future] landlady has failed to complete a critical form correctly (without actually saying that).  Christine’s right.  I reviewed the form and the landlady has made some typos -important enough they need to be corrected.

I was seriously at My end with this whole thing, I don’t even Wish to be involved.  So I told Christine not to worry about it, and to make sure Dan has all the paperwork necessary so We don’t encounter the same problem next time.  This move is just temporary, and if necessary, I Will pay the difference until I get into a suitable bachelor/one bedroom.  The moment I tell My landlady not to worry about it, she says she’ll Sign the form under protest.  I’m just about losing My Mind over the whole issue, but I think to My Self, ‘whatever, at least it Will put an end to this’.  So My future landlady cc’s Me on the form she sent back to Housing Services and it’s not correct – again! 

So I’m going to be sending an email of apology to Christine and Sana, too.  There was a motive behind being as assertive as I was – My future landlady believes they’ll do whatever it takes to make this move happen (so if I complain for her, they’ll let it go).  Well, I think she might be right to an extent, but misspelled the name of her business on the form and that’s a big deal, it changes the whole contract.  I kind of had a ‘feeling’ something like this might be going on (remember I said I’d been cc’d on all emails but wasn’t reading them), which is why I said if they couldn’t make it happen as is, forget about it (it’s only for one or two months).  The last ‘incorrect’ form was sent by My future landlady over the weekend, so I won’t hear about it now until Tuesday.  Can hardly wait…

But that’s about the only thing that’s not Good News this week.  On ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, We had the city council meeting where the hope was that the Salvation Army ‘mega shelter’ proposal would get voted down.  It didn’t, but the vote was split 12/10, and I have since learnt from an inside source that at least one of the twelve would vote it down if that’s what they were voting on.  Fleury was suggesting the vote was necessary because new information was discovered and the argument was that there was no new information, and that’s why the councillor in favour of voting down the proposal didn’t vote it down last Wednesday.

The better news regarding the council meeting, was that every alternative solution to the mega shelter I have Writ about here on My Blog was mentioned by one of the councillors, with the exception of a minimum basic income.  They were literally tall King about doing exactly the kind of things I was tall King about in My proposed solutions for ending homelessness in the city of Ottawa.  Even better still, one of the councillors made a point of mentioning that shelters are a homelessness management proposal, not a solution, and one that causes harm to Ottawa’s People.

“How much of the mental health issue is caused by homelessness?” – paraphrasing a city council member from last Wednesday’s vote.

‘Homelessness causes harm’ was actually Voiced by a city council member!  That is extremely rare.  It’s the kind of thing lawyers fishing for tort claims jump all over…  😉

After the council meeting Wednesday, I was standing by the doors and started chatting with a Friend only to get interrupted by reporters.  Apparently both CBC News and Spirit Radio were waiting to interview Me but Caroline (Spirit Radio) got to Me first.  By the time My interview was done, CBC was busy interviewing councillors and the mayor as they made their Way out.  A Friend said that a CBC reporter had asked Me to wait for them to return, but after listening to council for almost three hours, I was ready to leave – so I did.

A complaint was also filed with the ‘Fraud and Waste Management Hotline’ of the city of Ottawa by a Friend of mine (regarding the investigation conducted by Housing Services) one night before council met to vote on the proposed mega shelter.  Although the vote passed (meaning shelter is still a go), the sentiment of city council has changed considerably, and the proposal still has to get passed by the social services committee.  In My humble opinion, this was the city’s Way of telling the Salvation Army that won’t be happening.  Also, if they had voted down the bill and the Salvation Army sued them for reneging on the proposal, it would have allegedly cost $250,000.00 for the city to defend against the appeal.  Better to just let the whole Idea die of natural causes.

Finally, I filed a claim for injury with the city of Ottawa Friday for $137,000.00.  I’ve sustained a lot of injury at the Hand of Canada’s government, this is the first official ‘claim’ I’ve ever made – and one I’ll follow through on.  It was difficult to decide how much One should be as King for.  I based My decision on what Jim Watson said with respect to how much it would cost for the city to defend against an appeal – $250,000.00.  I think My injuries are Worth much more than that, so $137.000.00 is a little more than half of what it Will cost the city to defend My claim (which they Will lose).  So it was really a ‘business’ decision more than it was an assessment of what the damage done to Me might be worth – My well being is priceless to Me.

So that should Keep things interesting in My Microcosm, and for all of You out there in My Macrocosm, too.  I was as King of the city to reply within two weeks.  I did send a letter of demand to Christopher Jenkyn of the Ottawa Police Service, but I never expect police officers to Act Honourably, so I wasn’t really expecting a reply.  I can file a legal claim for that once I get settled in My new space.  Geneviève Langlais, associate legal council for the city of Ottawa has thus far been exceedingly Honourable and expect she Will reply on behalf of the city with the two weeks (and likely on the final day).

Anyway, that’s officially the Sensei-Sean All Sunday Re-View for this week.  I hope You are all enjoying the sunshine and summer.  I appreciate every single One of You.

Love and Blessings,



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