Volume LXX: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sunday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me, it’s been an exciting week!

Do We remember when I was tall King about a little bonsai maple and the intention I was invoking?  I had Writ that I was Visualizing a sunny window sill to place My plants upon.  Viola!


Although the week got off to a hectic start, I did finally Manifest My sunny sill, and there are few things Finer than Nature to Nurture One’s environment.  I was in Deed, Gifted with that which I needed most; Serenity now.

I made the move to My new space and it’s both modest and manageable.  It is not a permanent solution by any means, but it is a considerable improvement over My most recent place of refuge, and it ‘qualifies’ as a legal address in Man’s fiction of Law.  You see, the statutory person is actually a piece of paper, not the individual.  So the piece of paper always needs to have a place to ‘stay’.  Because the Living Man is not recognized in Man’s fiction of Law, the ‘House of von Dehn’ is not considered a ‘legal’ address, though it IS perfectly Lawful (and perhaps the most important detail, as One’s place of residence determines their jurisdiction).

The only address One should Claim as their own is the House of the Father.  Of course, before One can do that, they must also Claim the Promised Mother’s Land (the Body), or One Will have no Foundation for their Father’s House.  In Order to make either of these Claims, One must also have the Will; the Will is the Deed (ACT) to the [Promised] Land of Mother [the Body of Man].  This is the Whole ‘E’ (Energy) Trinity, the United State (Mind, Body and Soul) of Man, and the Foundation of God’s Kingdom.

Okay, I digress, My intention was really just to recap the week, I got a little side tracked because I Will need to explain all of this stuff in detail soon.  I am beginning to think the government might be waiting for Me to explain what is going on and how this world was Created as much as any One else is!

Anyway, although My actual moving day was a disaster, I was Gifted with everything I need.  I had Hoped to Honour My nephew’s Name day by Writing a ‘ceremonious’ Letter on the day but I didn’t even get into My new place until almost ten post midi.  By the time I had unpacked and ‘roughed’ everything into place, it was already the wee hours of Tuesday morning (so I went to bed).

Both Tuesday and Wednesday I was dealing with aftermath from Monday’s antics and finalizing little details in My new place.  ‘Lucky’ Wednesday evening I finally had the time and organization to Write My nephew a proper Letter.  Thursday morning I Posted the Letter to My little Prince, had My weekly meeting with [Super] Dan Powers, and managed to finally tie up all loose ends related to My move (which really meant rescuing My little feline princess, Gigi).  Since then, I’ve been ‘climatizing’ to My new environment.


My plants seem to be very happy in the new space.  The window faces almost precisely North-West, which is not at all Ideal.  However, the room is almost continuously bright with indirect sunlight for the better part of the morning and gets a few hours of direct sunlight in the afternoon.  I mentioned the above plant is My current favourite recently, though I’m not sure that’s true anymore.  I love plants so much it’s hard for Me to pick a favourite.  This was labelled as Mimicry or Aloinopsis rubrolineata, though that does not appear to be correct.

Apparently, Mimicry plants are very difficult to care for and can die easily by overwatering.  I have been watering this little guy pretty consistently and the central-most column is new growth.  Also, it doesn’t follow the same growing principals as Mimicry plants which only have two leaves – ever.  The growth of ‘true’ Mimicry plants (otherwise commonly known as ‘living stones’) absorb the old leaves to create the new growth.  So either this is not a Mimicry/living stone, or it is in really bad shape!  My guess is that it might be an ‘Aloinopsis luckhoffii’.  I’m curious to see how big I can grow this little guy and whether or not I can get it to flower.

Rubrolineata may prove to be the correct (Latin) name for the plant, but ‘Mimicry’ is misleading or perhaps too vague (it really just means that it ‘mimics’ another similar plant, in this case Aloe).  Anyway, I’m sharing this with You to explain the importance of learning the proper Latin names for plants.  I kept fish for a while, too and the same is true with fish.  ‘Common names’ are not at all reliable (and sometimes one has to be careful that the Latin name Given is correct).  The care for a living stone (Lithops) is vastly different from a succulent mimicing the behaviour of an aloe.


This is another one of My favourites, Schefflera Arboricola.  I don’t enjoy it quite as much as Schefflera Amate, which has larger, deep green leaves, but it’s a perfect little plant to groom and prune.  It is also very easy to care for.  I just gave this plant a hard pruning and sadly the new growth which can be seen just poking through the two top-most shoots, fell off (too much at once).  I’ll wait for the top inch or two of soil to dry out completely before the next watering and that should do the trick.  It probably dropped the new growth to focus on repairing the ‘wounds’ from pruning.  All the little ‘nubs’ without leaves on the main stem Will soon fall off.


This is My other favourite of the moment.  Her common name is China Doll, or Radermachera Sinica.  Apparently, this one is also easy to care for but I actually picked it up because (in addition to Loving the look of it) I’ve had one before but had little success with it.  The last one I brought home (years ago), the leaves began to yellow almost immediately.  I cut off any dead or dying leaves but it didn’t seem to help anything, I would just wake up to new yellow leaves the following day.  Eventually it just died without ever producing any new growth.  This time, I divided the plant into three pieces, repotted each of them and all of them appear to be doing fantastic, so the last Radermachera I had may have had some kind of disease – it happens.

These are the other two.  All My plants are very Happy.  I Wish I had taken photos of them when I first moved in because they have grown noticeably in their new location.  I have twenty-three plants decorating My room at the moment, and Will likely have over fifty within a few months.  Plants are basically My drug of choice and I am free to self medicate with the Nurturing Qualities of Nature.

I hope You are all enjoying the summer as much as I am.  My new ‘office’ Will allow Me to fine tune the cross hairs of My Focus on ending homelessness and poverty in Ottawa with far less distractions in a more Zen-friendly environment.

Love and Blessings,

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