Volume LXXI: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; Every End is a New Beginning

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Re-View, thank You for joining Me.  It’s been a very exciting week.  My nephew, Prince Arlo, received his name day Gift this week, and I also received a reply to My Letter of Demand from both ‘the city of Ottawa’ (Housing Services) and the Salvation Army’s Director of Programs, Mike White, which was an unexpected surprise.

My nephew, Prince Arlo, House of von Dehn, celebrated the sixth anniversary of his name day on July 1st.  I didn’t really have a proper place to Write and was busy moving into My new space on the 1st, but I managed to get a Gift off to him on the 4th and he finally received the Letter last Thursday, the 11th.  My Brother emailed Me to let Me know the Letter was received and that little Prince Arlo was thrilled with his Gift.  In addition to a short Letter, I also included a commemorative coin of the Pope’s last visit to Ottawa (1984, if I remember correctly).  He has a coin collection and Loved the new addition and Keeps it on his bedside table.  Little things like that touch My Heart in a very special Way.  Prince Arlo was also Gifted with a painting of My Logo’s prototype shortly after his vessel arrived in this world, which is almost the same as the Logo I use now, except in colour and without the Japanese characters.  Apparently, he Loves that, too.

Elephant spirit

It feels wonderful to be a Part of My nephew and niece’s Life, even if just in little Ways.  In the Letter, I let Prince Arlo know that I hope to Write both him and his sister on every consecutive name day from this day forward, and that their uncle was just a little too busy and disorganized to get it together before now.  Apparently, Arlo’s sister, Princess Juno was also very excited to have been mentioned in the Letter, and Wished to take a Page of Arlo’s Letter to Keep in her bedroom, too.  You can probably Imagine the ‘Awwww’ sentiment that resounded in My Mind when I heard those Words.  I’m hoping to get a surprise Letter off to her next month so she doesn’t feel too left out.

This was the other very special Gift Given Prince Arlo for his sixth name day.


I explained that the Four corners [of the Earth] are for left and right thumb and [big] toe prints respectively in an email to My Brother, and explained in the Letter that the Cestui Que Vie should be Kept in Arlo’s Father’s Trust until he reaches his 18th name day.  At that time, he can add his thumb and toe prints if he Wishes to do so and Will be old enough to decide for himself.  All future nieces and nephews of My House Will receive one of these on their 6th name day.  (Because six is the number that represents the House and Family).

I also received this Letter in response to My Letter of Demand from Shelley VanBuskirk of Housing Services, and the following response from Mike White, Program Director of the Salvation Army:

Hi Sean,
I am writing in response to the demand letter you dropped off for Jason a couple of weeks ago.
I am currently out of town on vacation but would like to meet with you upon my return in mid August to discuss your letter and concerns about your referral to another shelter etc.
Please let me know if you are interested in meeting and we can then find a time that is convenient.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Michael T.H. White
Director of Programs
The Salvation Army Ottawa Booth  Centre

You can find My reply to Mike White’s Letter here, which I decided to forward to Shelley VanBuskirk and Genevieve Langlais (associate legal council for the city of Ottawa) yesterday.  The reason I decided to forward the Letter to both Shelley VanBuskirk and the city’s legal council was twofold; first, to let them know that failing to offer compensation for the injuries I sustained as a client of the shelter is unreasonable, and secondly because I may end up using My reply to Mike’s Letter to initiate My tort claim.  It’s an appropriate response to both Shelley and Mike’s Letter, and also shows that the two parties discussed the Issue prior to responding (Shelley makes reference to Mike Wishing to speak with Me about My ‘experience’ at the shelter as if that is some kind of ‘reasonable’ remedy to My complaint).

“In addition to this, it is our understanding that the Salvation Army is offering to meet with You regarding their decision to refer You to another shelter.” – Shelley VanBuskirk, Housing Services (city of Ottawa)

The ‘in addition to this’ refers to Housing Services being compelled to fulfill the duties and responsibilities they are contracted by the city to provide in the first place – they make it sound like I received some kind of gracious Gift, and that they have bent over backwards to ‘appease’ Me.  They have only now done what they should have done on December 19th of 2017!  It took them 19 months longer to provide Me with the supports they are supposed to provide to any client subject to an emergency shelter for a period of 180 days.  Amazing how they continually try to shift blame and responsibility to the client for their negligence.

“Well, I know We were negligent for 19 months, but You should be grateful that We have finally done what We were contracted to do in the first place, and that Your new subsidy is saving the taxpayers and the city of Ottawa an additional $740./month compared to what it would have cost the city if You had simply agreed to accept placement in one of the other shelters.  Chances are, if You hadn’t filed this application to the Divisional Court and just accepted placement in another shelter, You would still be subject to the injuries You sustained at the Salvation Army at more than twice the cost of what We are offering You in subsidy to Keep You safe from harm.  So You should be grateful.”  – Translation of Shelley VanBuskirk’s Letter

Doesn’t sound so Good now, does it?  But that’s exactly the situation.  They Wish to make Me feel bad for receiving supports that are in My best interest and substantially less costly to the city of Ottawa, and therefor the taxpayer.

Dan Powers Will tell You I clearly informed him that Housing Services did not have any legal right to refuse Me for failing to waive My rights to the enjoyment of My future dwelling, and that I had as King of him to advise Housing Services that they were trespassing upon My rights.  He told Me there was nothing he could do.  I promised him that one Way or another, would get it done, even if it meant taking them to court.  It really is a shame that’s what I was required to do because I really don’t believe that most People subject to homelessness would have the knowledge, patience, and/or mental health and wellness to do the same.  And let’s face it, if I hadn’t taken Housing Services to court and accepted placement in one of the other shelters, I would probably still be there now, and Housing Services would probably still be ignoring My complaints.

I’m going to share My interpretation of all these recent events tomorrow in the Magical Monday Edition because there is a lot to decipher and speculate on.  It is very strange that the city’s legal council was completely absent from the response.  Even when I forwarded My reply to the city’s legal council, I discovered that Genevieve is on leave until the 29th of this month.  Again, I Will be tall King more about these subtle details in tomorrow’s Edition of the Good News Journal.

Thank You all so much for being here, I hope You are all enjoying the summer sunshine!

Love and Blessings,




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