Volume LXXVII: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; Resolution Negotiations with Salvation Army Fail

Good evening every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Sunday Re-View, thank King You for being here.

I have featured The Tower card from Our most recent tarot read once again.  Although the card represents an Idea much Grander in Man’s Macrocosm, I do believe it represents the Salvation Army in My Microcosm.

The Tower; The Magus, Fortune.

After Writing My last Letter to Mike White, program director of the Salvation Army last Wednesday, I had not yet received a reply and was not sure how long I should anticipate waiting for one.  I decided I should follow up with him today and did so by Way of the following email.

Good day, Mike,

I am cautiously optimistic that We can reach a reasonable resolution.  As mentioned previously, every Man is entitled to compensation when harmed by another, so if You are not Willing to offer financial compensation for the harm that was done to Me, I am curious to know what You are proposing instead.

I have some suggestions, but I am curious to read Your response to the outstanding issues before I Present them to You.  You Will find that My original demand for $137,000.00 is exceedingly generous if You know My fees for unlawful arrest and imprisonment ($37,000 for unlawful arrest per offence/charge (3=$111,000.00) plus one ounce of Gold for every hour unlawfully imprisoned – this does not take into account the assault upon My Kingdom (body) resulting in a fractured rib, or My legal fees ($370/hr) for defending My Honour in Canada’s Courts).  This also does not take into account the Willful trespass upon My Spiritual rights, interfering with access to My personal, private property for a period of five days, the theft/loss of My paintings, the unauthorized use of My intellectual property to promote Your organization, and unlawfully barring Me from Your facility and Willfully attacking the Good nature of My Character with false claims before an impartial, public tribunal (the investigation into My complaint conducted by Housing Services).

I am very curious to know how You plan to make this right in lieu of financial compensation, though remain confident You Will come up with some Creative solutions.  For now, I need to know how long I can anticipate waiting on Your reply, as time is of the essence.  I anticipate a prompt response to this email advising Me of how long You require to formally address these outstanding issues, as I Will do what I can to accommodate Your request.

It is not My Wish to be compelled to commence legal Action against You, and am as King of You to respond to this email no later than 3:37 post midi, Tuesday, August 27th.  If You do not respond with a reasonable estimate as to how long You Will require to formally address these Issues, a formal Statement of Claim Will be Issued to You.

Thank You kindly,

Love and Blessings,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

I don’t know, even now when I re-read this Letter, I feel My terms and conditions are very reasonable.  I make it clear that I am open to alternative resolution proposals in lieu of financial compensation without compromising My integrity or undermining the harm that was done to Me.  I was not expecting Mike to have a formal resolution proposal prepared, I was simply as King of Mike how long I should expect to wait for one.  I was very surprised however, to receive the following reply this evening.

Good evening Sean, House of von Dehn,

I believe the city covered off very thoroughly the complaints you raised in the joint demand letter. I have nothing further to add and will not be corresponding any further. I offered to meet with you so I could confirm to you that all changes the city recommended we’re in fact implemented. It is apparent that this meeting will likely not occur and that is unfortunate. I would like to close by saying you are Not barred for life and should you ever require the assistance of the Salvation Army in the future, we would be happy to help.

Have a good night.

Michael T.H. White

Director of Programs
The Salvation Army Ottawa Booth  Centre
171 George Street
Ottawa, Ontario

K1N 5W5

This is some very Good News and a fine Way to wrap up the week for the Sunday Re-View.  It is, I suppose, rather unfortunate that the Salvation Army does not Wish to resolve this Matter amicably, but it makes it considerably easier for Me to decide how I should move for-Ward (Ward=protection).

I can also speak somewhat more freely about My decision to withdraw My application to the Divisional Court.  The Housing Services branch is really only responsible for ensuring the Salvation Army comply with the Emergency Shelter Standards, they are not responsible for the day to day operations of the facility or decisions made by shelter operators.  Housing Services did not have the authority to demand that the Salvation Army explain why My entrepreneurial ventures were sabotaged, why Jason Prevost refused to forward the contact information en-Trusted to him regarding a potential grant to support My art campaign, why the Salvation Army used My intellectual property to promote their organization without My consent (or credit Me for My work).  ‘The city’ (Housing Services) did offer to ask the Salvation Army to specifically outline the ‘overall actions and behaviour that placed clients and/or staff at risk’, but made it very clear they could not compel them to do so.

“This is between You and the Salvation Army” – Geneviève Langlais, associate legal counsel, City of Ottawa

In My very first resolution meeting with the city of Ottawa, Housing Services had agreed to ask Jason for a Letter explaining his reasons for barring Me from the facility.  Initially, I felt that Housing Services failed to make that request and was protecting the Salvation Army.  Now I believe that the Salvation Army refused to produce that letter, just as they refused to produce a copy of My application to the Life Skills program requiring clients to participate in chapel service.

I also have very Good reason to believe that the false statements made by Shelley VanBuskirk regarding the shelter conditions were provided to the Housing Services branch by the Salvation Army.  It was the Salvation Army that assured Housing Services that clients were not required to participate in religious activities to gain access to social programs, and that a clearly defined resolution process was in place and clearly visible to clients (no such resolution process was in place before May 15th, 2019).

One of the main reasons I believe this, is because of the statements made by Matthieu Fleury at the last city council meet regarding the proposed mega-shelter.  As I mentioned at the time, there really was no ‘new’ information presented to the committee, so the Issue should never have been revisited – yet it was.  I believe it was just a Show, and an opportunity for the city to express their disdain for the Salvation Army.  Matthieu Fleury was absolutely brutal, stating that [paraphrasing] he is ‘tired of the Salvation Army and their broken promises – they say one thing to gain approval, then turn around and do what they Wish.’

I am very grateful to the City of Ottawa, and especially to the city’s associate legal counsel charged with oversight of My complaint.  I don’t know or understand the politics between the Salvation Army and the city of Ottawa, but it was certainly clear that their relation Ship is taking on water and Sing King fast.

What the City of Ottawa really did, was provide an impartial investigation into My complaint against the Salvation Army, and provided Me with all the evidence I would ever need to win My tort claim in Canada’s Superior Court.

I also think My email got Mike White a little rattled and he Acted in haste (which is never a Good Idea);  ‘we’re in fact implemented’, should be ‘were in fact implemented’, and ‘Not barred’ should be ‘not barred’, though I suppose My unusual use of capital Letters may be having an effect on his psyche.

The Truth is, I didn’t really expect that the Salvation Army’s intention to resolve this matter amicably was genuine and sincere, though I was [very] cautiously optimistic.  If Mike’s only intention to meet with Me was to offer Me assurance that all the Issues in My complaint were addressed, I think it’s a little arrogant for him to presume that his word would mean more to Me than the city’s lawyer, who has already Given Me that assurance.

The fact that the Salvation Army were required to remedy and address the Issues in My Letter of complaint is legal proof from an impartial tribunal that the shelter standards were not being met, causing harm to their clients.  Now I just have to Present that Gift to a Court, and as King of them to enforce My statement of claim for compensation.

See, there is Good in all things, We simply need to pay more attention to the silver lining of dark clouds – the Sun is right behind. 😉

Finally, I mentioned once that it is rumoured that Jack White once thought the Salvation Army was called the ‘Seven Nation Army’ because that’s what he thought the name sounded like as a child.  So I am leaving You with a wonderful Song and video by the White Stripes today, and You Will notice that Jack White also has some kind of connection with Elephants.  There is a bull elephant in the video, an album is named ‘Elephant’, and Jack White poses with an elephant handled cane on the cover of the CD, ‘Lazaretto’.  Enjoy!

Love and Blessings,

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