Volume LXXVII: The ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition; Mike White, Salvation Army Program Director ‘Reaches Out’ to Me…

Good day every One!!!  Well, two exceedingly ‘Lucky’ Wednesday’s in a row?  Who says We don’t make Our own Luck?

Last week, Justin Trudeau was found guilty of ethics violations by the investigating commissioner, the (Right) Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould’s integrity was officially sustained on the public record, and Ben Shapiro declared moral bankruptcy by suggesting that People who must work at two jobs in order to make ends meet have only their ‘Self’ to blame.  Like I said, the tides are turning, Ladies and Gents, morality Will be the Law that governs the future of Man – I Give You My Word!

Today, I was very surprised to find a new email from Mike White, program director of the Salvation Army (though not at all surprised that Geneviève Honoured her Word and communicated My outstanding concerns with the Salvation Army to the appropriate individual).  Mike White’s email reads as follows:

Hi Sean, House of Von Dehn, I am now back from holidays and wanted to reach out to you again as I have recently spoken to Genevieve from the City of Ottawa and she let me know that you still have a few issues you would like to discuss. I am sorry you felt mistreated at our shelter and would like the opportunity to hear from you about some of the things you still feel have not been rectified. I remain unable to provide financial compensation but would like the opportunity to speak with you.

Please let me know..Thanks

When am as King of Mike White to ensure he address Me by My proper legal title in future emails, the request is completely ignored.  Are We to presume that Mike White did not know that I still have outstanding Issues with the Salvation Army?  Was it not reasonably clear what My outstanding Issues were by Way of My first response to Mike White?  (For a refresher of that email, You can click on this sentence).  I can’t help but find it very interesting that after speaking with Geneviève, Mike chooses to reach out to Me again, this time acknowledging My formal (Form [is] All) Title in Law.  Is it wrong for Me to presume that Mike was likely advised by the city’s legal counsel that failing to address Me by My appropriate legal title was probably not a Good Idea?

The timing also happens to be perfect.  In My last Post, Geneviève mentioned that I was considering a tort claim for the harm that was done to Me, to which Geneviève suggested it would not provide Me with the result I am looking for, which was defined as ‘change and improvements’.  I had planned on elaborating on this Idea in My next Post, so I Will do that now.

Every One is entitled to compensation when they are harmed by another, and this is reasonably well known in law.  If One Wishes to explore the Idea further, I suggest doing a little ‘Google-God’ research to find out what kind of Act-Ions are considered ‘torts’.  If People wonder why I refer to Latin so much on My Blog, it is because the current system of Law is founded in Roman law which are expressed in Latin as it is considered a ‘Universal’ Language.  Classification of Living things is in Latin, and the Word ‘tort’ is from the Latin Word ‘tortus’, which simply means ‘wrong’.  In fact, in looking up the Word origin of ‘tort’, I was first provided with the English definition of the Word, which is defined as follows.

“a wrongful act or an infringement of a right (other than under contract) leading to civil legal liability.”

Infringement of a right is actually part of the definition of the Word ‘tort’.  It even says that it leads to civil legal liability, which is a perfect lead into My next point.

As I mentioned previously, Geneviève Will know that an infringement of a right is a tort.  She does not suggest that a tort claim Will not succeed, she very [diplomatically] suggests it Will not provide Me with the result I am looking for, which is ‘change and improvements’.

I also mentioned that Geneviève is correct in her presumption, it Will not provide Me with the result I am looking for.  If I were to proceed with a tort claim against the city of Ottawa for contracting with emergency shelters (in this case the Salvation Army specifically), I would win My claim.  I even believe I would receive every dime I was as King of the city for, whether it be the original $137,000.00, made in My Letter of Demand, or $537,000.00, which Will be the amount I Will file for if the Salvation Army is not able to reach a reasonable alternate resolution.

The problem is, where would the money come from?  See, I truly and genuinely believe that the city’s solicitor knows how sincere My intention to improve the situation really is, and knows that the very last thing I would Wish to do is burden the taxpayer with another half million dollars.  If ‘the city’ is ordered to compensate Me, well, the only money they have comes from Canadian taxpayers, so that really wouldn’t be much of a service to Canada’s People, would it?

But it’s even more complicated than that.  Let’s presume I did sue the city, and the city was ordered to compensate Me for My injuries (as an individual can be as King to any of their tortfeasors for compensation, (Bradley vs. Groves BCCA 361, indivisible injuries)).  The very next thing ‘the city’ would have to do, is turn around and sue the Salvation Army for the damages they just paid out to Me.  We learnt from the last city council meeting regarding the Salvation Army’s proposed mega shelter that it would cost the city as much as $250,000.00 to defend their decision to cancel the mega-shelter proposal if the Salvation Army decided to sue.  I Imagine the cost would be as much or more if the shoe were on the other foot.

But if go after the Salvation Army directly, it doesn’t cost the taxpayer a dime.  Instead of (or in addition to) as King for compensation for My own injuries, I could also Order that the Salvation Army be required to repay the city of Ottawa for all the years they have provided service to Canada’s People while failing to Honour their contractual agreements upon which their funding is dependent.

Pacta Sunt Servanda – Latin Maxim in [Common] Law, meaning ‘Agreements must be kept’

So long as I am Acting ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ in the best [moral] interest of Canada’s People, I can use the courts to sue whomever I Wish.

Alright, this is already getting long, so I am going to Sign off.  But before I do, I am also going to include My reply to Mike White, and I Will Keep You Posted (pun intended) on any future developments.

Good day, Mike,

Thank You for reaching out to Me.  I appreciate Your effort and the apology, though I find the timing somewhat unsavoury as this Matter was first brought to the attention of the Salvation Army by Way of email to Jason Prevost long before I was barred from Your facility without incident.  The Salvation Army had no resolution process in place at the time and management simply ignore complaints and grievances from clients, undermining their value and worth.  If the Salvation Army had dealt with this Matter appropriately ‘ab initio’ (from the beginning), and had not chosen to bar Me arbitrarily (for Life), I would have had no reason to complain to the city that Your shelter failed to comply with the shelter standards You are obliged to maintain in order to be eligible for city funding.  I find it very interesting that only now, when I am seeking compensation for the harm that was done to Me, that You are ‘conveniently’ interested in meeting with Me, though insist You are still not able to offer any financial compensation for the harm that was done.  I believe Your position is patently unreasonable.

However, I am always open to alternative resolution proposals.  As far as Wishing to meet with Me to discuss “some of the things You still feel have not been rectified”, I advised You of what the main Issues are that remain outstanding in My initial reply.  I am a representative of the People of Canada, My first Duty is to God, My second Duty is to Honour the Queen and Her promise to protect the Common Law for the People of Canada – My judicial oath of office is on the Superior Court Record of Canada.  All of My ‘work’ and efforts to this end are published on the international record by Way of My online publication, www.vondehnvisuals.com.  All of these facts were made known to You from the beginning (ab initio), a copy of all of My documents were Given to Caroline Hards of You social services team to place on the Salvation Army’s record.  I did not go to these lengths or take these precautionary measures so that My efforts would be ignored by Your organization – nothing I do is arbitrary.

My concern with meeting to discuss these issues with You, is that a conversation becomes a Matter known as ‘heresay’.  I have very Good reason to Quest-Ion the motives of Your organization and do not Wish to jeopardize My position or standing with regards to these Matters.  Any man is entitled to compensation when harmed by another, perhaps You can start by explaining why You believe clients of Your shelter are not entitled to compensation for harm done on to them.

If You are sincerely interested in resolving this Matter amicably, I see no reason why You should not be able to address all of My concerns in Writing, and a reasonably comprehensive list of Issues that remain outstanding were made known to You in My first email reply to You.  All correspondence is, and Will continue to be published on My website, You can find My reply to Your initial Letter by clicking on the link provided below.


It is essentially a Letter of complaint, though it was not ‘Titled’ as such.  Titles for documents are only required for Court purposes to be in compliance with the rules of civil procedure.  I am advising You now that the outstanding Issues are Matters I am complaining to You about.  The proper Way to address a complaint, is to address each point made in My letter and defend Your position – either You contest that these things did not happen, or You concede that they did and offer appropriate remedy.  To that end, I earnestly await Your response to My letter of complaint regarding the outstanding Issues.

Finally, I appreciate You finally addressing Me by My proper legal title am kindly as King of You to ensure You continue to do so.

I hope You enjoyed Your vacation, and please note that this email and all correspondence with You is without prejudice – I have no distain for You as an individual, though You are currently Acting as the Salvation Army, and have great reason to hold contempt for the organization You represent.

Love and Blessings,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

The Tower; The Magus, Fortune.

Above We have the natural progression of events, which depict the destruction of The Tower, influenced by The Magus and [Good] Fortune. 😉

Finally, if any One out there has any Ideas about alternative resolutions I could propose to the Salvation Army,  I am interested in hearing from You.  I would Love to know what You are thing King I should do.

Love and Blessings,



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