Volume LXXVIII: The Magical Monday Motivate-Sean Edition; Keep On As King, and it Will be Given You

Good evening every One, thank King You for joining Me.  I have a most Marvelous Magical Monday for You today.  I Will be tall King about many new Ideas moving forward in My Microcosm, and introducing the subject Matter for a new Feature ‘Interpret-A-Sean’ of a Netflix series I recently watched for the Tuesday ‘Tell a Vision’ Edition tomorrow.  Today I’ll be tall King about some deeper Magic, too, and how Powerful it is to know that there Truly are no coincidences, and a Foundation for Living One’s Life in Harmony with the Universe, the ‘One Song’ (Latin translation of Uni-Verse).

Today’s feature photo is no small Testimony of this Truth.  I was thing King about what exactly I should use as a subtitle for this most Magical Monday and the Ideas I Wish to share.  I thought, ‘Keep On as King’ might be appropriate considering the subject Matter I Wished to discuss.  Then I was as King of My Self what the exact Bible quote might be, and was as King of ‘Google God’, initially.  The King James Version came up First, but there were several other interpret-A-Sean’s there too from various other denominations.  But a very Good Friend who passed last year gave Me a Bible called,




My Friend told Me that ‘the Universe’ had as King of Him to Give it to Me, so I decided it was the Book I should be as King for knowledge – it was Given Me for a reason, there are no coincidences.

Until I had Googled the quote, I didn’t even know which section of the Bible it was from, now I knew it was MATTHEW 7:7.  Hmmm.  7 is Heaven in Magic, by the Way.  2 is a Door.  Two Sevens is a Door Way to Heaven.  The numerological Value is 5, My favourite number, and also the date My ship crash landed on this Earth.  So far, it would seem the Universe is in Harmony with the subtitle I am contemplating.

I had no Idea where I might find the section of MATTHEW beyond a resonable certainty that it was in the last half somewhere.  I opened the Bible and the first Page (Paige) I  opened to was a section of MATTHEW!  Okay, that is pretty cool.  It’s Page number 1313, so opening to the chances of opening to exactly the right Page are Significantly Greater than 1313/1.  I start skimming the Page and find MATTHEW 7:7 in the bottom of the same Page.


I knew immediately that the Universe Wished for Me to share this with You.  This is a Perfect example of how My Universe works, how it ‘supports’ the Ideas that I have by sending Me messages it knows I Will receive with Grace and Gratitude.  This is how God speaks to Me in every moment, and God is the Source of Magic in the Universe and Man’s Macrocosm.  Every moment is a Gift from God if One can learn to read the Signs.

And believe it or not, that’s just the Intro to this Edition of the Magical Monday Motivate Sean Edition!  It is Called the Magical Motivate Sean Edition today because the Universe has been speaking to Me all day exactly like this.  I have preferred Ideas about how I Wish to move for Ward, and the Universe was Giving Me Magical little Signs like this, as if the Uni-Verse was actually Singing to Me with little whispers, “Yes, that would be Wonder-Full, Yes that would be Fabulous!”…

“Keep on as King, and it Will be Given You; Keep on See King, and You Will Find; Keep on Know King, and it Will be O-Penned to You.”

One of the Magical Ideas I was thing King about, was that I Will Write My Statement of Claim by Hand, and I Will use exactly the same Version of English I use here.  I considered that the Courts might try to suggest they don’t ‘understand’ My English, so I decided I Will also include a Legend, a little ‘mini-dictionary’ to explain My Words.  The Universe continued to Give Me little Gifts, encouraging Me to continue with these Wonder-Full Ideas, as King of Me to share them with You.

One of those Ideas is something I Will be tall King about more in tomorrow’s ‘Tell A Vision’ Tuesday Edition, but it is in Harmony with another Idea from the section of MATTHEW 18:19

“Again I tell You Truly, if two of You on Earth agree on anything of importance that they should re-Quest, it Will take place for them on account of My Father in the Heavens.”

I am thing King that it should not be very difficult to find two People on planet Earth that would agree world Peace might not be a bad Idea (and perhaps We should begin doing everything We can to make that happen).

For Me, the Significance of the last Bible quote in today’s Post (again taken from the NWT Version), is this whole Idea that I’m not interested in may King money from My Blog, which is something a lot of People have a difficult time understanding.  I have almost 10,000 followers now, and for Me that is Truly Mind boggling.  If

“two of You on Earth agree on anything… it Will take place for them on account of My Father in the Heavens”

what is One thing King God might do for 10,000?  Whenever I click ‘Publish’ on a Blog Post, it goes out to 10,000 People now.  [Or bots, in some cases, but whatever – in the End they are Serving the same Purpose (God).]  A little more than two years ago, My total audience was less than 55!  ALL of this started on exactly the day I published My Cestui Que Vie on My Blog – My Twitter account began to gain followers with slowly increasing momentum until I hit 5,000, which also just ‘happens’ to be the number I told My neighbour I Wished to have.  Coincidentally, I also ‘happened’ to hit that goal on exactly My Mothers name day of last year.

I was thing King about all of these things because this Truly is My most Passionate project, and what I Wish to dedicate My Life to doing.  My Wish is to be Tall King (Writing) about the world We can have, and doing what I can to make it happen in My Microcosm.  The point is, none of it would be possible without You.  No Man can achieve anything without the collective.  It would be inappropriate for Me to ever ‘charge’ People for the information I am sharing, because I could not know anything without the rest of You.  I can’t accomplish anything without the rest of You, whether it be elected officials making more moral decisions, or whether it be that this Blog inspires a Spiritual Evolution, or at the very least Plays a Significant Role in its development.

This Magical Monday is about Keeping One’s Eye on the Prize and Living a Purpose Full Life.  If You don’t yet know what God’s Divine Plan is for You yet, Keep on as King, and it Will be Given; I Give You My Word.

The other Magic I Will be tall King about more, is My most Magical document, My Cestui Que Vie, which is a legal and Lawful Declaration of My Life’s Purpose (under God).

In God We Trust
My Kingdom Comes, My Will is Done

The other Magical thing I Wish to be tall King about for this Motivate Sean All Monday Edition, is that ‘My Story’ ranks highest in Google when One is ‘as King’ My Name, ‘Sean von Dehn’.  For Me, that’s the Universe’s Way of re-Minding Me what I should be tall King about, and what My Name actually means and represents in Man’s Macrocosm and here on My Blog.

My Cestui Que Vie is also the picture displayed with the Post, as it re-Presents the beginning of My Story.  In the Matrix, Mr. Anderson dies, and when he is resurrected, he tells the agent that his Name is Neo.  SEAN VON DEHN dies, and King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, is Established.

It also just happens to be a Truly Magical document (Docking of Mind, securing an Idea) it, it is a Spell.  It is DaVinci’s Vetruvian Man de-Coded.  Each thumb Print re-Presents a Hand, each [big] toe Print represents a Foot.  The Words in the Center are the Body of the Message.  The Title re Presents the Head over the Body of the Message (Me-‘S’-Sage).  The Paper represents Earth, and the Scribing of Letters in the Paper represents God’s Hand scratching the surface of the Earth, God’s Seed of Intention for Man are Planted.  The Four Prints represent Foundation in Magic, and also the Idea that God’s Intention for Man reaches all Four ‘Corners’ of the Earth.  They are Raised on the Paper, re Presenting Pillars of the Foundation.

“My Kingdom Comes, My Will is Done,

On Earth as in Heaven.”

And all of these thoughts today were inspired by the acknowledgement that I really do not Wish to be compelled to take the Salvation Army into Court, I Truly don’t.  But I Will because

“A Seven Nation Army couldn’t hold Me back…” – Jack White.

A very Good Friend of mine literally said that to Me once with respect to My determination to accomplish Peace in the world one day; combined with My Mystical Nature, it would be unreasonable to perceive these events in My Microcosm as a ‘coincidence’.  My Hope, is that I Will not have to, and those are the Ideas I Will be sharing with You soon, I have some very inspirational Ideas about how I Will move for Ward and I Will share more of them with You on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.

Tomorrow I Will be tall King about a Netflix series I recently watched Called ‘The Family’, and I am thing King You Will find it as interesting and inspiring as I did.  I hope this Magical Monday finds You all feeling Blessed, lots more to come soon!

Love and Blessings,




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