Volume LXXXIV: The Magical Monday Motivation Edition; The King’s Bench

Hello every One, welcome to the Good News Journal’s Magical Monday Motivation Edition.  I started the Magical Monday Motivation Edition because Monday’s always do Motivate Me, when once upon a time it was one of the most loathed days of My week.  It meant getting up and going to some job that had nothing to do with why I’m actually here – I felt like I was wasting My time.  So for Me, to wake up on a Monday looking forward to a new [war King] week does feel somewhat Magical, and why I believe Living a Purpose Full Life is so important.

I really am a bit of a neat freak when it comes to Keeping My war King space tidy and organized.  Having as many interests as I do can become challenging when it comes to storing all the pens, paper, paintbrushes, pallets, paints, inks and whatever else in a place where they are easy to access (and therefor more appealing and likely to be put to Good use) without things (My desk in particular) looking cluttered and crazy.  So November 1st was something of a ‘Fall’ cleaning day for Me.

The King’s Bench

Honestly, I even got on My hands and knees and washed the entire floor!  It felt so Good to get this done that I couldn’t help My Self from taking a photo.  How could I possibly wake up in the morning and feel ungrateful for these Gifts I am given to greet each day?

The laptop remained mostly closed for the following week, I just Wished to enjoy My space and disappear from the world for a while, as Mystics tend to do.  But this is where I Focus My Energy – on that which is Good.

When I was staying at the shelter, it did not serve Me to Focus on the bad, I spent as much time as possible Focusing on the Gifts I had/have.  That’s one of the reasons I spent so much time painting and managed to Publish over 200,000 Words on this Blog – I was simply trying to make the best use of the tools I had at Hand.

This is important because that was real work, meaningful work, at least for Me.  I remember the look on My Brother’s face when I told him what I was going to do.  Because what You see in the picture, I have had before.  It is what I ‘gave up’ to be where I am now, and it took almost two years exactly from start to finish.  I moved to Ottawa on July 1st for Canada’s 150th anniversary and moved into this space on July 1st of 2019.  Two is a Door, but that’s probably just a coincidence, right? 😉

The point is, it didn’t feel like a sacrifice.  I wasn’t giving anything up, I was refusing to ‘settle’, both metaphorically and literally.  The place I had rented previously was a room in a three bedroom house and I was Blessed to have the house to My Self for several months before a new roommate finally moved in.  His name is John and he’s a great guy, but I need My own space, and even the room I was renting was only $500. – and Trust Me, You don’t find an apartment/room for that price in Guelph almost ever.  Yet ‘housing allowance’ was even less than it is now, I am thing King it was around $350., meaning that I had to pay the difference from My ‘basic income’, which was $330., leaving Me with less than $200 a month for actual basic needs like food, toiletries, clothing, phone, etc.  It is not sustainable without personal injury and more importantly, this is the reality for any individual unable to work (for whatever reason).  That needs to stop.

On one Hand, right now I’m in a place where I can’t help but feel very Grateful for the things I do have in My Life.  On the other Hand, if People knew what the rest of My Living situation is like right now, most would probably wonder how I can feel so Grateful.  Because I Focus on that which is Good.

Things are going to change soon.  Very soon.  The Salvation Army is a side-show, I’ve got much bigger plans I am war King on in the near future, and I’m pretty sure the Canadian government knows it, too – though I’m also reasonably sure they have no Idea what I’m planning to do next.

There was a Pinterest meme that read, ‘never announce Your moves before You make them’, and it showed a graphic of a chess board, which caught My attention.  I usually do the opposite, and would advocate for it; I don’t like My adversaries to be unprepared and claim they didn’t know what I was going to do when I’ve been very clear about My intentions from the beginning.  In chess, One’s move isn’t ‘hidden’ or kept from the opponent, only its intentions are.  My ‘moves’ are Express Ion’s of My Intent Ion.

One of the other things I Wished to touch on today is the Idea of government.  When I say ‘the Canadian government’, what is that?  Does it have a face?  Of course, the natural response is to say that the ‘face’ of government are the elected officials, the ‘People’ behind the legislation of Canada (and its laws).  So if One Writes a Letter to a representative of the People claiming that Canada is attempting to hold its citizens in a contract of bondage and servitude by failing to Honour a Man’s Claim to God’s Kingdom, would that elected official have a Duty and responsibility to respond to the People and address the Matter?  The answer to that Quest Ion, would be ‘yes, they do have a Duty and responsibility to address the Matter’ – preferably promptly.  Failing to do so, especially when it deals with Matters concerning the country’s Sovereign State, is a serious breach of Public Trust.  Also, an uncontested claim stands as fact in Law, that is essentially the Foundation of the ‘de-facto’ system.  So failing to respond makes the individual an accessory to the crime.  Not knowing is ignorance, ignorance is bliss.  Knowing and not Acting is no longer an ignorant Act, even if ignorance were an excuse for the Law (which it’s not).

I don’t actually have any Idea who ‘the government’ actually are, but when I am tall King about government I am not speaking of any particular individual.  It isn’t Trudeau or the next prime Minister, it isn’t Julie Payette, a political party, the public, or even national policy.  It’s just information.  A whole ton of it!  Consider this – nobody on this Earth knows You better than Your government, and that’s a virtually guaranteed fact.

For example, the Canadian ‘government’ has every instance of medical attention I have ever sought out on the Record.  Every single ‘T’ One Crossed and ‘i’ One dotted in school is in some databank of information somewhere, all of it done deliberately.  They know every single job I’ve worked at and what kind of employee I was.  They ‘know’ what strategies are war King [for the general public, media campaigns etc.] because they have access to infinite vital statistics, what Edward Snowden refers to as ‘metadata collection’.  I don’t know who or whom the ‘government’ of Canada might be, but I can guarantee they know infinitely more about Me than I do of them.  The information collected about Me in My time on this Earth would tell a Man more about Me than I know of My Self (or at least what I would be capable of remembering through the expression of My Character’s ego).  The same would be true for virtually any One reading this.

Although it’s kind of weird and creepy, I went from being one of the People who was shocked to not only know this was going on (metadata collection), but thankful it was becoming common knowledge and almost equally Grateful that it has been done.  The collective record about Me and My contribution to this Earth and My Intent Ion’s for Man’s kind vastly overwhelm any false claims made by police departments.  That’s also why they need to go!  The Quest-Ion, is who exactly has access to it, and who’s looking at it (if anyone).  The answer to that Quest Ion Will tell One who their government are.

In the last week, although I ‘disappeared’ from the internet, there has been an increasing amount of interest in some of My more serious legal documents, and I’m sharing them with You again today.  This is the real reason I know My Destiny.  The first three documents have been Given to every single organization I have contracted with, including the Salvation Army.  I have said that My Duty and responsibility is to Protect the Common Law for all People of the world, even if some don’t know what that is.  I’ve also suggested that I am [doing My best] to teach it by Way of My example, which I share with You here.

It would be unreasonable for Me to expect a Man to know what My Cestui Que Vie is, as the understanding of that document is the result [and essentially a war King thesis] of over seven years of study in both Law and Magic.  The Common Law defines Words by the English dictionary’s definition, not a private book Created for the law society.  A society is a group of People who share particular customs and/or language that defines them.  The moment One consents to legal definitions, is the moment one is ‘joining’ that society (joinder attaches a person to a legal jurisdiction).  The Words sound exactly the same as English, so One Will also appear to be perfectly competent with the language and customs of the society, yet they are actually ‘speaking in tongues’, using Words they don’t fully comprehend the meaning of.  Black’s Law = Black Magic.

To the best of My knowledge, I have done things the ‘right’ Way.  The highest authority of Law in Canada is the Attorney General, and the Common Law is Common sense.  If One is as King about a Matter as serious as One’s Sovereignty (on Crown Land) and as King of One to prove their superior claim of right upon One’s Kingdom or Honourably discharge One from bondage to a corporate title, One would be thing King the Attorney General would know what needs to be done, or at the very least, know which Ministry is responsible for closing the Trust.

The Letters do sound assertive, I make it very clear this is no joke.  That may also be why I have so much Fun with the King thing in new Letters because I have already firmly Established the consequences.  These are Public Notices – by English definition.

My Letter to Vital Statistics Canada (sent to Registrar General).

My Letter to Attorney General, informing of Trespass upon My Sovereignty in Toronto, Ontario.

The Letter to the Attorney General is also My official response (defence) to the charges in Toronto.  Oh, and just so You know, there is NO STATUTE of limitation in God’s Kingdom, every One Will answer to Me [My Letters] One day (God does not accept limitations).

What I am showing You is the Common Law.  It is presumed that the Ministries I Writ Will respond to My Claim in an Honourable Way.  Only when One party fails to Act in Honour, are the physical Court rooms of Man’s Macrocosm necessary.  Sean Kearney, legal director for the Attorney General, was tasked with responding to My Letters and failed miserably.

Here You can link to the Letter of reply from Sean Kearney by clicking on this sentence.

I’m twice as long as My usual Blog Post but I have Promised I Will be tall King about Sean Kearney’s reply and haven’t done so yet.  Briefly, I just Wish to point out that Sean Kearney’s mistakes are exactly the same as Jason Prevost of the Salvation Army, or Deanna Vecchiarelli of Housing Services.

Sean fails to address any of the Issues mentioned in My Notices because it is not a ‘properly issued claim or application’.  This is why I kind of laughed when the city’s lawyer said that taking People to court was not the best Way to evoke change – I don’t really Wish to take anyone to court, but if elected officials do not respond to the People and hold themselves accountable to the People, I Will have no other choice.  Is Sean Kearney really going to stand before Me in a court of Law and say that he didn’t understand what I was as King of him to do, or know that if he didn’t know how to respond he should probably pass it on to someone who does?

We all know what is Honourable.  I didn’t mean for this Post to be so long, but these are the documents that are driving traffic to My Blog these days and these are the Matters that Will be in Focus for Me moving for Ward.  Someone is eventually going to have to explain themselves to Me, and I am thing King that right now, the ‘government’ is wondering who that ‘Face’ Will be.

In the last two years, I’ve said what should be done when One receives a Letter complaining of anything.  First and foremost, respond.  Address each complaint in turn, new paragraph for each Idea.  Dispute or accept fault and offer cure and remedy.  I Will soon be as King of Canada’s government for cure and remedy.

Failing to respond is an Act of dis-Honour.  As such, it is presumed the dis-Honourable party must be guilty, why else would One fail to defend One’s Honour?  [Keep in Mind, ‘back in the day’ Honour was everything, it could make or break a Man of either kind/sex].  Before laws were Writ by Scribes on paper, all a Man had was her Word.

‘Go away You annoy Me’, is more Honourable than nothing at all, and it might even be fair to say that it could be a five Word summary of Sean Kearney’s Letter of reply to Me.  It is Honourable that he responded, even if he was compelled by another Hand to do so, which is one of the strange things about it (there’s a few).  By responding and not disputing My Claims, he is Giving Me a ‘default’, ‘no contest’ admission.  Further to that, he also says that no further correspondence Will be forthcoming from this Ministry on this Matter.  He’s not disputing any of My Claims, he’s not going to dispute any of My Claims, or even respond to future Letters.  It sounds like he doesn’t know how to respond or what to do, and telling Me, ‘You can’t make Me do anything’ because it wasn’t issued by a Court of Law.  Well, it always can be, but that is not My Wish.

Alright, I’m done babbling for today but We really are getting to the Heart of the Matter now.  Nobody Wishes to be tall King with Me about the Trust that was Created when I entered this world, and that Trust is the Foundation of Babalon.  Destroy the Trust and Babalon Will fall.

Love and Blessings,










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