Volume LXXXIV: The Thoughtful Thing King Edition; The King’s Bench, Part II

Hello every One, welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, ‘The King’s Bench‘, Part II.  Today’s feature photo is the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa, and aside from the somewhat interesting fact that the Land it’s on is technically China, it doesn’t have anything to do with today’s Post, I just Wished to capture some of the Fall colours, and I find Embassy’s mildly interesting.  (I also use photos to promote My Blog on Pinterest and like to experiment with different Ideas – incidentally, People like pictures of roads).

I suppose the photo is an appropriate introduction, though, as it was taken directly across the street from where I meet with Dan [Super] Powers every week.  My Microcosm has been rather interesting lately with respect to synchronicities and My meeting with Dan Powers this morning was a perfect example.  Where I am now is still just a stepping stone, I’m still looking for a ‘real’ apartment, the problem is there is absolutely nothing available.  The subsidy is still $263 below market value single occupancy rent for the city of Ottawa, and those statistics were provided by the city, so it’s not unknown to the city, either.  When I said to Dan that common sense suggests the program is designed to fail if the subsidy offered isn’t sufficient to secure an apartment, he assured Me the program wasn’t always this way, the rental market just exploded in the last two years.

So We started tall King about what he believes the solution should be if anything were possible and it turns out We share some Common ground on a lot of Ideas.  If housing markets are going to fluctuate the Way they do, and if the city of Ottawa is Truly serious about ending homelessness, two things need to happen.  First, We need to make sure We stop the bleeding; the housing allowance provided to those in receipt of social assistance should be sufficient to Keep them in their home in the first place, not one third or less the market value rent.  People are being economically forced from their homes by the same government that Wishes to put an end to homelessness.  Allegedly, this is a provincial goal as well as a municipal One (like officially part of some agenda).  Surely, all any One needs to do is point out this logic to the correct representative to have this Matter addressed.

Dan went on to tell Me his plan.  He would build a large complex with lots of single occupancy, dignified housing units specifically for those in receipt of social assistance at a cost regulated by the city.  His facility/complex would also include a medical ward.  We began to embellish on these Ideas because they are in perfect Harmony with some of mine.  In fact, My Idea is very similar, just on a larger scale.

My Idea is very similar to Dan’s.  I would build a beautiful, luxurious complex that would serve as both a rehabilitation and reintegration center for those struggling with health related issues (physically, emotionally, mentally/psychologically) including addiction and a safe, medically supervised safe injection facility.  The first couple of floors Will be dedicated to those in need of most critical care.  The rooms would be small and modest and all would include a private bathroom and shower, meals and highly attentive, compassionate staff.  My Idea, is that the first few floors would be designed as a public reintegration program.  As individuals Wish for more independence, they move up a floor that’s more like a comfortable, modest, studio apartment, complete with stove, fridge, etc., and such units become the basic minimum single occupancy standard of Living.  The rooms and services provided on these floors are all free of charge.  The rooms continue to increase slightly in grandeur with every floor, though they are no longer free.  The first upgrade might cost $100 a month for example, and it increases from there right up to penthouse apartments, all in a single complex on Crown Land, regulated/administrated entirely by government.

I mentioned this Idea to a few Friends of mine a (long) while back and I have to confess, a couple of them didn’t like the Idea at all, they felt it sounded to ‘hierarchal’.  The Idea behind it though, is that the complex itself would be beautiful and inviting to anyone.  It is unfortunate to Me that capitalism suggests the successful Man is the One who makes the most money, but that is the reality of the current system, or at the very least the Idea projected onto those in receipt of social assistance.  This Gives People an opportunity to feel like a part of the community and live in dignity until they are physically, emotionally and psychologically ready to return to work, and it gives something of an incentive to do so with minimal risk.

The complex would have full recreation facilities, too, which would also be freely available to the public (gym, pool, sauna, jacuzzi, etc.,) and a large, indoor greenhouse for growing food.

Now all of this is well and Good, and Dan and I didn’t get into quite as much detail as I did here before he laughed and said, ‘yeah, the problem is money, where’s all that funding going to come from?’

This is why there are no coincidences.  I asked Dan if he knows how money is created.  (No)  Then I asked Dan if he thinks any of Canada’s elected officials in the House of Commons understands how money is Created (probably not).  Then I told him that what We just did, the conversation We just had, is how a Sovereign nation Creates its wealth.  A Sovereign country doesn’t borrow money from a private bank and then try to work Canada’s People into the budget.  The People are the wealth of the Nation, We determine what it is the People need and We Create money to fulfill that need.  That is how a Sovereign Nation manages its economy and federal budget.

Dan looked at Me and said, “You know, the more I listen to You, the more right I think You might be.  That’s the problem, isn’t it?  We don’t actually have any sovereign nations, do We?”

I Swear on My Life he said that.  And I concurred, though for the Record, I Wish to say I’m not entirely one hundred percent sure about that.  For some reason I think Iran might be sovereign but I’m not sure.  The point is, Canada isn’t Sovereign, nor is any other country borrowing money from a private bank.

The King’s Bench


Then I asked Dan if he thinks Julie Payette knows that she could Create all the wealth necessary for the project if it was her Wish to do so.  I told him that the Governor General is the Sovereign of Canada but she can’t possibly know what that means or the first thing she would do is pay back the banks.

Dan laughed, then he asked Me, “do You have any Idea how much the federal deficit is?”

“685.5 billion dollars”

Seriously, the chances of Me knowing something like that are so small, but of course I just happened to be Writing about it last night.  Then I asked Dan, “do I seriously have to tell Our elected officials what it means to be a Sovereign nation?”

I don’t remember exactly what he said, but the sentiment was an unfortunate ‘yeah, I think You might have to.’

I decided to call the Post ‘The King’s Bench, Part II’, because this is where I’m developing My Plans.  I was going to be as King of You all to for Give Me if I don’t Post much between now and the end of the year because I wasn’t ready.  Or I didn’t feel ready, and I can be flighty sometimes (side effect of an Air Sign), so I could potentially still disappear now and then, but at least for the moment, I’m feeling motivated and ready (or prepared to put things in Motion, ready or not!).

The conversation I had with Dan today was just for the sake of interest, to see what kind of Ideas other People have for dealing with addiction, mental health, poverty and homelessness, removing money from the equation.  See, the People are the wealth, the Will (Energy) to put it all together.  First We Create the Plan, calculate the cost, then We Create the wealth – that is literally how a Sovereign nation manages an economy.

I’ve decided that this Will be My first Plan and I Will make sure that Dan is involved in assisting with design and consultation.  I’m not putting it on a priority list or timeline of any kind yet, but realistically, if I’m serious about ending homelessness and poverty, there must be some kind of Blue Print for the Universal Architect to work with.

Realistically, Dan believes the subsidy needs to be increased by $200 for those in receipt of social assistance and $100 for those receiving disability (to bring both to market value, single occupancy).  I wouldn’t be sharing this information if Dan hadn’t confirmed he would provide his opinion if I were to request the subsidy for the program be increased in My Letter to councillor Katherine McKenny.

Although I can’t predict how much effort Will be required, I am confident I can make that happen.  The problem is, it’s not enough.  There are still roughly 450 or more homeless men in the city of Ottawa at this moment.  That doesn’t include children, women or families.  We need to take care of all of these People, they are not receiving the care they need now.  To make that happen, there needs to be a Plan, and I liked the Ideas that Dan and I discussed, I am also open to suggestions.

Future, ‘The King’s Bench’ Posts Will be directly related to Law, Claiming Kingdom, and what it means to Act as a King in Man’s Magical Fantasy Fiction.

Love and Blessings,






  1. Yes , consistently making a small effort even with small simple steps does make a difference …
       As said in English , too many little make much …
    Too Many drops gather to make rivers and rivers make up oceans …

  2. The change is a king so tall,
    It can be big or small,
    Change is once , forever and for all,
    In evolving , you play a role ,
    No matter what you can or cannot control,
    The divine is in everyone and everything complete and whole ,
    You are always meant to have a call ,
    A call to be , move vibrantly and roll,
    Never say that you are tiny and weak ,
    Drops of water gather to form an ocean and scroll,
    God is in everyone and everything,
    After the winter comes the spring,
    The birds with blessings shall sing ,
    Liberty and justice to bring ,
    The divine is here and there ,
    Dare to believe that life is fair ,
    To be aware that freedom we declare ,
    Infinite divine Love is never rare …

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