Volume LXXXV: How to ‘Master’ the Navi-Gate-Sean of One’s Citizen Ship on the Holy Seas of Commercial Admiralty, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition where I get to Write what I Wish!  (Okay, so I can always Write what I Wish but there are also things I must Write about, so when what I Wish to Write is in Harmony with what I should be Writing about, it is a Fabulous Friday In Deed).  Today is One of those days.

We were tall King about how to Master the Navi-Gate-Sean, or Navi-Gate-Ion (navigation) of One’s citizen ship on the Holy Seas of Commercial Admiralty water.  We can see plainly enough that there is a strong similarity between ‘navi’ and ‘navy’, so I decided to see what Wikipedia had to say about the Word ‘navi’.  What I discovered I thought You might also find interesting.  Under the section titled, ‘religious’, it reads:

  • Navi – Singular of navi’im, a class of prophets in the Hebrew Bible

  • Navi, or Nav, the immaterial/underworld of Slavik neopaganism

Now, just for Fun (and to Give some insight as to how I make all these connections on the fly), I’m going to look up the definition of ‘navigation’.  We all know it means to steer or direct something, but what is the official definition?  It’s a little more precise:

  1. The process or activity of accurately ascertaining One’s position and planning and following a route.

  2. The passage of ships.

Accurately ascertaining One’s position?  Where does a person stand – or does the person have any standing at all?  The Word navigation has its origins in Latin, and specifically refers to travel over water.  If We are all Given an incorporated person to navigate a citizen ship on the Holy Seas of Commercial Admiralty water, does that mean that so long as We are lost at Sea, We are all walking on water in Our citizen Ship?  It is far too clever to be coincidence – besides, We don’t believe in those here anyway. 😉

In My last post, I used the Word legal Lunacy deliberately because the current system of laws were established to navigate the citizen ship while Man Lives in ignorance of God.  The Word luna specifically refers to the moon, which shines in darkness, a reflection of Truth, but not Truth.  The human is a shade (hue) of Man protected by the colour of law, which is distorted because the source of light is not pure (like the Son/Sun), We are Living in darkness, by the light of the Moon.

The Word lunatic once again has its origins in Latin from luna, meaning moon, which was believed to cause ‘intermittent insanity‘.

Getting away from the Fantasy fiction for a moment, the reason I was excited to author this Post today is because it is kind of Fun to Write about, and I hope it is as much Fun for You to read because it is actually True.  The problem is, I honestly don’t believe that a single elected official in Canada knows anything about it, they Will be learning as much as anyone else might be.

I suggested in My last post that the reason the world is in the condition it is in, is because all these colonies that were so determined to establish their independence by declaring themselves ‘Sovereign’, had no (real) understanding of what the Word means.  The reason I’m sharing the chart with You today, is to Give You an Idea of the different ‘degrees’ of Freemasonry.

02 Masonic emblem

If You look on the right hand side of the chart, You Will notice the different degrees of Freemasonry, from 4 (Foundation) to 32.  There are a total of 33 Degrees in Freemasonry currently (as far as I know), but the Highest Degree is 37, which is King [Sovereign], a Spiritual title.  The reason there is so much secrecy surrounding freemasonry, is because none of the Degrees knows anything above the Degree they hold.  Only those at the very top know the Divine Plan, the rest dutifully Play their Part, Trusting in the Order.

Many (if not all) former U.S. presidents were freemasons or members of one of the Orders associated with them.  Trump is a freemason (according to Trump).  How many of Canada’s elected officials?  I have no Idea, not even enough of a clue to hazard a reasonable guess.  But what I Will say, is that I don’t believe any of the individuals in politics are anywhere near high enough within the secret Order to know ‘the Plan’, only that there is one.

These individuals are the One’s who are running the Show.  And the Show Will Play out exactly as they Wish for it to because they are Masters of Magic, and they have literally been working toward this goal for thousands of years (one of the benefits to knowing One’s family history and building an empire over several (hundred) generations is that One can develop some serious long term plans).  Navigation…

I’m going to share another link with You that presents a little bit of background history on the Freemasons, though I am always cautious about sharing links like this one because the Author certainly believes their plans are extremely sinister.  None the less, please do check out the link and consider that they Will likely achieve their seven main goals reasonably soon (2030, maybe?).

What I’m really trying to emphasize, is that Sovereign/King/Queen/Emperor/Empress all represent the Highest Degree of Freemasonry and Magic.  That is why Her Majesty is called Majesty, it means Majestic, Magical.  That is why a King is called High-ness, as it refers to the King’s relationship with God and His High moral ground.  The study of Magic is a Spiritual pursuit, not one of ego.  It is about transcending the ego, and soon the entire world Will be forced to transcend their shadow self.

Without a Sovereign King or Queen, a country cannot be sovereign, period.  Because I don’t like to make such bold claims arbitrarily, I was actually on the Parliament of Canada website and the Queen is still the official authority of Canada, according to Canada’s Constitution Act of 1867:

“There shall be one Parliament for Canada consisting of the Queen, an Upper House styled (called) the Senate, and the House of Commons.” – Government of Canada

“Under the constitution, executive authority is vested in the Crown (the Queen) and carried out by the Governor General in Council.” – Government of Canada

If We go on to read more regarding the Role of the Crown and Governor General, the importance of the Sovereign’s position is further emphasized:

All executive authority is derived from the Sovereign, who is Canada’s formal head of State.”

Now, is it reasonable for anyone to suggest that Her Grace, Glory and Majesty is not still an integral Part of Canada’s legal system?  No.  Further to the importance of the Sovereign in the formation of any country:

“The state is embodied in the Sovereign; therefor, every One of Canada’s members of parliament is required to Swear allegiance to the Queen.”

Now are People beginning to understand the Power of the Sovereign?  Is it realistic for Me to think that anyone in Canada would ever suggest that My determination to protect the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People in Honour of Her Majesty is not a worthwhile and noble goal?  I really don’t think it’s likely, much less on a Court of Record.

I’ll probably have a part III at some point, but I am thing King that is enough for today, I’ve actually shared a lot of information.  But this Idea that Canada has ever been Sovereign is a myth.  And frankly, if elected officials are getting away with the things they are getting away with today with the Queen’s oversight, I can’t even begin to Imagine what kind of horror Show We’d be watching without Her Majesty’s Navigation.

I hope this Friday finds You feeling Fabulous!

Love and Blessings,

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