Volume LXXXVII: The Magical Monday Motivate Sean Edition; Adding New Characters to My Story

Good evening every One, and thank King You for joining Me.  I have an especially inspired edition today, as I finally received a reply from Ontario Works, the corporation contracted by the Canadian/provincial government to administrate the Trust from which all commercial contracts are Created.  For Me, this makes for a Magical Monday in Deed!

Last Monday, I had sent an email to Christopher Tuck, manager of Ontario Works, requesting to meet with him and Orsolya Vancsody, the CASE worker assigned to administrate the Trust Created from My Calling (name) and registered with the state by My parents.  I was very Thank full to finally receive a reply from Orsolya at 1:16 this afternoon.  The email reads as follows:

I am wondering how I can help you I understand you sent an email to Chris Tuck to meet with him

But maybe I can resolve the issue for you please let me know what you are asking for ? thanks

Truth be told, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Orsolya, she has always done everything she is able to assist Me in resolving any Issues I’ve had, so I Trust the meeting Will be productive.  I was, however, a little surprised to not hear back from Chris Tuck directly, and am also a little curious about whom Anne Charette might be, as she was ‘cc’d the email.  Although I anticipate most People Will know this, ‘cc’ means ‘carbon copy’, and ‘bc’ means ‘blind copy’, so it is reasonable for Me to presume I am meant to know that the email was also sent to Anne Charette, and was curious to know what her relationship to this Matter might be.  A ‘Google’ inquiry for ‘Anne Charette city of Ottawa’ produced the following result.


That seems appropriate.  The address listed is Ottawa City Hall, and it seems both logical and reasonable that Orsi (her preferred Calling) would Wish for her superiors to have a record of her correspondence with Me.  I am only disappointed to have not heard back from Chris Tuck directly because as the manager of Ontario Works, I presume he would also have a more comprehensive understanding of the Trust being administrated, and the fiduciary duties and obligations of Ontario Works in relation to it.  However, as previously stated, I have had very positive experiences war King with Orsi in the past, and it is entirely possible that Chris Tuck has empowered Orsi to deal with My outstanding Issues effectively.  I believe I was very clear in My Letter to Chris Tuck last Monday with respect to which Issues I Wish to resolve, so the Quest-Ion, “please let Me know what You are as King for?”, seems a little redundant.

I believe Orsi knows exactly what I am going to be as King of her for, and I Trust that Chris Tuck has empowered Orsi to assist Me as much as she is able.  I have arranged to meet with Orsi next Monday, November 4th at 10:00 in the fore-noon, and I Will bring with Me [My] copy of the Trust (to show that We are in fact dealing with a Trust), and discuss the fiduciary duties of Ontario Works to responsibly administrate the Trust to the best interest of the designated beneficiary (Me).  I Will also advise Orsi that failing to meet fiduciary obligations constitutes a breach of Trust and is a criminal offence (which is also why part of Me Wishes that Chris Tuck had not ‘scapegoated’ his responsibility as a manager by passing this off on Orsolya, as the language can be intimidating without there ever being any Willful intent to intimidate).

I had initially been as King to meet with both Chris and Orsolya for precisely this reason – so that I could explain the Trust relationship to Chris, and by doing so, help Orsolya to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the Trust without making her feel threatened or intimidated.

Either Way, I am happy to have finally arranged a meeting to discuss these Matters and I am going to leave a Wiki link which defines the nature of various Trusts.  I feel it is important for each of Us to comprehend that if We have not made a Claim upon the value of Our Life and biological property, We have placed Our Life in Trust with the state by default.  That is, quite literally, why the state fulfills the role of ‘parentis patria’, as it is presumed We are not of ‘sound Mind’ and capable of responsibly administrating Our own lives.  Each of Us are inherently entitled to the pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Freedom, which includes the right to self determination.  Any presumption that the benefits of society may be kept from an individual for failing to contract with the state and be liable for debt that has nothing to do with the individual, is a form of extortion compelling One into bondage and is not legally binding in any Common Wealth Jurisdiction.

Wiki on Trust Law

The other reason I am feeling especially inspired today is because I’ve decided to make an amendment to My Claim against the Salvation Army which I Wish to share with You.  One of the tactics I anticipated the Salvation Army may try to use to defend themselves, would be to file a motion into the court demanding that I demonstrate I am financially capable of paying their legal fees in the event of a loss.  Regardless how ‘air tight’ My Claim may be, if the Salvation Army were able to successfully show that I am not financially able to pay their fees in the event of a loss, the entire case could be thrown out.  That’s often how large corporation ‘bully’ smaller organization with less financial clout.  Although I did have a contingency plan (as I had anticipated this would really be their only defence), the amendment I plan to make Will remove that possibility.  Unfortunately, it Will not make Me very popular with the city of Ottawa.

If I remove the individual names and change the defendants to ‘The city of Ottawa, The Salvation Army Booth Centre and the Ottawa Police Service’, the government is not allowed to dismiss a case filed by the People for financial incompetence, otherwise the government could cause all kinds of harm to poor People without the People ever having legal recourse.  So by adding the city of Ottawa to My complaint, I can’t be ‘bullied’ financially.  As much as I Wish to remain on Good terms with the city of Ottawa, I also have to Act in My own best interest.

All these real eyes a Sean’s came to Me today, which does make for a Magical Monday in Deed!!!

Hope You are all well, thank You for Your Time and attention.

Love and Blessings,



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