Volume CI: The Lucky Wednesday Edition; The King Finally Castles

Hello every One, and thank King You for being here.  What a dramatic conclusion I have to share with all of You today!  Honestly, it’s almost hard to believe it’s real life because it was such a nail biter – especially for Your main character!

So, as I was Writing My last Post, tall King about ‘survival mode’, the crazy landlady had already called the police to charge Me with trespass.  I am very sensitive to mental health issues and I know there are plenty of People who probably think I am crazy, so I don’t use the Word ‘crazy’ lightly – this woman is a genuine lunatic and was stark raving mad.  I only discovered she had called the police because I heard her screaming at them on the phone from My room – she was still in the downstairs hallway, guarding the door.

I had hoped that the encounter would be much the same as it had been on the previous Thursday when she had tried to do the same.  Unfortunately, these police officers were not so honourable.  However, everyone is receiving Graces today, as I always pay attention to the name and badge number (if it’s visible) of every officer I ever talk to.  You Will notice I am not Giving You their name.  Kind of like a ‘last notice’ to the Ottawa police because I would genuinely like to report that the local police services are acting to defend and protect the Common law rights of Canada’s People, not trespassing on them for the sake of commercial ‘acts’ (like the ‘Trespass to property Act’).  The law of agency and the law of contract is superior and I was on the property under contract.  It’s that simple, really.  But the police are not so bright, they said that I didn’t have any rights because it’s not covered by the landlord tenant act.  Notice to Ottawa police:  rights cannot be revoked without consent and are not provided by the landlord tenant board, the landlord tenant board and associated acts were designed to protect the inherent rights Man already has, and it is high time the police began defending the constitutional rights of Canada’s People.

I digress…  So the police were going to remove Me by force if I had not volunteered to leave by My own Will – I was as King of them for one hour to prepare for a cab and be gone – My request was granted.  The moment I sat in the back seat of the cab, I felt amazing!  I can’t even describe it properly because it was like something I didn’t even know was there had been completely and suddenly removed.  The John Howard Society did real Good on the hotel they booked for Me!  My own kitchenette, bathroom, it was not like a typical hostel, though it is rated as both a hostel and an inn.  My room was completely private and very comfortable.  But the best part of the experience were the owners of the inn, Sultan and Hasheeda who instantly made Me feel welcome.  Sultan even insisted on helping Me to My room with My bags which I felt was completely unnecessary and over the top.  Just exceptionally friendly People.

Anyway, the triumphant evening was short lived because I still didn’t have any permanent solution to My problem and as great as the JHS did in booking Me a room in a great little inn, the budget would only allow for five days.  I was desperately hoping I would hear some Good News about the apartment I had filled out an application for the previous Thursday and was expecting to hear something Monday at the latest.  Monday comes and goes, no Word.

I called Monday morning to see how things were going and the vibe felt every bit as Good as it had the previous Thursday.  I really felt like I hit it off with the property manager, Lori, and she seemed just as pleasant and happy to hear from Me on the Monday, so I was still optimistic.  The issue was that they hadn’t heard back from one of My landlord references, which is very strange because he usually gets back to Me right away.  I told her I’d contact him and find out what was going on.

Well, My old landlord who was Giving the reference is named Joe, and he sent Me a message on Facebook late Monday evening to congratulate Me on the apartment.  I told him I didn’t have it yet, and he told Me he was pretty sure I did.  So that really kept Me optimistic, but Tuesday came and went and still no Word.  I have to confess, I was beginning to panic.

I could not bare the thought of being ‘homeless’ again and the thought of a shelter was even worse.  I’d already decided I would camp outside city hall in protest before I would spend another night in any of Ottawa’s shelters.  Worse still, as great as the John Howard Society have been, they didn’t have any solutions either – last I heard from them on Tuesday afternoon, they were tall King to Me about how they had found a place that would board My cat!  Translation – “You’re going to a shelter tomorrow.”

I would not even let My Mind entertain the possibility, and I am very thankful the conversation was over the phone so they could not see My expression.  However, it is worth telling You that without even as King, the owners of the inn were as King to Me if I am looking for an apartment and told Me they have something for Me if I don’t hear Word!  Like seriously…  A friend said to Me once, “You must _____ horseshoes, You are the luckiest guy I know.”  (Sorry, trying to Keep this family Friendly, so You Will have to use Your Imagination.)

Well, I rarely Quest-Ion the Universe’s intent-Ion for Me, but this time I was beginning to lose faith.  It was after 5:00, Tuesday afternoon, and I actually yelled at God (in My Mind, but that’s enough), ‘No, I Will not be homeless again, I need this apartment!’.

Phone rings.

‘Please Universe, don’t mess with Me’.

Universe is not messing with Me, it’s Lori, cheerful and chipper as ever.  One last terrifying moment, as the first Words out of Lori’s mouth are, ‘Hi Sean, I am so sorry…’ My heart on a hinge…  ‘it took Me so long to get back to You, but I am happy to tell You the apartment is Yours, Your application has been approved.”

I definitely teared a little but I think the reality of what I was hearing took a few hours to really settle in.  In all My Life, I can say I have honestly never felt so anxious about anything ever.  It’s generally just not My Style, I like to ‘go with the flow’.  But I Wanted this, I Wished for this, and I Prayed for this – more times than I can count.

Although it may have come in the very final hour of the final day, the ‘date’ to Sign My lease was perfectly synchronized with My time to check out of the hotel.  The apartment is not just Good, it is Perfect!  I am literally in the heart of downtown Ottawa.  It has two floors!  I’m including lots of pictures because this is exactly the kind of place I was picturing to take My Art campaign to the next level.  Believe My, the ‘Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean’ is a real thing and I Will now have the opportunity to bring My exhibition to Life!  I can even paint the place however I Wish!  Bridgehead coffee a block and a half in one direction, Starbucks in the other.  Grocery store around the corner.  Liquor store around the corner (I don’t really drink but still a cool thing to have in the neighbourhood in the event I have a guest and Wish to buy a bottle of wine).  Even the photocopy shop I use is less than a one minute walk!  It is absolutely everything I could ever dream to have in an apartment.  I did want a balcony, but only because I didn’t imagine the alternative.  I have My own little deck area in the back that I can grow plants and decorate My Self – it might be a shared walkway from time to time but it’s basically My private ‘yard’ (concrete yard, it Will be potted plants).

Meh, a picture says 1000 Words, so enough of My rambling.  My previous landlady Will not get any attention from Me whatsoever.  Her name Will never be mentioned on this Blog again, once was more than she deserved.  I Will also not file charges against her for breach of contract, as everything ‘Miraculously’ worked to My benefit.

I Wish to remind all of You to never lose Faith in Your Dream.  I know how tough it can be, especially when it seems like every element of Your life is hanging in the balance.  I know how hard it is because I almost lost Faith My Self, and that virtually never happens, mostly because I’m usually completely ‘indifferent’ to the outcome of the situation, believing ‘God’ (the Universe) knows best.  I was not okay with the alternative this time, and My fear of the alternative almost caused Me to lose Faith.  Don’t.  Because God was just laughing, he likes to Play as much as We do.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script:  My Friend who joined Me for My Magical bonfire so many moons ago was here visiting Me in Ottawa last Saturday and I told her that when I get the new apartment, I am going to have a bookshelf and fill it with cool books.  This one ‘happens’ to have a perfect little bookshelf built right into the wall behind My bedroom door!  And as You can see, Gigi isn’t sure what to make of the place yet.  Currently, she is living inside an old RCA television box but she seems very happy there!  I Will Keep You all posted.

Blessings, the Universe is Great, God is Good!


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