Volume CIII: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition; The Magical Tarot and the King’s Keep

Hello every One!!!  Thank King You for being here.  Also, thank King all of You for the new followers and the activity.  It makes Me so happy to know People are reading My Blog even when I don’t get a chance to Write as often as I Wish.  Hang in there, peeps, I Will be VERY active very soon.  Internet was supposed to be installed today at My new home but they have to install a new outlet, so they have to come back with extra equipment.  Hopefully early next week, I only called yesterday and they were able to schedule for today, so it shouldn’t be too long.

3 Cups – Abundance; The Hermit, 6 Cups – Pleasure

Remember this?  Remember that I mentioned one thing I found particularly interesting about this trio of cards were the numbers.  The first, central Card is the 3 of Cups.  The second card influencing the central Idea, is the Hermit, Trump 9.  Finally, We have the 6 of Cups, Pleasure on the right.  3-9-6.  Any guesses what My new address might be?  How about 396 Kent Street!  Seriously.  Apartment 3!  Anyone Wish to try to tell Me that the Tarot are not Magic?  Very unusual coincidence if One were to believe in such things.  I have had incredible ‘coincidences’ like this with the Tarot every since I first started using them.  Eerie ‘coincidences’.  When One understands there are no coincidences, One can then real eyes the Power of the Tarot.

I was going to Give some updates on what I am up to with respect to this estate My Brother, Sister and I have to deal with but I’ve decided for now that I Will not.  I don’t really Wish to discuss family matters here, though I Will see what I can do to let My audience know what steps I am taking (if any) with respect to dealing with that Matter.  I have mentioned details about My family in the past because I know We ALL have issues with family from time to time that can be especially difficult but I don’t Wish to get too personal.  Eventually, when everything is said and done, I Will let everyone know how things worked out and what I decided to do.  I was very angry that My sister expected I would let her administrate the estate and I mentioned it in My last post, so I wanted to follow up and let You know I Will not be tall King about that Matter any further until it is resolved, though I may share with You what I learn about Estate law as I do My research.

I don’t have much time, as I am at Starbucks and they are beginning to sweep the floor which means they Will be closing shortly and I don’t like to be that guy everyone is waiting on to close shop.  I also didn’t buy a coffee today! 😛  I was going to redeem star points because I save all My rewards from the ground coffee I buy at grocers but unfortunately, I can only redeem two per day!!!  (I have about 50, I drink a lot of coffee.)  A little unfortunate as it Will take some time to redeem them all but Good to know for future!

Alright, I’m going to Sign off.  When I return I should be Writing from My home office, which is very exciting in Deed!  I Will also have new artwork to show and Will be continually War King on My campaign, Blog and social media influence once I get the internet installed.  Officially war King part time this month and Will be in full swing by April 1st.

I hope You are well and feeling every bit as Blessed as I am.  I look forward to Writing You more, thank You all SO much for being here.  Without You, this is pointless.

Love and Blessings,






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