Volume CIX: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Master of the Citizen Ship

Hello every One, welcome to the Good News Journal’s Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for being here!  I am thing King You Will find today’s Post interesting because I Will really be getting to the Heart (He Art) of the Matter very soon.  All things Will be revealed, this is the time of ‘REVELATIONS’ and the Apocalypse in Our Story (Universal Pictures Greatest Present A’Sean), and the ‘Last Chapter‘ of My Story.  I added a New Paige to the Last Chapter earlier today and Will be introducing Our new Character, Anne Charette, sometime tomorrow.

The reason for the Title of this Post is because in the first email reply from Anne, I am addressed as ‘Mr. VonDehn’.  Lazy, unprofessional, even if I didn’t Mind being addressed with the prefix ‘Mr.’, ‘VonDehn’ should be ‘von Dehn’, and there is plenty of previous examples for Anne to reference, so there is no excuse for it, it’s just sloppy.  “Hallowed be My name”, should be a clue that My name is Sacred and something I Wish to see Honoured by those who address Me.  I am not ‘Mister’ von Dehn…  However, I have decided that although the abbreviated ‘Mr.’ is unacceptable, I Will grant permission to be addressed as ‘Master von Dehn’.  That is in Fact what the prefix means in Law, though most of Us are not the Master of Our own Citizen Ship (which is why One is as King for a lawyer or attorney to defend One’s ‘Self’ in Court).  Master comes from the Word ‘Mast’, which is where the Sails (Sales) are hung to Navigates the Ship.  Why would We be Given the Title ‘Master’ if We were never meant to Navigate the Ship Our Self?  Is it not appropriate that the public servants should be required to address the People they serve as ‘Master’?  There are no coincidences, remember, none of this is arbitrary, it is ‘too perfect’ to be coincidence.

And We really are in the time of the Apocalypse, We are all in almost exactly the same situation dealing with the same ‘hostile’ environment (whether it be psychological, physical, emotional or otherwise).  This was precisely the event People would try to insist would not happen in this Life time.  There is only now, what makes anyone think there was ever anything before You?  This is all in Your Mind.

So there is no better time than now to discover who We really are.  We’ve all had plenty of reason to say We are too busy to do the difficult, inner work that One must do to transcend One’s fears.  We are the wealth.  Our Energy is the only thing that makes this thing ‘Go!’.  Now, One can relate that to the economy if One Wishes to do so, but perhaps Our Energy could be redirected.  Energy flows where attention goes.  Or something like that.  Our Will is all that is required to Create a New World, a True Golden Dawn to end this Night/Knight.  Is the Word ‘Knight’ suggesting We should be brave in the Night and Live for the [Golden] Dawn?

I find it very interesting just how few People Truly comprehend the economy.  I would guess less than 10,000 People on a planet of almost eight billion, and I am thing King that is probably generous.  People seem to think they have all kinds of answers to how the global economy ‘works’, while I insist it does not ‘work’, it is broken, it simply grinds on dilapidated and hopeless.  I ask them where the World bank and the IMF get their wealth, and no One seems to be able to answer Me.  There are Ideas…  I’ve heard their wealth is the Vatican gold, ancient artifacts, and various other reasonable rumors.  But none of them are correct, there are no artifacts, there is no gold – only You.

I’m not sure if it’s commonly believed that God has a sense of Humour, though I seem to recall it being something that was often said to Me over the years, so I am hoping it is reasonably well believed to be True, or at the very least believed to be True for those who believe in God.  Because My philosophy is that ‘the Powers that be’ are the citizen’s ‘God’, the citizens just don’t know it.  Probably sounds scary to some but I mean it as a Good thing because God is Good – but God does have a sense of Humour because We were Created in His or Her Image, so God knows We appreciate a Good joke.  Wait until You discover how wealthy You actually are.

I hope that Keeps You Happy and positive in Your ‘Keep’ this Thursday, and potentially even ‘Keeps’ You thing King about Life in a New Way.  We are the Hero of Our own Story, it’s time to get into Character!

Love and Blessings,



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