My Story – The Last Chapter

Okay, at the time of this Post, it’s 12:37 Post Midi, Eastern Star Time, 2020 in ‘the year of Our Lord’, 2020, also known as A.D., or ‘Anno Domini’, the year of Dominion.  My Declaration of Sovereignty and Claim to God’s Kingdom were received by Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Canada’s Registrar General, and Ontario’s Attorney General, on or before January 19th, 2017.  In short, Canada’s government has had plenty of time to fulfill their duties and obligations to Me.  Now is the time to hold those individuals and Ministries responsible for their negligence and incompetence – not only to Me, but to Canada’s People as a whole.

“Your rights are My responsibility.”

I’m going to credit Jordan Peterson with the quote once again, though I’m not sure it’s actually ‘his’ quote.  One of the reasons it resonated with Me so much, is that it is and has been a Life philosophy for Me on a personal level for many years.  I realized quite young that not all People are as intellectually or mentally ‘able’ to advocate for their rights as others might be, does that mean they have less rights?

Unfortunately, if We do not collectively advocate for Our rights, We collectively ‘lose’ them.  I used the Word ‘lose’ because rights can never be taken away from an individual, but One can lose sight of them.  It’s 2020 – let’s put them back in Focus, perfect Our Vision, Shall We?

‘My Story’ features the documents I have Writ, and which Ministries of the Canadian government received them.  The moment I Posted the reply from the Ministry of the Attorney General (legal director, Sean Kearney) on My website, ‘My Story’ became one of My number One Blog Posts and is now the first link You Will find in a Google search engine for ‘Sean von Dehn’.  This was the Universe’s Way of letting Me know this information is important and worth sharing.

My Story is important because the outcome affects every One.  If I am held in bondage and servitude, so is every other Canadian, and presumably every other ‘citizen’ in any Common Wealth country.  Fortunately, that is not the Case, as We all know that bondage and slavery are serious criminal offences in any Common Law country.  The ‘Last Chapter’, is about holding the elected officials charged with protecting the Law (Our rights) accountable to their Duties and responsibilities as Agents of the Trust.  We Commonly Call them elected officials or public servants, they are the ‘Agents’ of Man’s Matrix.  The ‘Matrix’ (in this particular scenario), is the ‘Trust‘ a citizen has in Canada as a governing ‘body’.

This is one of the reasons the Document I used to Claim My Life is so important.  This is My ‘Cestui Que Vie’ which is Latin and translates to mean (roughly) ‘What is this Life’, or ‘This is what Life [is]’.

Kingdom Comes!!!

It is also a Trust.  Keep in Mind, I am Writing this to teach Canada’s elected officials who Will be responding to My next series of Letters, every bit as much as I am Writing to Show and inform You.  In the Lord’s Prayer (no coincidences, the Name of this Prayer is Significant), the Original, ‘Thy Kingdom Comes, Thy Will is Done, On Earth as in Heaven’, is a Promise to God to Steward God’s Kingdom.  A Promise does not come without Trust.  A Man is not as King of some One to Promise something without One placing Trust in the individual.  More importantly, it is a Covenant Man has with God – both in the Microcosm and the Macrocosm.  The Ministries are bound to this ‘Trust’ every bit as much as Man, and it is this Trust the governments of Common Wealth countries are bound to Honour above all others!!!  Trust Me. 😉

“Canada’s constitution is Founded upon the belief in the Supremacy of God, and The Rule of Law”.

You should probably read the accompanying Letter that would have arrived with this document immediately behind the Cestui Que Vie pictured above if You have not done so already.  You Will find I use very plain, Proper English to Write My document and explain My position in Language any reasonably intelligent Man Will be able to comprehend, no ‘trickery’ or fraud in My documents, nothing complicated to comprehend.  This is why I feel I have a Duty and responsibility to teach elected officials every bit as much as the Common Man because they do have a legal and lawful duty and obligation to respond to My Letters and dissolve the Trust as I am as King of them to do.  They have not done this yet which tells Me they are either fools who Wish to be charged with violating international law, or (more likely) they are completely ignorant and incompetent.  Ignorance is no excuse, so We Will be Showing elected officials what their legal and lawful duties are to the Canadian People as I am War King My Way through this Last Chapter.  Without a Foundation and Trust in God, Canada’s constitution means NOTHING – that is why it is the First Line (Highest) preceding any of the rights Man endeavors to protect in the Writ of the constitution.  Without God, there are no rights to protect.  Rights Given by God are Superior to those ‘granted’ by constitutions.  Constitutional rights are for citizens who have placed their Trust in government.  Inherent, God Given rights are available to those who have placed their Trust in God.  Big difference, but both the citizen and the Sovereign have recourse for exercising their ‘God Given’ (inherent) natural rights because We are in a Common Law, Common Wealth country (‘jurisdiction’ in Law).

My ‘First Letter of the Last Chapter’ Will be Posted very shortly.  The Letter is Writ to Orsolya Vancsody, who is a case worker and commissioner for the Ontario Works Act, which is an Act presumably designed to protect ‘basic human rights’, despite how far it falls short.  Part of the reason for this, is because ‘basic human rights’ are determined by the government creating the Act, not the People in need of basic essentials necessary for the enjoyment of Life and Happiness (like food and housing, for example).  Orsolya is an agent of the government specifically responsible for administrating the Trust a citizen [is presumed to] have in government.  Citizens are the ‘beneficiaries’ of the ‘Trust’ they have placed in government.  In Canada, We believe Our most basic rights are protected, so Orsolya is going to Show Us how We can exercise those rights (with a little help and guidance from Me), so she can better assist and help others she is war King with in the future, and assist Canadians in advocating for the enjoyment of their natural, God Given rights.

Love and Blessings, more to come soon!