Volume CXV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Real E State Matters, Part III

Hello every One, and welcome to the second Post for this Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You for being here.  On ‘Lucky’ Wednesday when I first received News of developments regarding My father’s estate, the last thing I would have been thing King about was how Lucky it was.  I still don’t really have Words to describe it because I am Truly shocked, it is beyond what I believed even My sister was capable.  Needless to say, it seemed like anything but Good News, or Lucky.  Yet that is exactly what it is proving to be.  Now I realize on the Thursday I Write, that I Will in Deed be reflecting on the climax of many new and exciting developments for Friday’s Full Moon and anniversary of My 47th Name day.

I mentioned My reservations about sharing the details concerning My father’s estate on My Blog.  My biggest Issue in regards to sharing the details of the estate is that I really do Love My family very much, even My sister.  I believe she has some serious issues because her actions don’t seem like ‘normal’ behaviour to Me.  If I had a child, I could not Imagine not Wishing to share that News with My Family.  That seems to Me like the kind of News One would Wish to share with every One they care about.  I don’t believe I am alone in that opinion, either.  237 Words.  The Universe agrees.

This Blog is about Living a Purpose Full Life.  My Family know how Spiritual I am as well as any Good Friend.  I would Love to tell the world how much Love and support I have received from My Family with respect to the Ideas I am sharing with You here but the Truth is I can’t.

Magical Monday is when I first considered that maybe I should just respond to all My father’s Estate Matters here.  Just a brief consideration, but it left the Idea floating around in My Mind for Tuesday while I was at the print shop.  The Notice of Objection was glaring at Me as though it required My attention, so I made some copies to have it ready for filing just in case.  I receive the email the following morning, ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.  My Microcosm and Macrocosm have Truly collided in a new Way.

See, My Family knows I’ve been on this Quest for over ten years.  They Will certainly not deny that I have claimed to be My own Sovereign nation long before I ever claimed it to be legally True in Law.  They were among the first to suggest it was impossible, laughing, “You can’t be Your own country!”.

To which I would reply, “So We are not slaves but We must belong to a country?”

No One can ever answer that.  No One can even seem to reasonably grasp what it might mean to not ‘belong’ to a country.  Can I not Live on the land of a country without belonging to it?  Of course We can.

So there is no longer any doubt that I was meant to Post the details of My father’s estate to this Blog for all of You to read.  This is very much what police do, create some fictional narrative to discredit the individual.  Do I believe My sister knows the difference between the incorporated person and the individual?  I don’t believe she does.  Can My sister prove I am the incorporated person?  Can her law firm prove that?  Are non statutory persons subject to statutory Acts, like Ontario’s Estates Act?  If I am not a statutory person does the Act have any Power or Jurisdiction over God’s Kingdom and a Man’s legitimate claim of right upon his father’s kingdom [estate]?  If the Court represents the Crown and the Queen, would the Queen claim that all children have equal claim of right to the throne?  Is the Queen not the example of the Common Law for Canada?

How would My sister respond to those Quest-Ions, I wonder?  My guess is not very well.  One of the most important things to acknowledge when One does begin truly Living a Purpose Full Life for the first time, is that People Will challenge You and Family can be the most challenging of all because We don’t choose them.  Friends come and go from My Microcosm but Family is for Life, Love it or not.

Although My sister’s attempt to discredit Me may be successful I strongly advise against ever using any of these tactics.  There is no denying there was hostile language in the emails to My sister, it was intentional because I was genuinely annoyed and feeling harassed.  I could show additional emails from My brother and mother, consistently as King of Me to change My Mind.  The point is, although I insisted on email correspondence because I figured My sister was up to something, it was intended for a private audience.  I had offered My official reasons in the Notice of Objection to My sister’s lawyer which she refused to accept.  I’m not really sure how well her strategy Will work unless the lawyer already has some kind of deal with the justice.  Don’t think that doesn’t happen.  Generally, swearing an affidavit to discredit an individual expected to Trust You is not very wise.  I have less reason to Trust My sister now than I had previously, it appears she aims to defame My character.

It was My sister who decided to share all the ‘ugly’ with the world by turning a private conversation into a sworn affidavit.  See, I know what My sister thinks, and I know how the whole King thing might sound – that’s precisely why I use it, I know what it means.  Any One who doubts I am King is only showcasing their own ignorance: ‘I’m not a king, so You cannot be a king!’

We are all Kings and Queens in God’s Kingdom, or Ladies and Lords, Royal Heirs to Her Throne.

So the fact that this personal Family Matter in My Microcosm is merging with Man’s Macrocosm in time for this most auspicious Full Moon Magical Name day, seems especially serendipitous.  This is the Last Chapter, after all.  The People of the world Wish to know that Man is King, and so do the members of My Microcosm.

I am personally rather tired of People believing I am broke.  I am not, I’m just dealing with a government standing in dis-Honour.

The real Gift and Good News for this Fabulous Friday, is that not only was it My sister’s decision to ultimately share Our private conversations regarding personal Matters in her application by Way of a sworn affidavit, she also references My Blog as a source of information.  I Wondered if maybe I should just hold court here, instead.  I am thing King I Will.  My sister claims and swears under oath that there are warrants for My arrest published on My Blog, and provides a link to the address of the police information.  This is what the Page reads under My Logo:

Published by vondehnvisuals

King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God. 

So whom is My sister speaking of?  She says it’s Published on ‘My’ Blog.  It is Published by vondehnvisuals, and vondehnvisuals is King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.  I don’t see any arrest warrants in the information for that individual.

My sister introduced My Blog to the court.  That is like a dream, really.  See, a supportive family member would say something like, “I don’t agree with Sean’s Spiritual philosophies, so I decided to keep the birth of My daughter from him to avoid his influence.  It was not intended to cause harm though I understand he has trust issues as a result of it.  However, he authors in independent Blog and is a strong advocate for the rights of the poor and less fortunate.  Although I have tremendous support for the beliefs he advocates for, I do not think he is appropriate to administrate the estate as I believe he Will have a difficult time financially, and I do Promise to treat him fairly if Given this opportunity.”

That’s what I would have Writ if I was My sister and it’s probably pretty close to what she believes to be True, minus the ‘tremendous support’ part.  Instead, she is doing everything she can to diminish My Character before the court and I’m really not sure how that Will Play out for her.  I suppose that’s one of those things that Will depend on the Justice.  If I had filed no Notice of Objection whatsoever, it says more about her character than it does mine.

I may just do what I can to administrate from here and begin war King on that tomorrow to celebrate the climax of events and My 47th Name day anniversary.  As children, My sister was always trying to get Me in trouble for things.  This is like the adult version of the same thing.  If My sister’s application is approved, I could always retain the information and file a claim against My sister for defamation of character afterward.  I won’t bother doing that because I am thing King her accusations Will not really cause Me any harm and especially now, I have no interest in money.

The major Significance of My sister referencing My blog, is vondehnvisuals.com includes everything that is Published here.  Neither My sister or her lawyers can claim ignorance.

Love and Blessings,

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