Volume CXVII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; More Magic in Motion

Hello every One and welcome to Magical Monday Edition of the Good News Journal where I share My Motive A Sean with You in hopes of inspiring Your week.  Thank King You for being here.

am especially excited this Sunday preparing this Post and already know what kind of Motive a Sean Will wake up with tomorrow.  Sean’s Motive Will be to get My most Magical Spell in Motion.  This Will of course have the effect of Casting more Characters into My Story.  Can’t really say I was expecting My sister to Play a major Part in Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean, but I see the perfection in it; My Microcosm meets Man’s Macrocosm.


Oddly, My Writing is kind of like My paintings – don’t think it’s especially elegant, but I try.  I Will admit I receive a lot of compliments, pictured above was one of the first times I began to feel as though I may Master this skill one day yet.  The most difficult part in the beginning was that I had forgotten how to Write a few of the Letters, I had to look some up for a refresher.  The second most difficult thing, was Writing in a straight line.  I swear I must have thrown away fifty sheets of paper double sided and My sentences still wanted to curve upwards from left to right.  Now I can Write almost perfectly straight lines across the Page without effort.  I don’t even use rulers for underlining anymore.

When I filed My claim against the city of Ottawa (featured on My homepage) and first presented it to the clerk, he didn’t say a Word about it being Hand Writ initially, he just started reading through the first few pages to make sure it was exactly the same as the rules of civil procedure.  Then, after he had confirmed it was all Good, he looked at Me and said, “wow, this is beautiful.”

“You don’t think they’ll object to the Hand Writing?”

“They might because lawyers like to do that sort of thing but as long as its legible.  I have no problems reading it, so I have no problem accepting.  As long as it conforms with the rules of civil procedure.”

That was sort of My philosophy going in.  I figured if the clerk can read My Writing, they have no reason to refuse.  My opposition could have complained just for the sake of complaining.  So I typed a version on My Blog as well just in case so that My adversaries could download a typed version.


So I’m sending My original [Hand Writ] Notice of Objection which shows it was received by the Registrar on June 3rd, along with the copy that was returned to Me and the Letter I shared in the Sunday Edition.  Normally I Will Write “On Her Majesty’s Service” underneath the postage because it represents the Post Age and the Alpha bet is on the Alpha Mail, the best Letter of the Law.  I Writ underneath the mailing address today to indicate the Jurisdiction of Her Majesty’s authority (as a Friendly, courteous, reminder).  Each line of the address defines a jurisdiction of authority.

This is especially important when One is Writing their return address.  Where does One Live?


In Order for any mail to reach the King’s Hand, it must enter into God’s Kingdom.  The individual living at the physical address indicated is under God’s authority and in God’s Trust.  None can Claim ignorance, even if it were an excuse.  The return address identifies the sender, so the courts Will always respond properly (or should and have in My experiences so far).  They understand the importance of a return address and what it means.  Arguably, it is the most important detail of the Letter.  Some People Will use the Words ‘non domestic’, which is designed to accomplish the same Idea – when the Letter enters the Hand of the individual, it is leaving Canada (non domestic) and entering God’s Kingdom.  The Words ‘In Care of’ (I used to use ‘In Loving Care’) can be used for the same purpose.  It indicates that You are not Living there, it is a place You Trust (care) to receive mail.

This is why I say I am teaching the Common Law.  This is Truly how things should be done and it is why it Will always be done this Way in official court proceedings.  Just because a family member or company may not ‘Honour’ the return address One places on the mail they send, it does not change what is being communicated to the recipient.  If the individual replying to the sender does not ‘Honour’ the Style of the return address, they are technically ‘insulting’ the Character of the individual (and should technically be returned to sender).  The reason rules of civil procedure are so elaborate and seemingly complex is because We forgot all of these traditional customs, it is typical to accept mail from individuals who insult One’s Character by failing to Honour the Style of the individual’s name or ‘official’ address.  That’s what an address is, it identifies where One is Holding Office.  That is precisely why it is called a Post Office.  It is communication between offices; every One and every nation has a Head of Office.

With the example of My return address shown above, if We were to remove the Words ‘In God’s Trust’ and everything I Writ above that and replace it with ‘Sean von Dehn’, it completely changes the identity of that individual.  From the bottom up defines the Jurisdiction of the individual, starting with the postal code (Matrix) to define the country, Canada, then Ontario, Ottawa, the physical delivery address, then finally, the Spelling of My name.  The largest jurisdiction of law that individual could possibly hope to claim is the Jurisdiction defined by the postal code.  My point is, if God’s Kingdom and Jurisdiction doesn’t exist, then neither do any inherent (God Given) rights.  Clever, isn’t it?

So how could one ever hope to be able to prove to a court One has inalienable rights, much less that they are protected by contractual agreements Canada has promised to Keep, if One is not even Standing in God’s Kingdom?  God’s Kingdom doesn’t even exist according to the jurisdiction on the address.  The most important thing a police officer needs to make an arrest is jurisdiction.  This is why name and address are the two first things a police officer Will be as King of One for.

People so often wonder how it can be that a person Will walk into a courtroom only to discover that they don’t have many of the rights they thought they had.  One can’t just tell a courtroom that an arrest was unlawful and Willful trespass upon One’s constitutional rights.  Well, One can but what does One think the Justice Will say?

“So, are You saying You Wish to file a constitutional challenge?”

That’s what it is.  You Wish to have rights, You must be as King for them.  And sadly, police officers don’t usually care about rights, they are more concerned with codes, statutes and acts, despite the fact that rights trump them all.

Alright, I’m going to Sign off before this gets too long, but I really am very excited about this Letter.  Tomorrow I hope to publish another edition in the V for Vendetta Tell a Vision Spiritual interpretation series, but I Will revisit this Letter to explain a few of the more Magical elements in it.  I am also thing King it Will be Good for My adversaries to have an opportunity to consider some of the things I have Writ before I discuss the Significance and Power of them.  They say One should never announce their moves before they make them.  I like to do the opposite; no surprises, no guerrilla warfare, just My Word and My Bond.

I believe there are three Magical Lines in My Letter, I am Wondering if One can pick them out.

This Will be an exciting week because We have had some Magical moments this month and We are still waiting to hear back from Ottawa Hydro.  They Will absolutely have received My last Spell by now, so We should hear something soon.  Special diet allowance was granted for at least five additional months and My rent is paid until June of 2021.  There is also more Magic to discuss in future Posts related to the information sent to the city of Ottawa that was not responded to.  For now, I’m going to try to Keep this under 1,500 Words.

Love and Blessings,







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