Volume CXVII: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; V for Vendetta Re-Viewed, Part IV

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition where I am Giving a  Spiritual interpret A Sean of V for Vendetta.  Thank King You for joining Me!

Alright, before We pick up where We left off in Part III, I Wish to touch on something I was also tall King about in My first review of the film, ‘silence is consent’.  Evie was saved by V, but also witnessed V kill three police officers and commit a very serious Act of terrorism.  Although she is an innocent victim of circumstance (no coincidences), by acquiescing to V’s invitation and remaining silent about his crimes, she is a Willing accomplice to V’s crimes.

I am making this distinction because it is easy for Us to sympathize with Evie and forget how serious her crime is, too.  She may not have had any Hand in V’s Plan, she may not have consciously been as King for a single unfortunate event that led to her rendezvous with V but that does not make her an innocent bystander.  Choosing not to Act, is an Act.  This is relevant because in Our current mainstream media, the outrage surrounding George Floyd’s death is a perfect example.  People are as King for all the officers to be charged and this is the reason why.  Choosing not to do the right thing has consequences.  Allowing a Man to die is the same as killing the Man with One’s own Hand if they are in a position to stop it.  Evie is exercising her free Will, she is choosing not to report V.  It is a crime for sure.  But is it morally wrong?  This is the Idea I Wish to place in Your Mind as We work Our Way through the film.


After the destruction of Parliament, We cut to the Chancellor addressing his top officials.  You Will notice there are five, one for each of the senses.  This reflects the ‘body’ of government becoming the five senses for the People.  The People no longer Trust their own senses, they are being told how to perceive information through each of their five senses.  This is how We lose Common sense.  There is also a reference to this Idea in the Matrix when Smith has Morpheus chained to a chair and is tall King about the old programs.  He said it was easy for the machines to take over once humanity decided to allow them do their thing King.  The Matrix is a metaphor for Our system of Law.

As the Chancellor continues the briefing, We hear they have a description of Evie and V, and are preparing a cover up story so that People Will not know the destruction of Parliament was an Act of terrorism.  They are going to tell the People it was a controlled demolition and the music and fireworks were to celebrate the birth of a new era.  Government never Wishes to appear vulnerable to the People because government is Promising all the tough laws are for their safety.  (I’m guessing You might have an Idea why I figured this might be an appropriate time to review this film).

The world in the film really is much like the world We are experiencing right now, though a few shades darker.  Media Will spin the event to make government look as responsible as possible to reassure the People there is nothing to worry about.  It is also clearly a strong surveillance state and every country of the world now has camera’s on every street corner, new apps are being released now to pinpoint precisely where People are to track and trace People infected with coronavirus.  Are these things really to track coronavirus, or is coronavirus an excuse for further surveillance without the People knowing the True agenda?

Finally, before I get into the next scene, I also Wish to point out that the Chancellor’s primary weapon is fear; he Wishes for People to fear the consequence of disobedience.  This is stressed as the last line of the scene, where the Chancellor states:

“I want this terrorist found and I want him to understand what terror really means!”

Before the following scene’s news broadcast starts, two of the film crew are tall King behind the set, “You really think the People Will buy this?”

“Why not?  Our job is to report the news, not fabricate it.  That’s the government’s job.”

Police have identified Evie and are tracking her down.  Evie works at the BBN News center and delivers a crate of boxes to one of the production stages, only to have the stage manager open one up to find they are filled with Guy Fawkes masks.  Tall King about no coincidences, Imagine the kind of day Evie would be having!

And, I’ve been Spelling ‘Evie’ wrong.  It’s Evey, and she does have a Brother.  I mentioned in the first Part that I had a feeling V is Evey’s brother but I was not sure if there would be any information to support this Idea in the film.


Her brother’s name is Robert, and it appears he died in hospital.  We learn Evey’s family has a history of political, anti-government activity, the detective is as King for back up so that he Will have a chance to speak with Evey before she ‘ends up in one of Creedy’s black bags’.  I don’t believe her brother is dead, but I Will let You decide as We work through the film…

The scene skips back to the British News Network and V steps out of an elevator wrapped in enough explosives to destroy the entire building.

The next scene is a Good one and that’s probably a Good place to finish off for this week.  I’ll be back next week with another Edition of V for Vendetta and I have another film already chosen for when this series is finished – Fight Club!!!

Hope You enjoyed the Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition, have a wonderful week.

Love and Blessings,




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