Volume CXVII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; The Eye of the Hurry Cane

Hello every One, and welcome to the ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, where Wizards, Witches and Warlocks Manifest their own Luck.  Thank King You for being here.

There is a lot of quiet commotion in My Microcosm at the moment.  Like most of You, I still spend the majority of My time in solitude, though I am trying to soak up a few more rays of sun which involves leaving the apartment for at least an hour or so.  Otherwise, My Life is pretty quiet aside from the occasional email requiring My attention.

The climax of calamities that had peaked on the Full Moon of My name day are mostly resolved for now.  I received Word yesterday that the outstanding rent has been paid in full and the account is in Good standing.  I’m still waiting to hear back from Ottawa Hydro regarding the package I sent them on June 3rd, and Revenue Canada regarding My complaint of fraud for unauthorized use of the incorporated person.  I also have My Notice of Objection on it’s Way to Honourable Justice, Susan J. Woodley, which is why today’s Post is Titled the ‘Eye of the Hurry Cane’, as I am hoping to Hurry My Cane of Justice and feel I am in the Eye of the Storm, holding tight for the coming turbulence.

I am Imagining My Magic Will have left the city of Ottawa Tuesday morning and arrived in Oshawa sometime late Tuesday afternoon or evening.  It Will be sorted this ‘Lucky’ Wednesday morning and may even reach its final destine A Sean by Wednesday afternoon.  If not, I Imagine it Will be sorted this Lucky Wednesday for delivery Thursday morning.  I don’t Imagine it Will be much longer after it is received before I Will be able to see the effects of the Spell taking hold in Man’s Macrocosm.

In yesterday’s V for Vendetta Post, I was tall King about how silence is consent and how it is a Powerful component of Law; that’s why sometimes no news is Good News.  There are many examples of this in My Story, two of which are related to recent events in My Microcosm; the package sent to Home for Good (city of Ottawa), and the package sent to Ottawa Hydro.  Ottawa Hydro Will have had My package for roughly a week, and no Word yet as of Tuesday’s mail delivery.

With respect to the package that I sent to the city of Ottawa, silence is consent.  It doesn’t really Matter if they Honoured the money Order or not, the Intent of the money Order was to guarantee My approval.  It got done, that’s all that Matters.  It may seem as though My Letters and the documents I send have little to no effect but what I am doing is protecting My Self against law suits.  Also, I am setting precedence.  Now, they Will know what to expect for next year.

I am still a day ahead in My Posts, so I am wondering if perhaps I Will hear something from Ottawa Hydro tomorrow because Wednesday’s typically are very Lucky for Me.  Hydro can’t remain silent because they Will Wish to Issue Me another bill to exchange.  The fact it is taking them so long to respond is a Good thing; it suggests they are preparing an appropriate reply.

I mentioned there are a few Magical passages in My Letter to the Justice, though I am going to wait until the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition before I share them with You to Keep My adversaries in suspense.

War King Late
The Eternal Student of the Universe

After taking the picture above, My Friend Chris came over to show Me the photo he’d taken.

“Whenever I think to look for You, this is how I find You.  I Imagine You like ‘Pinky and the Brain’, taking over the world with a laptop while every One is sleeping.”

Of course, I couldn’t help but laugh, nor had I ever considered the ‘Magical’ associations of ‘Pinky and the Brain’ (the Hand/Will and the Authority).  Yet, sometimes I suppose I might Imagine My Self in much the same Way, though I had never made any association with Pinky and the Brain, I do Imagine My Self as something of a stealth journalist, privately investigating and reporting international crimes of trespass against the inherent natural Sovereignty of the world’s People.

In many cases when it appears as though My Letters are having no effect in the Macrocosm, My statistics always tell a different Story.  There are many advantages to being the owner, publisher and editor of One’s own Public A Sean for so many years.  The ability to observe influxes in the number of times important documents are downloaded can tell Me a lot about the effects of My Letters the rest of the world Will never see.

The moment I Published My Letter to the Justice, My stats indicated the Letter is every bit as Powerful as I believe it to be and its Magic is already war King.  In total, there are three Spells currently active (and many more currently passive).  My complaint to Revenue Canada for fraud and unauthorized use of the incorporated person, My package to Ottawa Hydro, and My Letter to the Justice.  As long as these Spells are Active in the Universe, I anticipate more passive Spells Will also be Activated.  Passive Spells are the Letters I’ve already Writ; My Sworn Oath of Office, Mandamus, Letter of Attorney, that sort of thing.  This is why silence is consent because all of those documents stand as fact until they are disputed.  Over time, the Power of the Passive Spells exceeds the Power of the Active Spell.  The Spell I most recently Cast (Notice of Objection) would have far less Power if I did not know that it Will also unleash the Passive Spells leading up to its Writ.  I can guarantee You, one of the first things the Justice Will do is log onto a computer to find out what http://www.vondehnvisuals is all about.  Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean, I hope You enjoy Your stay.

Alright, can You tell I’m excited?  I have a little more Magical Good News to share with You today before I go.  There really is an awakening to many of the Ideas I have been tall King about here and I’ve been biting My tongue a bit in light of recent events because I have a different perspective on what’s going on (big surprise).  However, I’m really not alone and I don’t like to share anything that lacks credibility unless I specifically state it’s for entertainment and amusement only.

There are a couple of individuals who are also in Ottawa and both of them have a bone to pick with Trudeau, both highly respected individuals within the community who share many of My perspectives on the recent pandemic and other political issues regarding Trudeau.  So I’m going to leave You with two videos and I strongly encourage You to watch the full video interview featuring Rocco Galati.  Just as a teaser, a couple in Canada had police officers walk into their kitchen off the street without a warrant and Give them each a ticket for $1500.  Rocco Galati is a constitutional lawyer and reinforces many of the Ideas I have been tall King about here, primarily the Idea that NO legal fiction has the Power of Law to trespass on a [constitutional] right.  The fundamental difference with Me, is that I denounce Canada’s constitution of rights and only accept the rights Given Me by God.  (And thankfully Canada’s constitution protects freedom of thought, conscience and religion, so I am free to reject the constitution and accept God’s rights instead). 😉

Rocco Galati also talks about how Canada officially lost its Sovereignty in 1974 when the Bank of Canada gave up the right to print its own debt free currency for the People’s infrastructure and social programs.

The second video I’m sharing today is by Norman Traversy.  I shared a link to his website a couple of days ago.  Norman has tried several venues to accomplish Justice and I am thing King it is important to share these stories because the result for Norm was to be locked out of the courtroom while his scheduled hearing was taking place.  For Me, they ruled the case as frivolous and vexatious without Giving Me an opportunity to defend or even be present for the hearing.  For Rocco Galati, I believe his first suit against the Bank of Canada was called frivolous and vexatious, but don’t quote Me on that.  Do look into it though if You feel inclined because I believe he has filed a number of suits against the Bank of Canada and did make some headway but was not able to reverse the decision that would allow Canada to print its own [debt free] coin again.

These stories are important because I have said before that every person I meet who tells Me they Love Canada, Loves Canada because they believe they are a free and democratic People, and that all are equal in law, at law and before the law.  None are above the law.  Well, that’s not how it’s beginning to look according to My investigation and experiences so far.  However, it only takes a few Good Justices to make magnificent change happen.

Love and Blessings,

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