Volume CXVII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition; Magical Spells Reaching Destine A Sean?

Hello every One and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.

“Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.” – Fred Clark’s Law

What may in fact be My most Magical Spell should arrive at its Destine A Sean sometime today, the Seal Will be broken and the Spirit of My Letter Will find its Mark.  The reason I believe it may well be My most Magical Letter is because the recipient should be competent enough to comprehend the Spells that were Cast.  We know that there is corruption in Canada’s courts, I shared some examples of this in yesterday’s Post.  But I do not believe that most People begin their studies in Law so they can use the law to take advantage of People or corrupt the Justice system.  Just as there may well be corrupt doctor’s who are in it for the paycheck, I believe the majority of individuals who pursue careers in the health care professions are genuinely interested in healing others, not taking advantage of illness in the interest of profit.  I believe the legal profession is much the same – although corruption may be a big part of the corporate game, most People in the legal profession begin their studies because they believe in both Justice and the fundamental rights and dignity of the individual.

With respect to the individuals who have received Letters from Me in the past, it is reasonable for Me to presume they are ignorant and incompetent.

“Forgive them for what they do not know.”

I think that’s from the Bible but I’m not sure.  It’s hard not to have compassion for someone who is completely ignorant of what I am as King of them to do.  Examples are Orsi Vancsody, Anne Charette, Chris Tuck, M.P. Lloyd Longfield, Sean Kearney, the list goes on.  Most recently, I am dealing with Ottawa Hydro; I received a new bill of exchange on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, with no mention of the package that was sent to them whatsoever.  It’s all Good, I’ll Show You all how I Will deal with that.

Hanlon's Razor

The above meme showed up on My Facebook feed just before I began Writing this Post and I knew I would be tall King about why My Letter to Honourable Justice Susan J. Woodley is so Powerful.  At some point, the negligence of elected officials and representative agents of the Trust Canadian citizens are presumed to have in government agencies can no longer be excused by ignorance or incompetence.  At this point, I have provided enough legal foundation to all individuals I have Writ Letters to, that their ignorance can only be considered deliberate (Willful) and malicious (belligerent).  Every individual is entitled to compensation for harm done to them, and every One is entitled to full cure and remedy for any harm done to them by the citizen Ship.  The owner is always liable to the user for any injury or harm caused by the use of their property.  A Justice Will know these things to be True.

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I said there were at least three Powerful Spells Cast into this Letter that make it very different from any other I have Writ.  The first Magical element is that the Character Cast into My Story by this Writ is a Justice who Will comprehend every Word of the Spell.  So what are the elements of this Letter that make it so Magical?

  1. First is My reason for Writing the Justice.  It is not common to Write a Justice, this situation is unique in that I have not been able to file My Notice of Objection with the courthouse and the Justice Will absolutely know I have a right for My Notice of Objection to be heard by the court.  This was the ‘Good’ News with regards to My Notice being anonymously returned to Me after filing.  “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” – The Tragically Hip (May Gord Downie never be forgot).
  2. Writing a Letter Gives Me another Gift, in that I can Style My Letter in a Way that allows Me to Present the True Nature of My Character.  For clarification, I have decided on ‘King Sean’ to represent the authority of My Kingdom (My Mind, Body and Soul), and ‘Lord Sean’ to represent the Idea We are all Heirs to God’s Kingdom and demonstrate Our legitimacy to God’s Kingdom by example of Our Moral Highness in Court.
  3. “I have a Duty to God to Honour My Father and his creditors.”  This is important because God is taken very seriously, and so are God’s Commandments.  To Honour thy Father and Mother is one of God’s Commandments, One of the contractual  agreements Moses and his disciples made with God.  Contracts are legally binding and this is a contract with God!  The second reason it is important is because We very much do have the right to freely dispose of Our natural wealth without prejudice to any obligations arising out of international economic cooperation, based on the principle of mutual benefit, and international law.  In no case may a People be arbitrarily deprived of its own means of subsistence.  (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Part I, Article 1, 1.).  This goes Hand in Hand with the bills of exchange Act I was tall King about and My right to offer to pay for Honour the debt of any individual, especially My Father!!!  I believe this is literally what is meant by the term “Honour thy Father and Mother”, so I do not Wish to be deprived of this right, and I believe the Justice Will know how serious this right is, and that it is protected under international law and contracts Canada has Promised to Honour in Canada’s Courts.
  4. “I am the legitimate Heir to My Father’s House, and the House of von Dehn is Established in God’s Kingdom”.  This is very powerful because I do not believe any One can dispute this claim or present a superior claim of right to My Father’s estate.  Now, a Justice would have to suggest I am not able to claim God’s Kingdom, which of course the Justice does not have the authority to do.  How can the court presume to have Jurisdiction over House of von Dehn if the House of von Dehn is in God’s Kingdom, and how can they dispute I am the Living Heir?
  5. “I am the Living Will of My Father in Heaven.”  Perhaps the most Magical and Powerful line in the whole Letter.  I am the product of My Father’s E-State!  The Son is the continuation of the Father.  I have Sworn an Oath to God (in the Heavens), and now My biological Father is also in the Heavens, so My biological father is also My Father in Heaven!  I can actually say ‘My Father in Heaven’ and it is legally True (because Heaven only exists in the Mind of Man until it is fully Established on Earth).  My Father also died without a Will and I have claimed that I (Lord Sean, House of von Dehn) am the Living Will of My Life, so as a product of his E-State, I am now his Living Will.  My Will is better than no Will.
  6. “Finally, I am as King of Your Honour for a court of competent Jurisdiction to hear these Matters.”  The Words ‘competent Jurisdiction’ are Key.  Most of the courts I would be advised to file in are commercial courts, there are no ‘non commercial’ public courts because We Live in a commercial world.  Once an individual is as King for a court of competent Jurisdiction to hear a Matter, there is a Duty and obligation to Honour that request if the Court and Canada’s representatives Wish to remain in Honour to their international obligations.

And Justin Trudeau thankfully lost his seat on the United Nations security council which tells Me the United Nations are not impressed with Trudeau and his commitment to international obligations so I am thing King this is an especially opportune time to see if Canada Will Honour their international obligations and the inherent rights of Canada’s People.

Oh, and quoting Canada’s constitution and the Ten Commandments wasn’t a weak Play, either.

I hope this Thursday finds You all well.

Love and Blessings!

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