Volume CXIX: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Domestic A Sean and the King’s Keep

Hello every One, welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for the Gift of Your Presents.  It is a Fabulous Friday in Deed as I mentioned in yesterday’s Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition I’ve been very busy and taking lots of photos that have been somewhat off topic and Free Lance Friday is the perfect opportunity to share some of them with You.  Today’s feature photo is the freshly landscaped patio table.

Remember these?  This goes back to June 20.  The photos are reversed, I suppose as the one on the left are all the re-potted branches cut from the plant on the right.  One might be thing King I destroyed it, and I suppose in some Way I did.

All that was left of the plant on the right was this.


And this is about four days later which is also Good News because that’s not really too long to wait for new growth after such a crazy operation.  The scabs where the stem has dried out will eventually fall off and it Will look like new again.  The squirrel or one of My other garden culprits knocked over one of the cutting and the loose earth around it fell away.  When I went to pick it up to put it back into its pot yesterday morning, I noticed it already had a decent set of roots developing.  I put together a bunch of ideas I’ve been thing King about for a while and saving plastic containers for and decided to transplant these little ones.  These Will be semi-permanent pots that should last this type of plant two to five years before needing another transplant.  I’m just going to include the whole series of photos which essentially shows what I did step by step.

I’ve got three of these planters in My kitchen window sill now and they look amazing.  The plants that use the top as a bottleneck planter are not top heavy, either, though it appears they would be.  The weight is still evenly distributed in the center and they drain beautifully.  I mix the soil with sand fifty-fifty for My succulents and it usually works pretty well.  Finer sand would be better but this was all I could find.


I also made an absolutely epic chili!!!  I’m going to save the rest of the photos for that one for another Post at which time I’ll include the recipe, too.  Chili is the one thing I can always remember how to make without a recipe, though it’s also one of those things where I am never really consistent with how I make it.  Sometimes I Will be heavier on some of the spices if I Wish to make it hot.  For this recipe I’m relying on the peppers themselves, sauteed with the onion, garlic, and beef at the very beginning, and using only cumin, chili spice, paprika and black pepper for heat and in moderation considering the quantity.

I am also very excited to have My email to the Canadian National Bank published.  I Will be tall King about that Letter in greater detail perhaps in the Saturday or Sunday Edition of the Good News Journal.  There is a line from a Gordon Lightfoot song that used to echo in My Mind, “Letters I’ve Written never meaning to Send.”

I always Wondered what the point to Writing a Letter would be if One never intends to Send it.  Now I know there is great Power in doing so and something I understand the meaning of intimately.  In many cases I don’t receive a response to My most serious Letters, so I’ve developed something of a sense of humour about it and don’t waste excessive time and Energy on it; once the intention is expressed and made physical in the Universe, it is no longer ‘contained’ in the body, it has been Given new Life.  Those Words Will have an impact on the physical Macrocosm, even if the Letter is never read by another soul and burnt in a fire.  It also allows for Me to be pleasantly surprised when I do hear a reply, which I am very pleased to announce was the case today!  And it was so genuinely courteous that I am cautiously optimistic there is more Good News on the Way!

With everything else going on, I had forgotten to mention the documents and Letters I Will be war King on for Monday.  There Will be one for the provincial governor general of Ontario, a second for the federal governor general of Canada, and a third to the Canadian National Bank.  As serious as all of that sounds, I’m also war King on a package for Ottawa Hydro and am still waiting to hear back with respect to complaints filed with the city of Ottawa and the Ottawa Police Service.  It was the city of Ottawa that got back to Me today in response to the complaint I filed a week ago last Lucky Wednesday.

I did mention My sleep has been a little wonky lately, too and I’m trying not to Give My Self too much of a hard time about it because I’m being so productive when I’m awake.  I already have everything I need to print on a USB drive and have created different folders for different respondents.  Whenever I Wish to print documents for a particular file, I can just print the whole folder to get a copy of everything I have on it.  The point is, I heard My phone ringing but am so accustomed to People not responding to Me, I thought it was My alarm.  Conveniently, My alarm sound is exactly the same and the call was fifteen minutes before My alarm was scheduled to go off.  I don’t usually use an alarm at all.  I do get a lot of other notifications to My phone, so I just cleared the list and went about My day, did not even notice the little tape-recorder icon at the top until just before sitting down to Write this Post!  It was Truly one of the most endearing messages I have ever had the pleasure of listening to, it was a Fabulous Friday surprise.

“Hello?  Uh,…”, brief, nervous pause.  Then, as if taking a quick, silent, deep, confidence-boosting breath of Inspire a Sean, charismatic and steady, “Hello.  This is a message for King Sean.  My name is Christine from the city of Ottawa and I am calling in regards to the complaint that You filed last week.  I would very much look forward to discussing this Matter and finding a resolution to Your Issues…”

I am paraphrasing but I Will upload the audio, it is in fact the first time I have been addressed in response to a complaint as ‘King Sean’ on the phone.  The voice really was steady and confident, charismatic, genuine, and said all of the right things a diplomatically impartial individual should if they Wish to remain in Honour.  As funny as it all might sound, if One receives a Letter from a stranger who claims to be King, unless One knows that individual intimately enough to know it could not be True, it would not be wise to Question it, it would be an insult to the Man’s character.  It would be like as King of a doctor to Show a graduate degree before One Will Honour the title.

Starting with, “This is a message for King Sean,” is really the smallest example of the level of professionalism of the call, but it seems the most significant because the title is King.  It’s all the little details I have been tall King about here and it seems every recommendation I have ever made was implemented on the call.

Again, I Will be tall King more about this in the Saturday and Sunday Edition because everything seems to be coming together at once.  Resolving one Matter resolves them all and with respect to My father’s estate, time is of the essence.  I’m not sure if any One else has noticed but it seems like something of an unusual coincidence that both My sister’s lawyer and the law firm for the Canadian National Bank are both here in Ottawa – and I don’t mean there is anything suspicious about it, just convenient for Me, like the Voice of the Universe drawing Me to it.

Alright, this is a little late for a Friday, but better late than never.  I Will get back to Posting early in the day by the end of this weekend.

Love and Blessings,

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