Volume CXXII: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Thing King About Redempt-Sean, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  I would also like to Give another very special thank You to My new WordPress followers, the timing was especially kismet and related to this Post; there are no coincidences.

wp-1595735684559.jpgToday’s feature photo is a Crassula Gollum.  Once again, in perfect sync with My last Post where I was tall King about My ‘Sickness Succs’ non profit Idea to Give succulent seedlings and leaves to sick kids in hospitals for inspiration and to Show the Power of Nature (God) to heal Our Self and transform, this photograph received 17,400 views on Pinterest in its first 24 hours.  That’s a record for Me, and by a long shot!  When I speak of looking at the world through Spiritual eyes, this is exactly the kind of thing I am tall King about.  I just finished Writing about an Idea to start a non profit involving succulents for sick kids and the pin linking to the Idea receives more views than any previous pin I’ve posted.  There are no coincidences, only the Illusion of coincidence.  This is how God speaks to Us and knowing there are no coincidences is the real Secret to Spiritual Mastery.

This is also the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, and I am thing King We probably all feel like the world needs some kind of solution.  The Covid thing is Way out of control, the province is considering mandating masks and creating an emergency act that Will last for a year from the time it is proposed.  There is no public health crisis, ladies and gentlemen, it is all just media non sense designed to take away rights.  Canada is broke and cannot repay its international debt, ever!  It’s not a philosophy or an Idea, it is a mathematical fact.  What is most incredible about it, is that the People allowed it to happen.  That’s what they mean when they say if You Wish to blame any One, You need only look in a mirror.  We are all responsible for the state of the world in some Way, and We each have a Part to Play on the world stage to make it better.

Which is why this is the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition and why it is Part II of My Redempt-Sean series.  Not sure how long this one Will be, but I’ve made a few small revisions to My strategy.  I Keep saying that if I have My Wish, I Will not be compelled to drag Canada’s dis-Honourable elected officials and public servants into Canada’s courts, I am genuinely hoping We Will find some One Honourable who can get the job done, at which time all things Will be for Given.  This Gives Me an opportunity to expand the Magical Casting of Characters into My Story, and it Gives the Characters of My Story an opportunity to decide if they Wish to Play a Good Character or a bad One.

I honestly do not believe I Will ever have to take any of Canada’s elected officials into court because I believe this Blog Will do the Trick.  Remember, an international publication is considered legal notice of service.  When I last sued the city of Ottawa by filing an application with the Superior Court for judicial review, I also mentioned that I did not Wish to be compelled to drag the city into court.  My application complained that the city of Ottawa had not investigated or resolved any of the [very serious] Issues I had complained about.  The city responded by stating they would respond to My complaint and that the only reason there had been no resolution was because My complaint was still being investigated.  Although Genevieve, the city’s legal counsel suggested that filing an application for judicial review was not the ‘correct’ Way to express My complaint, it prompted a reply, which showed Me that the city of Ottawa was at least concerned about how it might look if what I was complaining about was presented to a justice.  So, because I Wished to specifically demonstrate the Power of an international publication and how a Blog Post is in fact legal notice, I emailed Genevieve a link to My Blog with a list of demands the city would Honour if they Wished to resolve the Matter amicably.  I received an email from the city’s lawyer in reply stating that the terms of My resolution proposal were acceptable and they would like to arrange a meeting with Me.

We’re going to do that again, this time without having to file the application before the Superior Court for Judicial Review.  Doesn’t that sound like a Good Idea?  See, I really am a very modest Man.  To Me, having roughly 9,000 followers across My social media platforms is a lot of People!  Remember, I had zero (well, 55, might as well be zero) followers just three years ago.  I started gaining followers when I started Writing Canada’s highest offices of authority.  ‘Canada’ (whatever that is) has been following Me and watching Me very closely for over ten years now because I Writ a Book and publish a Blog.  I had Friends and even family ‘worry’ that I was going to get in trouble with government for My Ideas and I could never understand that.  How could an Idea for Peace and prosperity for all possibly be perceived as criminal?  Because it means the destruction of the world We know now and the end of Our elected officials political ‘party’.  The party is over for Canada’s elected officials, and I am thing King they know it.

That’s why this is the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition because accomplishing Peace in the world is going to be even easier than You might have Imagined.  See, I am going to Keep war King with Kristine.  Kristine is going to accept My orders as a public servant.  So if Kristine cannot accomplish what I need for Kristine to do, she is going to find some One who can or she goes on the list of dis-Honourable Canadian representatives.  Yes, I am going to make a new static Page exclusively for all of Canada’s most dis-Honourable representatives of government and leave it up as a static Page for the world to see including a list of the crimes they are guilty of federally and internationally.

Man’s fiction of law really is a wonderful tale of fiction.  The beauty of it is, it has everything Fantasy folklore has to offer; Kings, Queens, Priests, Magical ceremonies, dis-Honourable ‘evil’ People in places of authority and nothing but a modest Man known as the Prince of Peace in Man’s Magical Tarot to stop it.  To most, it probably still seems like a seemingly insurmountable goal to Wish to accomplish Peace in the world…  Trust Me, it Will be much easier than You might be thing King.  Why?

Because Kings are real and now I am One, hilarious as it might seem, it is legally True and provable in court.  No Man on earth Will ever defeat Me in a court of a law – I know this now, they’ve tried.  Do You really think that if the government of Canada believes I am the incorporated person they created, or if they could hold Me to that title against My Will that they would not have acted on two arrest warrants for that person which have been on the record for over ten years?!  Of course they would!!!  I even brought the Matter up in My last court case here in Ottawa, as King of the Justice (Honourable Justice, Norman Boxall) if We could please just address all the non sense on the record at one time because none of it has anything to do with Me.  Honestly, I Wish You could have seen his face.  Ironically, opposing counsel that day ‘offered’ Me a one year peace bond in exchange for withdrawing all charges, I refused.  She replied, “These charges aren’t just going to Magically disappear on their own.”

Funny, because that’s exactly what happened.  The charges ‘Magically’ disappeared all on their own sometime shortly after that last conversation.  I didn’t even know for two weeks because they didn’t have My contact info, ridiculous as that might sound.

So I’m going to be sharing some more of these stories with You, all while I Show the government of Canada why it is legally obliged to do as I say.  I’m going to pay My share of Canada’s debt with My thumb print Seal.  I Give You My Word.  Once I do that, I am then going to accept for Honour the debt of all Canada’s incorporated persons.  The reason they have not fulfilled My request, is because they know I’m going to do this.  And they know there is nothing they can do to stop Me.  See, simple!

“He Will open his Hand and satisfy every Living thing.”

Nothing like a Self fulfilling Prophecy.

So My Fire is lit, Ladies and Lords, Queens and Kings.  When I say We are Royalty, it is not a joke.  This really is the last chapter, We are nearing the conclusion of His Story and the beginning of My Story and the emergence of the Golden Dawn.  The Golden Dawn Will come after the darkest of Knights.  Any Idea who the dark Knight might be?

Love and Blessings,


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