Volume CXXIV: The Magical Full Moon Motive A Sean Edition; ‘Sic Succs – Rooting for Healthy Children’, Part II

Good evening every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition, thank King You for being here.  It is Part II of My Super Natural Sunday Re-View and I still have plenty I Wish to say to finish up those thoughts.  Perhaps You Will have taken Notice that the name of My not for profit has evolved once again.  It has gone from ‘Rooting for Sick Kids’, to ‘Rooting for Children’ (who Wishes to label a child as sick?  For the Record, it was only a brief thought I knew was incorrect, this is the first time it has even been Given Life, though the seed of thought Will not flourish as the evolved Idea Will always prevail), to ‘Rooting for Healthy Children’.  I removed the infected Idea and replaced it with a more Powerful Spelling of Magic.  That is what I am doing, after all, I am Rooting [succulents] for Healthy Children.  And that is the Motive A Sean behind today’s Post.

Today’s feature photo is Me ‘at work’ today, taking a count of My inventory.  It is one thing to say I Wish to provide Hope and Inspiration to children in hospitals by Gifting them with a succulent seedling but there are an awful lot of children in hospitals.  I am sharing every detail of this adventure with You from the beginning because I have said that I have had numerous entrepreneurial Ideas over the years I believe I could easily have made a success.  People find it hard to believe I have such little concern for financial wealth that entrepreneurial ‘success’ would never feel like success to Me unless the product that made Me successful was of tremendous benefit to all of Man.  The money means nothing to Me and as hard as that might be for People to believe, it is the legitimate reason I have not done anything with Ideas I’ve had in the past.  Money and fame are usually the two biggest motivators for People.  I have no interest in either one so it can really take the wind out of a Man’s Sale when navigating the Seas of Commercial Admiratly, yet I believe I have a Destiny that does not allow for that option.  I Wish to accomplish everything from the shadows, nothing more than the anonymous Voice I am here, shattering I-Mages of Our holographic Universe.


The relation to My rant is that for any entrepreneurial venture to succeed, the Original Idea must be Good.  The ‘original’ Idea was that if I Keep propagating every leaf cutting and stem I prune from My plants, I Will never be able to Keep them all, yet I can’t stand to throw them in the garbage knowing their potential.  I figured I could just Give them away but I don’t even have that many Friends, I wouldn’t know who to Give them away to.  I thought about starting with My niece and nephews and how much children would Love to see a new plant emerge from a leaf, the next Idea was to Give them to children in hospitals for something to wake up to every day and to know that a stranger out there loves them and is ‘rooting’ for them.  The Idea immediately filled My Heart, that’s how I know it’s Good.  But We were tall King about how many children there are in hospitals right now – that’s a lot of children.  So how does One move forward with an inspired Idea without feeling overwhelmed when considering something like this?  Well, I figured the first thing I should do is start taking some serious inventory and develop a Plan.


You are looking at My four Crassula Gollum ‘mother’ plants.  You Will Notice in the central plant that I have also tried My Hand at grafting.  I have grafted a Cassia Repens onto the largest Crassula Gollum.  The joint is sealed and looks perfect, Cassia is still alive and looking green but it has only been about 24 hours – so We Will see.  I am aiming to have ten mother plants from each original plant I acquire.  In the above photo One can clearly see new growth on a Crassula Ovata in the front most dish.  I could pluck out that growth, allow the stem to dry out for a day (it’s tiny it doesn’t take as long), plant it in a 2.5″ pot with Good drainage and it Will root easily.  That is essentially the beginning of My succulent farm.  The original mother plant of each variety Will be grown as My own house plant, the ten clone mothers I create Will be harvested whenever new growth can easily be removed; they Will essentially remain stumps, yet every time a plant is removed, two typically grow in its place.  So ten plants should produce a ton of cuttings over time.  With some other varieties I Will have to rely on offsets and Will have to wait and see how many each plant typically produces per year before I Will know how many mother plants I should Keep.

So, to deal with the ‘supply’ Quest-Ion, I decided the best thing to do is wait until I have a reasonable number of plants before I concern My Self too much with where they are going or how they Will get there.  It’s an Act of Good Will, there is no obligation or contractual deadline.  What is the most practical Way to do this?  I am thing King it is probably best to wait until I have enough plants to provide one for every child in a particular hospital, then ‘Gift Bomb’ the hospital with succulents.  It makes sense to start in My local community, so when I start to develop a reasonable quantity, I Will begin to see what kind of occupancy rates I might be looking at in some of the city of Ottawa’s hospitals.  I Will challenge My Self to see how long it takes Me to have enough seedlings to Gift one first hospital, then I Will build on that challenge by seeing how many hospitals I can cover war King in a continuous spiral from My local production facility.


This is the first plant I started with.  When I started this Post yesterday for Part I, I had said it was going to be something of a flashback edition but I didn’t mention one of the main reasons why.

My name day is June 5th.  It was a Magical Full Moon this year.  On Thursday night, the eve of My name day, I was as King of God to please Show Me some Sign of Life in this plant.  I had kept the leaves in My pocket from My last apartment and had them sitting in this pot waiting for new growth since March 4th!  It was maddening because One does not Wish to touch the leaves in case One disturbs the roots but when nothing appears to be happening for months, patience can be tricky.  It sprouted on My name day!!!  I said it was a Sign because the plant itself is said to represent Good Fortune and wealth.  And now I have a not for profit Founded in succulents?  Probably just a coincidence, right?

Love and Blessings,



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