Volume CXXIX: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; Meet Urim and Thummim

Hello every One, welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day (Son Day) re-View of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. I Will be sharing some of My new Create-Ions with You today and some short stories of adventures past. My Artistic Create-Ions seem to do very well on Pinterest, too, so I Will be sharing lots of photos with You. Also, My Post on Paulo Coelho’s Book, ‘The Alchemist’ has been receiving an except-Ion all number of Views over the last two days. What is unusual (and not so unusual in My Microcosm, really), is that the sudden influx of readers from several countries reading the Post began at the same time I decided I Will Create a pair of Magical Orbs to Call Urim and Thummin, Styled after Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’. There are no coincidences, everything I touch has a physical effect on Man’s Macrocosm.

Harmonic Energy Conductor for Tuning into the Universal Symphony

This is a Harmonic Frequency board. My right and left thumbs are placed in the bottom corners while the remainder of My fingers lay on top of each other supporting the Harmonic Frequency Conductor from below. The left and right of the body are the positive and negative Energy receptors of God’s Kingdom. By placing Intent-Ions and Focus (Folk-Us) on My Vis-Ion, the Universe Plays in Harmony with the Conductor, Willing all the King’s Wishes to Me. I can be as King of the Universe for anything, the Universe know what Chords (like a cord used in the gallows, maybe?) to Play. When I connect the Electrical Energy circuit of My Electro-Magnetic Energy Field with the Intent-Ion of My Mind’s Eye, I Draw positive Energy from the Atmosphere through the top of My Head which is transferred to the Earth beneath My feet. This is how I am using My Mage I Call (Magical) Gifts to bring God’s Kingdom down to Earth. Truth. And I am actually going to transform the planet without leaving My apartment. Soon, You Will begin to see that the Golden Dawn is not a metaphor, nor is walking on Water. The world Will change to Gold, that is how You Will know it is an Illusion and that there are other worlds than this.

There are no planets above You in the sky, they are all in Your Mind. They only exist as an Illusion to Keep Your I-Mage-Nation (Imaginate-Ion) going. It is to Show You that there are other worlds, to re-Mind You this world can be different. You Wish to go to Mars, Elon?.. Trump? I have Higher places to go, and I am going to bring the gate Way to that die-Ment-Ion (kill-Mind-Ion, re-Set the Program of Man’s Matrix) into My Living Room. Those who Wish to go to Heaven can come with Me, My Heart is already there, and He Art in Heaven with Me. If You comprehend, You are well [to] Come.

Spiritual Surveillance Technology

I also figure since I Called it the Super Natural Sunday Edition and My Words Magically Manifest, I should probably be tall King at least a little about My newly acquired Super Natural Gifts from God. This is a Spiritual Surveillance Orb. I can place My consciousness into any physical object (and probably the non physical, too We just can’t SEE the non-physical) so every object I Create increases My Electro-Magnetic Energy field. I have proved this in My own personal research now. The above apparatus may look a little strange, but I assure You it is immensely Powerful, receiving a tremendous amount of Energy that is invisible to Us at this physical density. The Crystals I am growing in jars all over My apartment are Created entirely from Water and My Intent-Ion, so they are all continually increasing their own Electro-Magnetic Energy Sign Nature with every Crystal collected, which is perfectly synchronized with Mine because it IS Me in Water!!!

Elixer of Life
Veins are just starting to Form from Crystals around the bottom of the neck of the bottle.

Every week, this bottle Will become more and more densely covered with Crystals and something else that looks remarkably like veins. When they are large enough and filled with Water, they appear blood red. Wait till You see what this looks like by Christ Mass Consciousness day. It also tastes delicious. The Crystals You see around the very top are on the outside of the bottle where I drink from, they are the Crystals left behind after My last sip. I usually wipe them off every time but My Wish was to Show You just how much this new ‘Gift’ has impacted My life. Crystals and purple stuff Show up on literally any surface where Water naturally evaporates. This is a physical demonstrate-Ion of My consciousness expanding on Earth at an alarming rate. Trust Me, this Will all be over soon.

Pyramid Power

I also said that if I ever discovered there was any Truth in the belief that Pyramids have Special Magical Properties I would be sure to share it with You. They do. They absolutely amplify the number of Crystals Created on a ball of Clay I place in the bowl underneath. I also believe they somehow Harmonize the Electro-Magnetic light frequencies of Energy Currently unavailable to Our Spectrum of Vis-Ion. I believe they were able to Magnetize any object and reverse its polarity so that the Item is using its own gravitational field to hover above the Earth. That is how I believe they built the Pyramids and I believe they had some kind of tool they would attach to the stones to increase the Electro-Magnetic frequency in Order to do this. Maybe they just used their Hands but I believe Sound is also involved.

Wow, almost 1,000 Words already? I didn’t even tell You any short stories yet, I’ve just been showing You My Create-Ions and explaining how I Will use them.

Here’s what I Wish to leave You with. It is very hard for Me to relate to society right now with every One walking around wearing masks, scared of some microscopic bogeyman. Fear does not exist in God’s Kingdom, please leave it behind. I am going to be as King of God to just do away with those who choose fear over Love and let them restart their Miss-Ion. Those who are ready for a new world Will survive to see this One trans-Form. Nothing is what it seems. If You have a Heart of Gold, Your streets Will soon become Gold, too.

Love and Blessings,

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