Volume CXXXIV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday; More Real E State Matters – Honour Thy Mother and Father, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for being here. It is only mid-day on My ‘Lucky’ Wednesday and already I have received some Truly fabulous Good News regarding My father’s E-State. This is perhaps the most exciting and powerful of recent developments, so I Promise an exciting (and Magical) Edition.

First, please take some time to follow along with this Major (like in Music) ‘sub-plot’ of Our Story by reading My very first email to My father’s creditors, the Bank of Canada. In particular, notice the time My email was sent – Lucky Wednesday, 5:37 AM. I only noticed that detail now!

Wed, Jul 1, 5:37 AM

Greetings, Laraine,

Again I apologize for the delay in getting back to You…

It is eccentric, uncommon, probably unlike any other Letter or E-mail (Energy mail) this law firm has ever received. You Will also notice it was sent on July 1st, exactly three months to the day before I received a follow up email on the first of this month. I believe I have a Duty and responsibility to Keep My brother and sister in the loop (as next of kin to My father’s estate) with respect to any developments regarding the estate, so the email correspondence was forwarded to them and has been shared with from the beginning. Full disclosure for all interested parties is I believe the ‘Honourable’ Way to Conduct (like an orchestra) business.

The reason I point this out is because I am often inclined to follow up with individuals I Write Letters to if they don’t respond within a couple of weeks but in some cases it is better not to – this is one of them. Legally, all that Matters is that My father’s creditors have been Given Notice that I am Willing to accept My father’s debts for Honour. No man on earth has any legal right or authority to refuse My offer. If they don’t respond, My offer stands – that’s the Way their fiction works. It is because no One has the right to refuse a Man’s inherent wealth that the creditor loses their right of recourse if they refuse acceptance. That’s why it is included in the bills of exchange Act.

Here is the other most Significant detail I Wish to point out from previous email exchanges.

“In order to discuss particulars of this mortgage account we will require that you provide us with a copy of a power of attorney or a certificate of appointment of estate trustee.”

Laraine Burton, Law Clerk

Bullies. I never liked bullies. And they’re not really bullying any One, they are just doing what banks do, which is collect on their debt. But if One does not know the Law and does not know their rights, the above language could be very intimidating. This is probably exactly what they told My sister when she was as King for a statement of discharge of My father’s debt, which is likely the only reason she decided to file an application for certificate of appointment for estate trustee. To My sister, the above statement is a dead end without a certificate of appointment of estate trustee. Only if no One offers to accept My father’s debt for Honour does this bank have any interest in My father’s estate to begin with. THAT is what I was trying to explain to My brother and sister who would not hear Me. I have a RIGHT to accept My father’s debt for Honour, regardless who is Acting as Estate Trustee! Furthermore, I am the authority of My inherent wealth, it is not in Trust with the state, so I have the Power to satisfy My father’s obligations in full. It is in the bank’s best interest to accept My offer, so I was in no rush to hear back from them. This is the email I received October 1st.

Good morning Mr. vonDehn,

We are writing to inquire as to the status of the application for appointment of estate trustee in your father’s estate as mentioned in your email below.  Has the Notice of Appointment been issued with the court?  Please provide our office with a copy of the Notice of Appointment and we will prepare a Discharge Statement for you so that the default under the mortgage can be rectified and the mortgage can be paid out.

Thank you,


Do You see what they are doing? Like so many other offices I Write, it would appear as though they didn’t read a single Word of My last E-mail. I expressly make clear that I do not take kindly to being addressed as ‘Mr.’, and what does she do?

I also Wish to point out that this really just seemed like more of the same belligerence and ignorance I have come to expect from Canada’s elected representatives of government, so the above email did not feel like any kind of ‘Victory’. In fact, I felt it may appear to My brother and sister as though no One takes Me seriously. Doesn’t Matter, I still forwarded the email to them to Keep them in the loop, along with My reply:

Hi Laraine,

Apparently, You didn’t read My last email, or You are having difficulties understanding English?

“Please be advised that I am not “Mr. Von Dehn”, and I take exception to being addressed as such as it represents an incorporated person and I am a not for profit Spiritual entity.  I am also the legal and lawful private attorney and Living Will of the incorporated person created by the state, Commonly known as ‘Sean von Dehn’.  My belief is that the House of von Dehn holds the Superior Claim of right to My father, ‘JOACHIM VON DEHN”s estate, as I am a Living product of his estate, the state cannot possibly presume to be in possession of the total value of the estate if the unlimited commercial value of all three of his children is not taken into consideration; regardless any of their relation to My father, they have all contributed considerable wealth to Canada’s economy and are all in some Way a product of My father’s Life (estate).”

As far as the application for Estate Trustee is concerned, I am still waiting for the State to prove their superior claim of right to My Father’s Life and Estate.  All that is important at this time, is that You have it on Record that I, King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, the next of kin, eldest son and rightful Heir to My Father’s Estate, is hereby accepting for Honour any and all debts left behind by My Father, Joachim, House of von Dehn.

I Will refer You to the bills of exchange Act, https://laws.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/b-4/page-11.html#docCont

I have the right to accept for Honour any of My Father’s debts, should You protest acceptance of My offer/payment, You lose all right of recourse against any party who would otherwise be discharged by that offer/payment.

As a result of Covid, email is legal service of delivery.

You need only add to My Father’s mortgage file that I am accepting his debt for Honour, however much it may be.  If the government of Canada Wishes to interfere with My determination to Honour My Father’s debt, I Will deal with them separately.

Thank You,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

Post Script: (If any of that was too complicated for You, what I am communicating to You in the most simple terms, is that I do not believe My Father’s death removes Me of My right to accept any of his debts for Honour.  I believe this is explicitly what is meant by the term “Honour thy Father and Mother”.  As the eldest son, it is My Duty to make sure My Father’s debts are Honoured in the wake of his death and I am as King of You why You believe My Father’s death has any bearing on My right to Honour My Father’s debts to You?  I don’t believe You can make a legal argument to defend that position.  So, it does not Matter whether there is an application for certificate of appointment for estate trustee, the rightful heir to My Father’s Estate can be determined at a later date, so long as his creditors know his eldest son is accepting all of JOACHIM VON DEHN’s debts for Honour.  These facts are on the International Public Record at www.vondehnvisuals.com, and these emails Will be added to the Story.)

I also apologize if I sound a little condescending but I’m tired of People thing King the King thing is a joke.  It represents a Degree of Knowledge and Understanding.  I’ll start laughing when You can defend My legal arguments.  I look forward to Your reply.

Thank You, 
I Trust You Will send Me a Statement of My Father’s outstanding debts to You so that I can discharge for Value in Honour.
Love and Blessings,

Well, I suppose to their credit, I didn’t actually cite the bills of exchange Act in My first email, though I didn’t really think I would have to. Perhaps including a link to the bills of exchange Act they would be violating was helpful, I’m not sure. However, I received the following email in response today:


Please see correspondence attached in response to your email below.

Thank you,


And… Guess what was attached? A discharge statement of My father’s outstanding debts along with a complete summary of the charges in an official bank statement. Obviously I should Keep the financial details private, though I did send a copy to My brother and sister. Instead, I took a screen shot to show You what a proper statement of discharge looks like. Pay close attention to how I am addressed.

Discharge Statement

I have now officially accomplished more than My sister was able to, and the debt Will soon be paid. People I’m Writing Letters to appear to be doing their homework.

Love and Blessings,

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