Volume CXL: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Making Waves and Rocking Noah’s Ark

Hello and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition where I wield My Words even more fearlessly than usual! Yes, it is true, and thank King You for being here!

It has been an exciting day. I Posted Notices of Default to Noah S. Potechin of Merovitz Potechin LLP and their client, National Bank of Canada yesterday. If they do not (successfully) rebut My accusations with legal and lawful excuse for their Actions, the Notice of Default Stands as Judgment on the Public Record. They have absolutely zero lawful excuse, the inherent rights of Canada and the world’s People are protected in every Common Law court and country of the world.

There is a Youtuber that goes by Viva Frei who runs a ‘VLAWG’ (Video Law/Blog) who was once a lawyer and insists that a lawyer’s favourite day to serve someone with legal Notice of any kind, is Friday. Why? Because that Way they can ruin the individual’s entire weekend worrying about a court Matter they Will not be able to do anything about until at least Monday. Just the ‘perfect’ Way to rain on someone’s ‘T.G.I.F’ parade! (Yeah, and this is part of the reason he stopped being a lawyer and now does videos discussing the important arguing points of law suits that are in the public eye.) The highlighted link connects to Viva’s YouTube Channel if You Wish to check it out. Word of warning, he speaks very fast which has its benefits but I find him exhausting to watch for more that ten minutes because he has SO much energy, it is even too much for Me!

The point I am getting at, is that I felt that My Notice of Default would let My adversaries know this is no joke and I was expecting some kind of response – whether it would be a threat to stop Posting Notices ‘defaming’ his Character or an actual attempt to rebut the Claims against Noah and the National Bank of Canada, I wasn’t sure. However, I did rise from My bed this morning feeling as though I would receive a reply just before the end of the day because… Well, it’s Friday, a lawyer’s favourite day to Serve Notices! And I was not disappointed! 😀

If You click on the link in the previous paragraph, it Will take You to a link of Noah’s Letter of reply to My Notice of Default but I encourage You to wait and read My reply. I Posted Noah’s Email on the Public Record almost as soon as I found the Email in My inbox and before I had even really had a chance to thoroughly read it or think about how I Will respond. After I Posted the reply from Noah, I read the (original) Email twice through to make sure I had his main arguments arranged in My Mind, then I went for a nice long walk so I could spend some time thing King about how I Will reply.

I’m telling You this because it is not typical for Me to not respond virtually right away. It is a rather long rebuttal with a total of twelve bullet points to respond to, though several of them are ‘nothing’ points and easy to dismiss. The benefit to going for a walk before responding is that I get excited about stuff like this but it doesn’t always immediately feel that Way.

As unfortunate as it may sound, the closest thing I can compare the feeling to is being punched in the face unexpectedly. Sounds like a pretty terrible thing but the Truth is, it’s really not as bad as it sounds. There is no ‘pain’ as One might expect because of the shock of what happened (okay, so some People might actually go down with one punch but most People are not Mike Tyson and Will require more than one punch to get the job done). Adrenaline kicks in immediately – or at least for Me it does.

There is no pain, only a certain ‘disconnect’ from reality. Suddenly, I am somewhere between three and ten times stronger and faster than I was before I was punched, and I am wondering what I Will do in kind of a dream like state of dystopia where time has slowed to a near standstill. Time almost stops when One is in high fight or flight mode, it is Supernatural.

When I left My apartment to go for My walk, I felt like I had just been punched in the face and was out for a walk to harness that energy, to internalize that inner strength Given Me by God to deal specifically with Matters like this, and criminals like Noah who call themselves lawyers. Lawyer = liar. You need a license to engage in any kind of licentious behaviour, which is why One requires a license to practice law. A lawyer can never actually participate in law, they can only ever be at law. Only the natural Man has full faith and credit in Law with all natural, inherent rights Given by God and fully in tact.

However, the best Part of My day was receiving Noah’s reply. Why? Because it was weak and desperate and it is clear he took a LOT of time to put it together. There were three attached contracts showing details of the mortgage contract Signed by My father and what he agreed to have happen when the account goes into default. Problem is, moment I make an acceptance for Honour on the mortgage, it is no longer in dis-Honour and none of those conditions apply. Furthermore, unless they are accepting My Acceptance for Honour, I have zero obligation to the client and nothing My father Signed has any bearing on Me unless they are accepting Me as the new Signatory, in which case the mortgage obligation is fulfilled and is restored to Honourable standing with Me as the new Signatory (and liability).

Basically, they can’t have it both Ways. They can’t say I’m bound and liable to My father’s default obligations on the loan if they are not allowing Me to accept his obligations for Honour. Either there exists an obligation which means I am now liable in My father’s stead (which is clearly not the case right now), or there is no obligation, meaning that none of the mortgage terms Noah sent to Me apply to Me. They exclusively apply to My father and are the terms of his contract in default. I did not make an acceptance for default of My father’s obligations, and a condition of default cannot be imposed on an individual making an Acceptance for Honour.

Noah clearly has no Idea what an acceptance for Honour is, and apparently does not know that God’s Laws are Superior to all of Man’s commercial codes of fiction. So Noah, One last time – I know I am rocking Your ‘Ark’ and making some waves on the commercial admiralty waters that float Your boat, but God’s Laws are the Supreme Law of the Land and the Living, no commercial fiction has the force of law to trespass upon an inherent, God Given right.

I hope this day finds You all feeling as fabulously blessed as I do today.

Love and Blessings,

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