Volume CLI: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Reply from the Ministry of the Attorney General Re-Viewed

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.

Today’s Post is long overdue as I have been saying I Will share My thoughts on Sean Kearney’s response to My Public Notices and Cestui Que Vie Declare-a-Sean almost since the day I received it. Before I begin, I Wish to include the documents Sean Kearney is responding to as a refresher. The Order they are Presented here is the Order in which they would have been received by Canada’s Minister of the Attorney General’s office.

I Writ three Public Notices in total that would accompany a copy of My Cestui Que Vie Declaration pictured above. One was Writ specifically for Canada’s Vital Statistics which was first sent to ‘Express Legal’, a private corporation contracted by the Canadian government responsible for the Issuance of birth, marriage and death certificates. Express Legal replied to inform Me that they do not Keep any original documents on file and are only responsible for Issuing [True] copies of the ‘Genuine Article’ records, so I followed up with Canada’s Registrar General (responsible for maintaining the ‘Genuine Article’ Records), and included a copy of the response from Express Legal with that Public Notice.

[I could have sent each of the Public Notices to three different offices; the Registrar General (Thunder Bay), the Minister of Justice (Ottawa), and the Attorney General (Toronto) as those are technically the intended recipients and the reason for composing three separate Public Notices. However, each of these offices represents an ‘agency’ of the Canadian government and as [each of] the Public Notices state in the opening line, ‘Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent, Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal’, each of these offices have a duty and obligation to communicate these Notices to the appropriate offices and representatives of Canada’s government. I did Wish to ensure that I Writ the Registrar General’s office responsible for Genuine Article birth, marriage and death certificates because that is the office responsible for the Creation of the ‘ALL CAPS’ certified person and ultimately responsible for rescinding those contracts.]

The reason for sending the other two Notices to Ontario’s Attorney General rather than the Minister of Justice and Attorney General separately, was because the primary motivation that started Me on this quest was the abuse of My inherent rights by the Toronto Police in 2010. In a Common Law jurisdiction it is appropriate and courteous for an individual to ‘complain’ to the office or individual responsible for the harm so they have an opportunity to remedy the Issue. It is the Ontario courts that would be hearing this Matter so it seemed appropriate to address the authority of those courts (the Attorney General), which is the perfect prequel to Sean Kearney’s reply.

Reply from Ministry of Attorney General

The first thing I Wish to point out is that My documents were not received by Sean Kearney. He does not indicate who received My documents, only that they were “referred to this office for a response.”

You Will note that Sean Kearney’s position is ‘legal director’. That means that his job specifically is to direct My correspondences to the appropriate offices and he indicates that My correspondences were referred to him for precisely this purpose. This is why I say that if I Wish to hold an individual within Canada’s government directly responsible for negligence and incompetence in response to My Public Notices, Sean Kearney is the individual liable to Me for any subsequent harm. Let’s address the next paragraph.

“Your letter does not appear to be issued by or filed in a court of law. As Your letter is not a properly issued claim or application, it is my intention to take no further action in response to it.”

Some People have suggested this paragraph indicates that My Notice to his office means nothing. They are incorrect. As I mentioned previously, every legitimate legal action begins with a complaint. Although I declared the Notice a ‘Matter of Public Record’, any One who reads it Will know I am complaining to the Attorney General of the trespasses upon My inherent rights by the Toronto Police as a Living Man Created by God. I am Writing Sean Kearney by Way of registered mail so that I have a Record of My complaint to his office so that if I am compelled to file a claim against him in a court of law, the Justice Will know he was given the opportunity to remedy My complaint ahead of time. Only if Sean Kearney fails to provide a reasonable remedy to My complaint am I compelled to file a claim against him in Canada’s courts.

My complaint against the city of Ottawa is a great example of this. The city of Ottawa has set up an online complaint process and the intent of that complaint process is to resolve Matters so they do not come before a court. When the city did not respond to My complaint, only then did I have a legitimate cause for filing a claim with the courts to inform them that the city’s response was ‘incorrect and unreasonable’, which are the legal grounds for as King for a Judicial review of My complaint. The moment I did that the Mayor contacted Me directly by Way of email to inform Me that he could not discuss the Matter with Me because an official claim had been filed with the courts (his email was very diplomatic and polite and said that he had appointed the city’s legal counsel, (Genevieve Langlaise) to Act on his behalf (and the city of Ottawa as a corporation).

This is no different. Sean Kearney’s response is both incorrect and unreasonable. As the legal director, he should be communicating My intentions to the appropriate offices responsible for terminating the commercial contracts created in My (God Given) name.

There are many Ways Sean could have responded to My correspondence that would have represented his Character far more favourably. He could have informed Me that he cannot rescind those contracts but Will forward My Notices to the appropriate office. He could have disputed the trespasses against Me by the Toronto Police and defended their actions. He could have asserted the trespasses against Me by Toronto Police and informed Me that he does not think eleven million dollars is a reasonable amount to be as King for in the Way of compensation and offered an alternative amount. Any of the above give Sean a position to defend in court. The fact that he refuses to acknowledge the complaint altogether is belligerent and demonstrates his incompetence. It also Gives Me a very strong case if I do formally file this complaint with the courts (which may well be forthcoming).

This is also the reason I am so confident in Canada’s courts because I maintain copies of all of these correspondences in the front of My portfolio.

‘Port’ – a town or city with a harbor where ships load or unload, especially one where customs officers are stationed. (Stay ‘Sean’d). 😉

‘Folio’ – an individual leaf of paper or parchment, numbered on the recto or front side only, occurring either loose as one of a series or forming part of a bound volume.

Let’s move onto the final paragraph.

“Please be advised that there is nothing more we can do for you in this regard and our file is closed. Please also be advised no further correspondence will be forthcoming from this ministry on these matters. I am returning the original documents to you.”

And that closes out the letter. I took the liberty of placing in italics the most Significant Words in Kearney’s last paragraph. There is nothing more ‘we’ can do for You. This clearly states that Sean Kearney speaks for all individuals represented by the Ministry of the Attorney General’s office.

‘…and our file is closed.’

Those Words I found particularly interesting. What file is Sean Kearney speaking of, exactly? On this point, I confess I can only guess but My presumption is that the Ministry does recognize this as a formal complaint, a file was Created when the documents were received, and Sean Kearney was tasked with addressing and responding to it. If any One else has any guesses I am open to hearing them.

‘There is nothing more we can do for You.’

This line may also be open to speculation and interpretation but My belief is that Sean Kearney acknowledges he has no authority over Me as a Living Man. This may be a little complicated for People who Truly do not comprehend that the incorporated person Created by the state and the Living Man are two completely separate entities. The Living Man has unlimited commercial value and has no need whatsoever for financial compensation – only the incorporated person would be eligible for monetary compensation and I have made it very clear I do not Wish to be associated with that Character. As Sean Kearney cannot compel Me to Act or file a complaint as the commercial entity, I (as a Living Man with full faith and credit) am not entitled to any compensation.

Again, I recognize this may be difficult for People to comprehend but I believe Sean Kearney fully understands the difference between the two Characters and he is correct in this regard. This is why I have told People that if I file a claim for financial compensation, I can only do so as the incorporated person which would negate My original Claim. I have since come up with a solution for that by appointing My True Self (King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God) as the legal and lawful private attorney for the incorporated person Created and owned by the state. I would essentially be filing with the court as the commercial character on paper legally represented by the Living Man with all inherent rights Given by God and My paperwork clearly distinguishes between the two and allows Me to Show the court that the Ministries have been Given appropriate Notice. At that point all of these Notices I have filed with Canada’s Ministries become powerful documents in a court of law. This is also likely the main reason the unlawful charges against Me were withdrawn as the courts do not Wish for Me to present any of these Matters to a Justice at trial.

Finally, and perhaps the greatest ‘Gift’ in Sean Kearney’s response.

“Please also be advised no further correspondence from this Ministry Will be forthcoming on these Matters. I am returning the original documents to You.”

‘These Matters’ refers to every Matter I have Presented to Sean Kearney in My correspondence to him, including the unlawful arrest of the Toronto Police. Keep in Mind that this is the office that would be heading up any ‘Crown’ prosecution against Me, they represent the authority of Canada’s courts. This is why I say that those charges should no longer be on the police record (and a call placed to the Attorney General asking about any outstanding warrants confirmed that there are NO outstanding warrants for ‘SEAN VON DEHN’ in the city of Toronto on the Attorney General’s record (despite the fact they still show up on police records as seen in the information presented by con-stable Jenkyn’s of the Ottawa Police Service).

It also suggests that Sean Kearney has no intention of interfering with My right of self determination. Again, this may be a little difficult to comprehend but the Truth is, the Canadian government has no obligation to do anything I tell them to do with respect to the incorporated, certified person – it is their property, exclusively. If they Wish to continue using it in default, they are technically committing fraud but it;s really none of My business. My business is ensuring that My right of self determination is not trespassed upon by Canada’s government, including My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations (Canada), which is the Matter at Hand I am currently hoping to address.

When Sean Kearney stated that ‘no further correspondence would be forthcoming from this ministry on these matters’, he meant it. If there is no objection to a document I file into the Superior court, it is presumed to have been accepted and Will Stand as fact in any court of law. I filed a number of documents into the Superior court after receiving My reply from Sean Kearney, including his reply and this Notice to inform Canada’s government how I Will be disposing of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations.

Coin of the Realm

I was even as King of the clerks at the courthouse who receives the documents I file with them and told Me it was Sean Kearney, the legal director. And if Sean Kearney is receiving all of these documents and not responding or objecting to them, they are legally binding in any Canadian court.

Again, I know this was longer than usual but thank King You for Your time and attention. My Post ‘Reply from the Ministry of the Attorney General’ has been receiving an unusual amount of attention so far this year, so I figured it was time to finally address the contents of it.

Love and Blessings,

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