Volume CLI: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition; Incomprehensible Incompetence, Ontario Works

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Yes, incomprehensible incompetence is the theme of today’s Post inspired by none other than the province’s Ontario Works Organization (or perhaps disorganization would be more appropriate in this particular case).

For those of You who may not be daily readers of The Good News Journal, I received an email from Ontario Works a week ago Friday, the 15th of January. The email was to inform Me that Orsolya Vancsody (Commissioner and Case worker for the Ministry of Community and Social Services) had been ‘reviewing My file’ and it had come to her attention that they do not have a Birth Certificate, SIN (Social Insurance Number) or Health Card on file for Me.

My Story‘ (and this Blog in general) is all about the story of a Man making his Way in the world without any government issued (is-You’d, is sued) ID ‘entification’, so this news did not come as a surprise. What did surprise Me is that Orsolya was implying that this was some kind of revelation for her and that she did not know I would take great exception and offence to her asking Me to ‘apply’ for these documents. We have had several face to face meetings regarding these Issues and she knows I am only in receipt of social assistance under duress as a result of the incompetence (or belligerence) of superior offices that have failed to appropriately respond to My Notices. I have even commented many times on how accommodating Orsolya has been in response to any requests I have made. Although I do not Wish to presume it is because she is fearful of personal liability and simply doing her duty to provide whatever support she is able while I resolve these Matters with superior offices of the Canadian government, her email effectively terminated that presumption.

Today I was expecting I would be Writing about hearing nothing from Ontario Works in response to My email but I had been as King of Orsolya to forward to Me a copy of every document she has on file for Me including the original application, the Mandamus, Notice of Appointment of Attorney, requisition for medical travel etc. Much to My surprise, she responded to Me today to tell Me she does not have any of these documents on her file (and therefor cannot send Me a copy). She suggested that after insisting she make copies of all documents I have presented to her for the Record, I retained both the original and the copy. I don’t just believe this is an outright lie, I know it! Especially with respect to the Mandamus, after making a copy of the document and returning to the office, she was specifically as King of Me which one she should retain. I informed her that I retain the original, she retains a copy for her records. As far as the medical travel is concerned, I did not even request a copy, much less receive one. Is she really trying to suggest that she did not retain that for her records, that they have NOTHING on record for Me? I’m sure You can understand why I might be insulted – does she believe I am stupid?! All government offices are required by law to retain copies of every correspondence they receive related to the file for a period of no less than seven years (at which time they are archived). So if Orsolya does NOT have these documents, she is only demonstrating an incomprehensible level of incomptence.

The Truth is, I don’t believe Orsolya thinks I’m stupid. I believe that Orsolya Vancsody, Anne Charette (team lead), Kristine Haines-Chiarello (OW manager), and Christopher Tuck (director) are [finally] beginning to understand that this is no joke and they Will be held liable if they continue to Willfully trespass upon My inherent rights in violation of their legal duties and obligations as representatives (agents) of Canada’s government. I think they know precisely why I was as King of Orsolya for a copy of all documents on her Record as they are evidence of their negligence and incompetence. I think Orsolya is hoping that if I were to believe she had never received a copy of My Cestui Que Vie and Notices for the Public Record registered with Canada’s Attorney General and Vital Statistics, ‘Ontario Works’ can claim ignorance. I do not believe for one moment that Orsolya would send Me an email of this nature unless she had been instructed to do so by one of her superiors who is looking for some kind of excuse to absolve their Self of criminal liability and accountability. Problem is, they really didn’t think this through.

Consider how it Will look if I were to tell a Justice that Ontario Works has retained none of the documents I have filed with their office. How incompetent is Ontario Works going to look if they don’t have an application on file (for example). Orsolya’s ‘excuse’ for not retaining the documents is that they don’t have the space to retain any documents.

Hi Sean

I received your request for copies of all the documents you filed with me but I have always made copies of your originals and returned them to you that you placed in your binder. Due to the file management system and the increasing size of our files we only keep the following documents on file identification , taxes, if applicable immigration documents and documents related to assets.

Thank you 

So if Orsolya does not have a copy of My Cestui Que Vie on file, then what exactly does she have on file for ‘identification’? I’ve been in receipt of social assistance for over three years and they do not have a single document on file to show I am entitled to receive these benefits? How is that going to look? And to question Me about these documents now when I am complaining to her that threatening to revoke My medical diet allowance if I do not consent to providing them with access to My private medical records is a trespass upon My rights? Does she really believe that this is not going to be perceived as further harassment in retaliation for failing to give that consent? I pointed out that the ‘threat’ is directly in the application which clearly states that One gives their consent

‘freely and voluntarily. I understand I may refuse to provide My consent but that medical allowance Will not be provided’.

In Order for One to Give consent ‘freely and voluntarily’, there can be no ‘threat’ attached (revocation of medical allowance). Denying an individual access to the health care they need is a form of harm. The same applies to any ‘requirement’ in Order to be in receipt of the funds necessary to enjoy their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Does is say anywhere that an individual only has these rights if they contract with a corporation? No, of course not. Does the U.N. Charter on Civil and Political Freedoms state that inherent rights only apply to individuals with a Birth Certificate, Health Card or SIN? No, of course not. If those conditions did exist, the contracts Signed would effectively be contracts of bondage and slavery and they would not be legally binding in a court of law because they were entered into under duress for threat of harm for trespass upon an inherent (God Given) right.

Once again I Wish to thank My audience for joining Me today as sometimes I feel this literature may be a little dry and boring. Most People don’t find the Law an exceedingly exciting topic to be tall King about. At the same time, I do feel it is more important now than ever before to remind People that Our inherent rights are Truly unconditional and any One who suggests they are not is dead wrong.

The Good News here, is that I do think Ontario Works is taking Me a little more seriously. I advised Orsi that I Will include digital copies of all the documents I have filed with her office sometime before Friday of this week so she can no longer claim ignorance. I am also very forgiving. I still like Orsi and I really do NOT Wish to be compelled to file a claim against her OR any of her superiors over at Ontario Works, I just Wish the government offices responsible for resolving these Matters Will Honour their legal and lawful obligations to Me.

So when I Write Orsi back on Friday by Way of email (considered legal and lawful delivery of service as a result of covid) I Will [once again] provide her with a copy of all the documents I have filed with her previously so she has them all in one place. Then I Will advise her that she is forgiven for her trespasses against Me but I Will now be expecting her to follow up with the offices I have filed My documents with and forward her correspondences to Me until these Matters are officially resolved with the appropriate Ministries of Canada’s government.

Because this is the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, I Wish to conclude by letting You know that it doesn’t Matter if Orsi is claiming she does not have My Mandamus or Cestui Que Vie on her Record, she does not have anything else and both the Mandamus and My appointment of Power of Attorney as the legal and lawful representative of the incorporated person created by the state both have Orsolya’s wet ink Signature and stamp showing it was received by her office, so it does not negate any of the Magic of those documents. 😉

Finally, ignorance is no excuse for the law (or breaking it).

Love and Blessings,

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