Volume CLII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition; A Doctor Worth Her Weight in Gold

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me. I have said that I Wish to be tall King more about the Good that is happening in the world and today I have a much more positive Post to share with You than My rant from My Monday Edition which was tall King about Canada’s criminal corpocracy. It is an important topic to be tall King about because I think most of Us know that politicians are natural born liars and We have more or less accepted that nothing they tell Us is true, so I Will likely be doing a short series on Canada’s criminal corpocracy but today I Wish to share a more inspirational message regarding the covid fraud that has been perpetrated on this planet.

Today I Wish to share with You a video of a Presentation by Doctor Simone Gold, founder of a group called America’s Frontline Doctor’s who initially released a video near the start of the lockdowns tall King about some of the things People can do to optimize their health and resistance to viral infections of any type, ‘covid’ included. My belief is that covid is no more harmful than the seasonal flu, they just gave it a name. It appears as though the common seasonal flu has been virtually eradicated from the face of the earth. My ‘guess’ is that everyone who had the seasonal flu was diagnosed as having covid. Anyway, let Me share the latest video from Doctor Simone Gold. There is absolutely NO fear mongering in this video, it is very uplifting and inspirational.

Dr. Simone [worth her weight in] Gold

I have also uploaded this video My Self so that it cannot be removed as it was from YouTube for violating their policies (like that’s a big surprise). I also felt this was a Good time to share this video because I was tall King about corpocracy and although I was specifically tall King about Canada in My Post on Monday, virtually all ‘Sovereign’ nations have been usurped by corporations. These big corporations are manipulating politics and social policy and elected officials serve their interests because they are paid to do so – the People are an irrelevant afterthought. Dr. Simone Gold is tall King a little about how corporate interests have influenced the covid narrative and the medical profession at the highest levels.

It is also worthy to note that ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ are being labeled ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘fact checkers’ are determined to convince You that these doctors are misleading People and providing false information. Well, I happened to do a little research of My own to see what the ‘fact checkers’ were saying regarding this video and was rather surprised to find a website that provides an unbiased and fair assessment of the information provided. It even includes a link to the published (and redacted) fraudulent article published in the ‘Lancer’ (which is considered a highly reputable medical journal) regarding the ‘dangers’ of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of covid or other viral infections. They also include a copy of the video Posted here and I believe that it is a private domain so it should remain available.

So if You have any concerns about the information discussed in the video, please DO check out this website that critiques Dr. Simone Gold’s presentation. In addition to an unbiased review of the Presentation, there is also a plethora of carefully documented references for individuals to fact check themselves, sourcing the information provided. I am going to quote one point from the analysis of the video for comment.

“While technically true that these vaccines are “experimental biological agents”, this seems like an attempt by Dr. Gold to create fear among those who are considering receiving the vaccine by labeling it as such. Since they have not cleared all clinical trials yet, it is more appropriate to call them what they actually are, investigational vaccines.”

This is the only statement I don’t really appreciate because I also think it’s misleading. The doctor is trying to provide full disclosure of the risks associated with taking the vaccine. Even the author of the ‘fact check’ admits that none of the pharmaceutical companies providing vaccines for covid can be sued if their product causes injury or harm, they have complete immunity from prosecution. The author states in her comments,

“Pharmaceutical companies have a profit motive. This doesn’t mean they would intentionally harm people, but because they are shielded from any liability, they may be less careful with the drugs they make.”

That comment is not from Dr. Simone Gold, that is from the author of the analysis of Gold’s Presentation and once again relates to My Monday Post on corpocracy. When profits are the number one motive behind the production of a product and a company is immune from liability for any harm its product may cause the consumer, there is very Good reason to be concerned.

The real message here, is that unless one is over 75 years old, the risk of dying from covid is less than 1%!!! That’s what I am hoping You Will take away from this. Now, when One considers this and reflects on the fact that opioid deaths, suicide from depression, domestic abuse and mental health issues are at an all time high, are the lockdowns really protecting anyone, or are they causing far more harm to health than if We were just to continue living life normally. The fact of the matter is this – if they had never told Us there was a deadly virus circumventing the world, nobody would even notice it.

They (mainstream media and corporations Wishing to manufacture demand for their product [vaccine]) Wish for You to be afraid. They Wish for You to believe that if You do not stay home or wear a mask and get a vaccine that You Will die a horrible death and place others at risk, too. Once again, We should protect the weak and the elderly, but otherwise covid is not a serious risk to anyone.

I thank Dr. Simone Gold and all other doctors who are stepping up to tell the world the Truth about the fraud being perpetuated on Man’s kind. I Promise You, these fraudsters WILL be held accountable for the harm they are inflicting on the world’s People. This fraud is a crime against humanity and an attack on freedom of speech.

Love and Blessings,

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