Volume CLV: The Super Natural Sun Day Review; A Week in Reflect Sean

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day Review, thank King You for being here. It has been something of a quiet week but not entirely uneventful. In fact, the ‘events’ of the week were the inaction of intended events for the week. I’ll elaborate in a moment but first, coffee.

But first, coffee!

After investigating some loud banging outside My apartment on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday last week, I discovered a gift bag with a number of useful items in it. One of which is the French press coffee maker pictured above which could not be more perfect for Me. It was the only item in the gift bag that was not in its original packaging but looked as shiny and new as everything else. The gift bag also included a low-watt, high lumen wall lamp (still in the box), a bag of coffee filters and Tim Horton’s dark roast coffee, a 2kg bag of sugar, a box of Carnation hot chocolate, a coffee mug and five boxes of strings of decorative, clip on lights (like the kind One would use at Christmas). All unopened except the French press which also proved to be unused as the plunger, screen, and rubber seal required assembly. I Promised I would share a photo and I forgot so I decided to Show the coffee maker as it’s probably the most useful of all the gifts, though the wall lamp is a close second. I’ll show that once I get it installed.

As far as the rest of the significant events of the week are concerned, they are actually non-events. The first was a letter I received in the mail from Merovitz Potechin LLP though it was addressed to the wrong ‘D.B.A.’. I am ‘doing business as’ King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, not ‘Sean von Dehn’ and it is important to remain consistent – so it was returned to sender.

In Correct ‘D.B.A.’

I’m going to elaborate on this a bit more because this letter is very curious. This is the first piece of mail sent to this address by Merovitz Potechin LLP, all Our other correspondence has been by Way of email. Due to Covid, the courts now accept email as legal proof of service delivery so it doesn’t really make sense to send Me a package regular mail. One would be thing King that if it were anything of great importance the law firm would Wish to have proof of service so they can show a court it was received. In addition to returning to sender, I also followed up with Noah to advise him that his mail was returned for addressing the incorrect character. Although there was no need to reply to My email I was rather expecting he would – or perhaps I was hoping he would to Give some clue as to what was enveloped. He didn’t, no further Word as of yet.

I’m not going to reveal exactly why I am excited about this ‘non event’ because I really don’t Wish to ‘jump the gun’. What I am going to do instead is tell You what I know and reveal some of My thought processes with You so that You might deduce why I perceive this to be ‘Good News’. Before I do that, I Wish to pre-amble the context of the situation.

Noah and his firm have received full payment for the outstanding mortgage but are failing to process that payment and discharge the mortgage – a criminal offence. These facts are Published on this Blog available for anyone to see. Furthermore, I also made an offer of acceptance for Honour of ALL My father’s debt which is also Published here on the International Record. Noah, his law firm and allegedly the National Bank of Canada are not happy about this and would like Me to remove those Notices. The only Way that is going to happen is if Noah forwards the payment to his client and discharges the mortgage. Noah could sue Me for defamation or slander I suppose, but in Order to do that he Will be required to Show the entire correspondences between Us which clearly prove the Notices are not slanderous. If he feels defamed because I am calling his actions criminal, he Will have to stop Acting like a criminal in Order for any defamation suit to be warranted. If One is found guilty of murder, that same individual cannot cry defamation of Character for being called a killer or murderer because it happens to be True.

So I’m not in the least bit worried if Noah Wishes to sue Me because it Will provide the resolution I Wish to see in the first place. There is absolutely no win for Noah in court if all the information is presented to a Justice. I’m reasonably sure that’s why Noah didn’t take Me up on My offer to bring this Matter before a Justice in the first place. So the letter that arrived is not any kind of legal action or it would have been sent by courier to show proof of service. So why not just use email? It was a rather thick envelope. What could Noah have to send Me that requires regular mail and is not legal notice?

I really only have two ideas and I’m only going to share one. My first thought was that the letter was addressed to ‘Sean von Dehn’ containing something that would elicit a response from Me, perhaps another plea to remove the Notices of Criminal Liability and Default Judgement ‘Res Judicata; Nihil Dicit’. The ‘hope’ would be that I open the mail and respond to Noah. How I respond would not have been important to Noah as the only intent would be to Show that I am ‘Acting’ as Sean von Dehn, not ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God’. ‘Sean von Dehn’ may be the name Given Me by God (or Mum and Dad) but it is also an incorporated person owned exclusively by the state that does not have the power to discharge debt against the [unlimited commercial] Value of My Life. Some People say I am too cautious and Give People too much credit but that’s the only strategic legal angle I can see. There is only one problem with this strategy; because the letter was sent regular mail, there is no real Way to ‘prove’ Noah sent Me anything at all unless I were to specifically reference the letter in My reply. I have also re-read the correspondences between My Self and Noah’s firm and they have also been Given Notice that King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God is the Living Man and the legal and lawful private attorney for the incorporated person created by the state (in almost exactly that language). So even if that was Noah’s plan, it’s a bit of a stretch. So what could that thick envelope possibly contain? Perhaps We Will find out this coming week. ūüėČ

The second big ‘non event’ that is of major importance and significance, is that Kristine Haines-Chiarello had assured Me that My complaint against Ontario Works was being taken seriously and that they would get back to Me ‘no later than’ March 12th. It is now the 14th and still no Word. I did follow up with Kristine with an email scheduled for delivery at 12:01 AM March 13th.

Hi Kristine,

“We are committed to the review of your complaint and will respond back to you no later than March 12, 2021.”

Should I presume You are so committed to the review of My complaint that You forgot about Me altogether?¬† Or should I take You for Your Word and presume that no response is the message You intended to send?¬† Am I Truly to believe that this is a mistake?¬† One of the main things I’m complaining to You about is the inability of Your staff to respond to emails in an appropriate, timely¬†manner and You make a commitment to Me You don’t Keep?¬† You already communicated to Me that You know I have little faith in Your ability to resolve this complaint and assured Me that You have engaged Your legal department for assistance – and You¬†still¬†can’t Honour Your Promise to Me?¬†¬†

I’m having a very serious hard time believing this level of negligence or incompetence is possible lest it be Willful.

Very much looking forward to Your explanation.


King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

Obviously I’m not pleased that Kristine broke her Word but it certainly does not ‘hurt’ My complaint (only Me). I am reasonably sure I Will hear something tomorrow and I am every bit as anxious to hear Kristine’s excuse as indicated in My email.

Just realized I have missed the first forty-five minutes of a podcast I was hoping to listen to this evening so I’m going to Sign off. Before I do, I Wish to leave You with one last photo as something of a prequel to what I Will be tall King about next week.

Signature (Client/TRUSTEE)

Thank You all for being here, lots of really Good News to share with You later this week, too!

Love and Blessings,

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