Volume CLVI: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Without Prejudice and Under Duress

Hello every One and welcome to the Terrific Tuesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I am in fabulous Spirit today despite an email from Kristine Haines-Chiarello who asserts that Canadians do not have the right to revoke their consent to be governed. According to Kristine, Canadians are indentured servants that have no right of self determination. So why I am in Good Spirits? Because it’s simply not True and I think most People reading this Post Will know that. So today is about how to govern One’s Self when up against forces beyond One’s control.

Yesterday I was motivated, today I am inspired. A lot of Good can come from adverse situations and encounters; that’s what makes Us strong and resilient. The final sentiment of Kristine’s review of My complaint is that Ontario Works has done Me no harm, and if I do not apply for the documents they are as King of Me for, financial supports provided by OW Will be terminated. Of course, they don’t perceive this to be a threat despite the fact that failing to comply Will literally destroy My Way of Life.

So what does One do? I feel this is an important Post because it is relevant to the current state of Our world on so many levels. People from various countries around the globe are rapidly losing faith in their government and believe the mainstream media is no longer a reputable source of information but a propaganda machine. Many People feel their inherent rights are being trespassed upon by stay at home orders, mandated masks, social distancing and other social policies that have been implemented as a result of covid without any medical evidence to support their efficacy. At the same time, police are enforcing these orders with extreme prejudice in many countries and this is a Good example of what I am tall King about. What does One do when they come face to face with police for advocating for the protection of their rights? Remain calm, be polite, and comply without prejudice and under duress.

It is not worth arguing with forces beyond One’s control because it is only likely to cause One more harm, especially in the example provided above. Police Will immediately escalate the incident suggesting One is ‘resisting arrest’ even if they have not yet been charged with a crime. Be polite, remain calm and explain why You are expressing civil disobedience to the Order and tell the officer that You Will comply peaceably with any orders under duress and without prejudice.

Under duress (perhaps obviously) means that One is complying because they feel there is a threat of harm if they refuse to comply. Without prejudice means that One believes they are correct and within their rights but does not Wish to be disagreeable. It is a very Good Idea to Write without prejudice on any ticket One is asked to Sign by an officer even if the ticket is warranted. It is a means of accepting a ticket without making an admission of guilt. (In Canada, accepting a ticket is NOT an admission of guilt but it is a Good Way of communicating to the officer One’s belief in their innocence without being confrontational.)

Just for kicks and because I like to validate the information I’m sharing, let’s see how these terms are defined.

Without Prejudice: Without detriment to any existing right or claim.

Under Duress: wrongful and usually unlawful compulsion (as threats of physical violence) that induces a person to act against his or her will : coercion also : the affirmative defense of having acted under duress.

I didn’t bother to research detailed dictionary definitions, each of the definitions cited above is the first result provided by Google. The ‘under duress’ definition also includes an explanation of the term ‘economic duress’ which is appropriate in My particular situation as the threat is revocation of financial supports necessary for My Life, health and happiness; I am facing economic duress if I fail to comply. It is also worthy to Note the Word ‘unlawful’ was used, not ‘illegal’. Unlawful pertains to trespasses upon rights, illegal pertains to trespasses upon a code, statute or act. Legal does not have the force of law to trespass upon the lawful. (An ‘Act’ (Ontario Works Act) does not have the force of Law to trespass upon a right).

The second benefit to using these terms when applicable is that One does not compromise their position on a Matter in any Way. In My particular situation, it allows Me to avoid being subject to economic duress while I pursue lawful remedy for the infringement upon My rights. It Will be much easier to advocate for My rights if My current position is not compromised. It is also worthy to note that the state (and courts) may perceive refusing to comply as belligerent behaviour – adults are expected to demonstrate maturity and Honour, to govern themselves with moral conscience and reason, not bicker back and forth like children.

I’m inspired today because at least now I know where the government of Canada stands, at least according to Kristine Haines-Chiarello who is the first individual and representative of Canada’s government to suggest she cannot accept My Cestui Que Vie as lawful identification despite the fact it has been accepted by Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General. She is also the first representative of the Canadian government to suggest Canadians are bonded slaves and indentured servants with no recourse if they Wish to quit their country.

The Good News here is that I don’t expect Kristine to change her position on the Matter or offer any kind of apology so this Issue Will need to be Presented to a Justice at some point and I don’t anticipate any Justice (even a corrupt one) Will suggest on a Court of Record that Canadians are bonded slaves and that Canada’s government does not derive its authority by the consent of the Sovereign People.

“The government acts in the name of the Crown but derives its authority from the Canadian people.” – Government of Canada Parliamentary website

Therefor, the government does not have authority over the People, the People are the authority of government.

The other reason I am inspired today is because I feel I finally have an opportunity to share something from ‘My Story’ that is of Significant importance. I have suggested many times that I believe what I am doing is not only perfectly legal and lawful but precisely what each of Us are meant (Ment/Mind) to do. At the same time, I advise against taking this plunge because so few People have claimed their right of self determination it is only natural to presume that some Will believe it is not possible. I suppose Kristine believes that Our rights are determined by Our place of birth and whatever rights the government affords its People by Way of a constitution or alternate social contract. Kristine is not alone in this regard, many People have not even considered why some countries enjoy more rights and freedoms than others. If One’s rights can be determined by another individual or group, it is not a right, is it? If a right can be revoked, it’s not a right, is it?

A right is like the Truth, it never changes. All of Our rights could be easily summarized by a single right provided it was Honoured by all People – the right to do no harm. Kristine does not Honour this right (for example). She believes that the Ontario Works Act has the force of law to trespass upon Our inherent rights, to cause economic duress to those in receipt of assistance by failing to provide an adequate shelter allowance. These beliefs are not Truths, they are a symptom of irresponsible citizens and government representatives who do not Write their MP’s to advise them that the supports provided are insufficient and forcing individuals into abject poverty and homelessness. I would be very curious to know how many representatives at Ontario Works have Writ the Ministry of Community and Social Services or a Member of Parliament to advise them that the shelter allowance provided to People in receipt of social assistance is insufficient to satisfy the obligation, much less fulfill it. I would suggest probably no One. If People don’t complain, the government presumes the People are happy with the Way things are.

Finally, I Wish to conclude this Post by emphasizing My belief that courts were really only designed for People who don’t know how to behave and don’t know right action from wrong action. Kristine certainly knows My Spiritual beliefs and Values are genuine, she knows that trespassing upon My rights is causing Me harm, yet she believes that Words on paper Give her the Power to oppress and harm her fellow Man. It appears I Will need to Present this Matter to a court Justice before she understands her actions and beliefs are harmful and incorrect. The greatest benefit of Kristine’s final determination in regards to My complaint is that I no longer have any sympathy for her or any One else at Ontario Works who believes it is acceptable to Willfully betray an individual (Orsi Vancsody) and trespass upon their inherent rights and freedoms (Ontario Works in general).

I Will absolutely be Posting a new Fight Club interpret-a-Sean this evening so look out for that and tomorrow I Will be sharing more Good News from individuals in Our macrocosm who are fighting the ‘Good’ fight.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: If You would like to review My sample Letter to Ontario Works consenting to Orders under duress and without prejudice, click here.

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