Volume CLVI: The Super Natural Sun Day Re-View; Points of Navi-Gate-Sean

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day re-View, thank King You for being here. It has been a reasonably eventful week in My microcosm and there is also a lot of new ‘Good News’ taking place in Man’s Macrocosm, so I have lots to share with You.

I Will begin by recapping some of the major events taking place in My Microcosm. On Monday I received a response to My complaint with the city of Ottawa for the criminal negligence of Ontario Works that is presently causing Me considerable mental duress. I say presently because the response was completely incorrect and unreasonable which are grounds for a judicial review of the complaint. In My efforts and determination to resolve this Matter amicably without being compelled to Present the information to a court Justice, I filed a second complaint with the city of Ottawa to advise them the response was incorrect and unreasonable. The second complaint would have been received by Thursday and I am still awaiting a response to that complaint and My rebuttal of Kristine’s review of the original complaint. So I Will have updates regarding that Matter very shortly and begin sharing with You some of My Ideas moving forward.

For now, I have agreed to comply with the incorrect and unreasonable Orders of Ontario Works ‘under duress and without prejudice’, and I have suggested this is an excellent Way for One to assert their position without risking further harm of economic duress (which is essentially the main threat to My well being). If You Wish to see the email that was sent to Ontario Works as an example, it can be viewed here.

A week ago last Tuesday (March 9th) I also received a letter by Way of regular mail from Merovitz Potechin LLP which is the first I’ve heard from them since default Judgement ‘Nihil Dicit; Res Judicata’ was awarded against them several months ago. It was returned to sender for incorrect D.B.A. (doing business as) and they were Given Notice it had been returned to them by Way of email. I have received no further Word at this time (no reply to the email either). Either what they had to say was of little importance (it was not a legal action or would have been sent by courier or email for proof of service) or I Will receive a letter correctly addressed sometime this coming week. So We have that event or non-event to look forward to.

There has also been some Good News in the Macrocosm for Canada’s People as Pastor Coates was released from maximum security prison for preaching in defiance of the new covid rules. He was released on condition he would pay a $100.00 fine, though there is still an outstanding charge against his church. I’ve watched a few different YouTube videos on this particular case and I Will be tall King about that a little more this week as there are a couple of different perspectives to share on the Matter. If the charge was so serious that they (government/Crown) felt it necessary to place the pastor in a maximum security prison, then why would they release him if he agrees to pay a $100.00 fine? I’ll be sharing My thoughts on that later this coming week.

The really Good News concerned Pastor Coates is that because the church still has charges to defend, counsel for defense Will be as King of Crown for full disclosure of the scientific data supporting the lockdowns and Will have to prove that the actions of the Pastor placed his congregation and/or the public at risk of serious harm. It is My feeling and that of Pastor Coates defense counsel that the Crown Will not be able to do this which may stand to create a precedence with the potential to end these draconian policies. (Keep fingers Crossed – pun intended) 😉

Also, I was tall King this week about the Power of Art and finally managed to pick up a paintbrush again My Self. I cannot stress how beneficial this is to One’s overall mental health and well being, especially while many of Us are locked in Our home with very limited real Life social interaction. We are social creatures by nature so to have one of Our most innate behaviours hijacked can have a powerful impact on Our mental health and well being. So I am encouraging others to do the same and to use this time to Focus on making one room in One’s home as beautiful and inviting as possible. Trust Me, it Will have a profound impact on Your environment.

In My own microcosm, picking up a paintbrush again has had a profound affect on My personal war King environment and has already inspired Me to get back to other abandoned projects of the past. I have resumed My Latin learning with Duolingo and I am very much promoting the app because it is so user friendly it makes learning a language Fun. So if You’ve ever thought about picking up a new language, no better time than the Present. They have a ton of interesting languages including “High Valyrian”. Not sure what that is, sounds like something from Game of Thrones but if You are just Wishing to dabble and have some Fun, it might be interesting. If You DO decide to try this out, connect with Me, I’m ‘vondehnvision’ on Duolingo.

As something of a prequel for the coming week, I Will be keeping You Posted with respect to My adventures with the city of Ottawa and Will also be sharing some of My thoughts from others who are doing their part to expose the fraud and disinformation We are being inundated with by mainstream media. I’ve some [perhaps controversial] thoughts to share on some of the Ideas constitutional heavyweight lawyer Rocco Galati is postulating that I strongly disagree with. I Will also be sharing some of My potential legal strategies moving forward as I have a ton of Ideas and the purpose of doing so Will be to demonstrate just how many different Ways One can advocate for the protection of their freedoms within the Law.

I also suggested earlier this week that I Will once again be trying to remain a little more ‘True’ to the intended theme of each of My daily Posts, so tomorrow You can expect some content specifically designed to Motivate Your Monday in the Motive-a-Sean Edition.

I hope the weather is as warm and beautiful where You are as it was today here in Ottawa. Get out and get some sunshine whenever You can, vitamin D is excellent defense against covid and other viruses and there is no more enjoyable a Way to get it than soaking up some rays!!!

Love and Blessings,

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