Volume CLVII: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; In God We Trust

Hello every One, and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King You for being here. It may be a short one today because I’m really just going to be offering My best simple solution to all of this madness. The simplified summary is to Trust in God.

I also know it sounds like a bit of an excuse to be complacent and do nothing, so I Wish to elaborate enough to clarify that is not the message of this Post. In fact, the main message is the exact opposite.

There is only so much One can do when faced with adversity at the Hand of Powers beyond Our control. If local police are going to enforce draconian orders that trespass upon the constitutional rights of a country’s People, it is not going to improve the situation to physically resist. I’ve previously advised that the best thing to do is clearly let the officer know You Will comply with any orders Given “under duress and without prejudice”.

But then what? Then One must file a complaint against the arresting officer and the entire police department because the officer is probably not acting ‘rogue’; he or she Will likely be following a directive from their superiors. It should also go without saying that One should defend their position in court and not be afraid to cite their constitutional rights and remind the courts of the officer’s Oath [of office]. That is specifically the ‘office’ the ‘officer’ is Sworn to protect!

Every officer’s first Oath is to Her Majesty, Her Heirs and successors, then the constitution of Canada, then provincial and municipal codes, statutes and Acts. They are not expressed in that Order arbitrarily, a Constitutional Democratic Monarchy is a hierarchal system and the authority of each jurisdiction is relative to the Order in which One swears the Oath [of allegiance]. A breach of Oath is a breach of the officer’s public duty, which is a breach of Trust and a breach of Trust is a criminal offence punishable by up to fourteen years in prison [in Canada].

Because the resolution agreement I made with Catherine Wood (Ottawa Police Sergeant) is continuous, there is no rush for Me to file – I’m going to wait until they breach their Trust with Me again as the ‘statute’ of limitations for breach of Trust is one year from the last incident of the breach of Trust.

As I’m demonstrating here on My Blog, the first due process of law is to put the offender of the law on Notice of criminal liability for their actions. I have done this with Merovitz Potechin LLP et al, and Ontario Works and their representatives. This is done in what I call the ‘Common Law’ jurisdiction. I should clarify that there is much debate over what the Common Law really is. Some perceive it to be the legislated codes, statutes and acts, the Rules of Civil Procedure (in Canada), and the other formal processes of filing a lawsuit. When I refer to the Common Law, I am really speaking of ‘Natural Law’, ‘God’s Law’, what We know to be right or wrong without having any knowledge of whatever laws may have been legislated by the corporate fiction of law.

So the Notices I file are the emails I Write, though this could also be done by Way of regular mail or any other informal correspondence. The problem with regular mail and some other correspondence methods, is that if One is dealing with a dis-Honourable individual or organization, there is no proof they received the correspondence and this can be harmful if it does become necessary to file the Matter into a court for formal adjudication – they may simply claim that no Notice was Given. This is also why My Blog is so powerful as it maintains a permanent Record of the facts, it Will be difficult for an individual to claim they do not know they exist. I like to have proof that I have exhausted every reasonable resource in the Common Law jurisdiction before filing My paperwork with the court, which Will then be done as an affidavit of facts concerning the Matter.

Affidavits are very powerful. They are virtually impossible to dispute and accepted as facts concerning a Matter. When filing a private criminal prosecution, an individual presents the information to a court justice who Will then review the information and decide if Crown should prosecute. If they do, the individual has very little to do with the case after Crown decides to move forward with prosecution and a summons or warrant Will be Issued by the Crown to the offending party/parties.

The question is, what does One do if they have all the facts, follow all the correct procedures and the Crown still decides not to prosecute for whatever reason? Or, what does One do if a court dismisses a civil case as ‘frivolous and vexatious’ without even Giving Notice to the plaintiff so they can defend their position (which is what was done when I filed My claim against the city of Ottawa and Salvation Army)?

Well, in My opinion, this is all the proof One needs to demonstrate the courts have been compromised and no longer represent the Rule of Law or the People the courts were designed to provide Justice for. Some would suggest filing an appeal with the appellate court but in My particular situation, I felt this was a waste of time. It was clear and obvious that the courts were not interested in Justice, they were protecting the corporate interests of the city of Ottawa.

Now, I can’t confirm that what I am going to suggest is what One should do but I am going to find out (if necessary). Rather than taking all the information and filing for an appeal, I think One should follow the very same processes I have described from the beginning, though this time the complaint would be to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Her Self.

This is something I have never mentioned before because it is an absolute last resort. But if am unable to find remedy in Canada’s court system, I Will comprise all of My efforts including a copy of all of My court filings and advise Her Majesty that her representatives are dis-Gracing Her Majesty’s Honour and no longer represent the Crown in Canada’s courts. Then (and only then) Will I file a final Claim into Canada’s courts that Will be titled ‘House of von Dehn vs. REGINA’, with all the information including My Letter to the Queen to advise of the trespasses upon Her Honour by Canada’s representatives.

It doesn’t make much sense to Me to file a claim against ‘REGINA’ when Her Majesty very likely has no Idea that Canada’s courts have been compromised. And I’m not saying that they have been – yet. But We Will soon find out.

When One files a claim into the Superior Court they are required to send a copy to the Attorney General of both the province and Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General – this is the reason why. It is presumed that these Ministries represent the Crown and Her Majesty, so if they demonstrate they do not, the Queen has a right to receive Notice of these facts before a formal complaint is filed against Her. Doesn’t that make sense?

It makes sense to Me and I’m telling You now this is how I Will proceed with the Notices I have filed if no remedy is provided by Canada’s judicial system. It was a few years ago now but when I first claimed My right of self determination, I Writ a Letter to both the Queen and the Pope to inform them I would be war King to Honour them in Canada’s court as a representative of God and the Queen (in that Order). I did not make an Oath to God and the Queen for no reason, I intend to Honour My position of office.

So basically, the short, condensed version of this is something of a follow up to what I Writ yesterday where I stated that the Father and Mother of Man’s Macrocosm are the Queen and the Pope. My sister used to run to mum and dad anytime she thought I was doing something she might be able to get Me in trouble for. Later in Life, especially in Our final years of school, I caught My sister red handed in many situations that would have tarnished her angelic reputation in the eyes of My parents, but I never did. The hope was that by not telling mum and dad, I would be able to Trust her to do the same. Instead, she just took more advantage. I never cared because I was thought to be the rebel anyway, so I was just remaining True to My reputation and it was always stupid stuff like catching Me smoking or drinking for the first time. As far as I was concerned, it just meant I didn’t have to hide anything anymore.

The last thing I Wish to do is be a ‘tattle tale’. But, if the children continue to demonstrate they do not know how to behave, as much as I do not like to be the One to go tell mum and dad what’s going on, I Will be compelled to do so.

As You might guess, this is a Word of warning for Canada’s elected officials and representatives as much as it is intended to Give One some insight on how to proceed with treasonous members of government representatives of the Crown ‘in Honour’.

Love and Blessings,

[I lost internet for roughly four hours while in the midst of this Post so please excuse the tardy delivery.]

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