Volume CLVII: The Super Natural Sunday Re View; A Week in Reflect Sean

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Re View, thank King You for joining Me. I do have another interesting edition for You today as I Will be reviewing some of the events of the past week and reminding People how much Power We have if We are war King together.

Today’s feature photo is from a Man by the name of Cyrus Patrick who (allegedly) runs a fitness facility by the same name (CP Fitness). I say allegedly because I do like to source My information and I could only find One article to confirm this statement which was initially Posted on Instagram. I am also guessing this is a U.S. fitness facility if it is legitimate because health insurance is not an issue in Canada, every One is covered by Canada’s health insurance plan. It also points out a major problem with allowing the government to take care of People’s health through a national health care plan and why it is not necessarily a Good thing. People in Canada don’t have a choice about their health care (One can of course choose their own doctor but the care provided will be limited to whatever health care practices the government has approved), and although Health Canada has announced that Good oral health is integral to an individual’s overall health, the dental industry is private and not covered by Canada’s national health insurance policy. Private dental care is also very expensive which is why poor People typically have serious dental issues and cannot get the care they desperately need (including Me).

The Good News, however, is that it is not a conspiracy or myth that the companies producing the vaccines are immune from all liability that may result from side effects or complications that arise from taking taking the experimental vaccine. Living habits can affect One’s eligibility for other types of insurance (primarily Life insurance policies) where premiums Will increase if One is obese, a smoker, a drug user, et cetera; now Will Life insurance policies also be adding ‘covid vaccination’ to the list of life choices that may increase one’s premiums or prevent them from obtaining coverage altogether? These kind of things are going to become real questions for insurance companies because they Will not Wish to foot the bill for health complications or untimely death as a result of another company’s negligence if they have no legal recourse.

The ‘plan’ of the globalists is to do everything they can to get everyone on the planet to take this experimental mRNA vaccine. This has already included suggestions of a ‘vaccine passport’ to Show One has received the vaccine before they can enter a store or participate in society. Wouldn’t it be interesting if this plan were to backfire and companies began refusing to allow People to enter their facility if they have been vaccinated? There is already speculation that not only does the vaccine not prevent the spread of covid, it may actually make the carrier more dangerous as the virus evolves to transcend the vaccine, making variants more deadly to others.

In other Good News, a ‘Courtesy Warning and Notice of Default‘ was Issued to Ontario Works and their relative representatives regarding their trespasses upon My rights. What makes this News especially Good is that although I have gone to great lengths to change My status so that I can Act in My Sovereign capacity in any Common Law Court of the world, their trespasses would be relevant regardless whether I had done any of those Deeds or not. All the trespasses upon My rights are protected by Canada’s Bill of Rights and Charter, and Will apply to any individual in Canada who is Acting as the certified person and commercial character (more commonly referred to as the ‘Canadian citizen’). The only rights One ‘technically’ cannot claim in Canada’s court as the citizen, are the ‘inherent rights’ afforded by the U.N. Covenant. The reason for this is because it is presumed the citizen has placed their Trust in government and the [government’s] protection of the agreed upon rights of Canada’s People which is expressed in the Charter and Bill of Rights. Those are specifically the obligations of the Canadian government to Canada’s citizens. The U.N. Covenant was designed to limit the legislative capacity of those passing laws in Canada. The Key thing to comprehend here is that ‘inherent’ rights can only be Given by God – One does not ‘inherit’ rights from a constitution or charter; if they did it would be tyranny and oppression because those rights would be determined by other individuals. Makes sense, right?

But I encourage You to check out My Courtesy Warning and Notice of Default to Ontario Works and their representatives because I have cited Canadian case law to support My position which demonstrates there is precedence regarding this Matter. They can dispute Canada’s obligations to the U.N. Covenant until they are blue in the face for all I care, they cannot dispute established Superior Court of Canada case law. They have until the 22nd of April to retract their statements and provide a reasonable remedy to My complaint or default judgment Will be awarded against them. I Will then take the Notice of Criminal Liability, the Notice of Default, and the Default Judgment; Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata (forthcoming if they fail to respond) to a Justice of the Peace and swear them before the Justice as an Affidavit of Facts concerning the Matter and be as King of the Justice to enforce the Default Judgment and prosecute in accordance with Canadian Law. This Will raise a few eyebrows, I Give You My Word on that.

I also mentioned that there are a lot of other People and organizations war King very hard to make positive change happen that are going about it the right way. Action4Canada, Rocco Galati (Constitutional Rights Lawyer), Ezra Levant and Rebel News ‘Fight the Fines’ website, and those are just the main groups I know of in Canada – I’m sure there are many more and I’m confident the numbers are growing every day!

Finally, I Wish to leave You with a video from one of My favourite inspirational and informational People in My Present now, Russell Brand. Here he is tall King about what the elites of the world are planning at Davos, and perhaps the main reason I Wish to share this video with You is because he is so incredibly knowledgeable. One of the Key points he mentions is that the People of every country of the world are the source of all that money that’s being printed, and he is also tall King about how he wouldn’t even Mind if the People printing it were being responsible with it and taking care of the People rather than letting them starve in Our streets without any dignified shelter. The reason I believe the system was set up the way it was is because they ARE promissory Notes. The ‘Promise’ is that the People Will one day pay this money back. When We realize Our inherent Value, We Will discover that any individual on the planet is worth enough to pay back all the world’s debt – and it only takes One. Crazy, but True; that’s the ‘beauty’ of the fiat currency system – it really is just an illusion.

Love and Blessings,


  1. It is good to know that some organizations that are after change are growing . It would be good if some charitable organizations can donate money for the people who seek a dentist so they can be helped out …

    1. Problem is, it’s not the duty or responsibility of charitable organizations to take care of a country’s People, that obligation belongs to government and if People held their government’s to their fiduciary obligations, there would be no need for charitable organizations.

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