Volume CLVIII: The Super Natural Sun Day Review; April Showers, May King Towers

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Review, thank King You for being here. Today’s reference to April showers typically pertains to planting seeds in spring so they Will receive nourishment and moisture from the rains to rise in May. It’s also East Star weekend, the first weekend of April and only the second weekend of spring, so I thought it was appropriate as I have been planting some seeds in My Microcosm; both seeds for My garden and seeds of Intent-Ion for May King ‘Towers’ to further the Found a Sean of God’s Kingdom.

As far as a review of the week in My Microcosm is concerned, April was all about war King on My Self. I have a few home improvement projects on the go, one of which includes starting some vegetables to transplant outdoors next month. I started war King out again and now eating is more of a nutritional strategy, rather than randomly eating whatever I feel like because My stomach tells Me to. I’ve spent half an hour daily studying Latin for a little over two weeks now and make a ‘Deed List’ every day to remind Me to paint more. It hasn’t succeeded in putting a paint brush in My Hand everyday but perhaps roughly one out of every two days and I’m feeling more inclined to paint with it on My List, not discouraged.

As far at the alternate meaning to the Title of this Post is concerned, April Will be a little more stormy for People in My Microcosm than previous months. If Ontario Works does not provide a reasonable and correct remedy to My complaint and retract some of their recent assertions, I Will be filing My first private, criminal prosecution later this month. I Will also be filing for a new birth certificate ‘under duress and without prejudice’, and that Will be accompanied by My original Letters to the Registrar General, Attorney General, et al, along with a new Notice explaining why I am making the application under duress and without prejudice. I’m not going to say too much more about that now except to say that it Will be quite the Spelling of Magic to look forward to.

I’m also going to be providing very specific instructions to the government of Canada so that if they don’t know how to properly dissolve the Trust they Will no longer have an excuse. No One may compel a Man to contract without disclosing all details of that contract. If the government is using the name Sean von Dehn or any variation of it as a commercial enterprise they are claiming I am responsible for or ‘attached to’ (bonded) in some Way, they must disclose the details of that relationship to Me or they are engaging in fraud (and potentially indentured bondage and slavery).

Keep in Mind this is all just Part of ‘My Story‘. I really am just a Spiritual Man who Wishes to share My Ideas for a better world with the rest of Man’s kind. I don’t believe any Man (of either kind/sex) came to earth with pre-determined masters. I believe the evolution of Man’s kind has allowed for certain social ideals but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily Good ones.

A Common ‘Theory’ in what might be called the ‘Sovereign’ movement is that there is a particular process One must follow if One Wishes to rescind their citizenship. The problem of course is that these very particular processes change continually depending on whom One may be tall King with. But the seemingly prevalent theory is that One can only be Sovereign ‘if they do it right’. Remember, the devil is in the details.

They made the law and economics seem really complicated deliberately. The Idea is that most People would just presume it is all too complicated to fully grasp when the core principals are all One really needs to comprehend to conceptualize the entire entity. It doesn’t Matter how elaborate a con is, a con is a con. The government ‘owns’ a document called a birth certificate with My name on it. Is it a commercial instrument? Is it a bond? What ‘supreme’ right does the government have to use My name without My consent? What connection does the government believe this document has with Me, and why is it so important to the government of Canada that I apply for and use one?

Before One Signs anything, they have the right to full disclosure. I have the right to ask how the birth certificate is used to create other insurance policies in Canada, like the Health Insurance Card and Social Insurance Account. I can ask the government of Canada to show its supreme claim of right upon the use of My name or to evidence the contract that shows I gave My consent for Canada to profit from [the use of] My name. If they can’t produce either one, then I am entitled to a full forensic audit of all value created from that name by Canada and the same in Honour for damages. That’s how ‘their’ rules work.

Most People try to gain controlling power over the commercial instrument and there are numerous methods and strategies suggested. That’s also why this Blog is different. I have no interest in the fiction whatsoever, really. It’s just a Grand, mental construct the entire world has bought into, pun intended. Although I Will be as King of Canada all those difficult Quest-Ions, too, there is only one common denominator; a network of documents that bind Me to the state, or a single document that binds Me to the state? Obviously, in either case the contract is unlawful because bondage and slavery are crimes against Man’s kind. So the remedy is equal simple.

I’ll be following up on more of these Ideas later in the week and elaborating on others I’ve mentioned recently, too. Perhaps most exciting in the coming week Will be mail. I’m expecting at least two deliveries, possible three and once again, I promise to Keep You Posted.

Oh, I even have a stuffed baked potato recipe to share later this week!!!

Love and Blessings,


  1. Sometimes , What these elites or the shadow government do is present the information that suits their interests and do what they can to hide the secret information that does not agree with their own desires for power and world riches …Anyway, the divine is all power , omnipresent and omniscient eternally but to receives more divine guidance and light , we should be ready or prepared to allow more peacefully the Godly enlightenment…
    Hence, when the student is ready, the master appears …Yes , definitely…

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