Volume CLX: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; On Her Majesty’s Service

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. It is a Magical Monday in Deed as I have already managed to get much accomplished. I am also on day twelve of My thirty day challenge which was to start a new fitness routine and I’m already beginning to notice results and feel stronger. I also managed to get everything ready to send to Orsolya at Ontario Works and Will be sharing some Secrets about the mail with You today. Mostly, the Motive a Sean for this Monday was a conversation I had with a representative of Staples who was as King of Me if there is anything We can do to stop these crazy lockdowns; so I’ll be sharing those Words of Wisdom with You today, and the Power of the Alpha Mail.

Without nagging I Wish to encourage You to think about taking a thirty day challenge, it is something I Will likely reminded My readers of every Monday. Monday’s are the start of a new week which is a perfect time to start shooting for a new goal. My suggestion is to try to Visualize the most perfect version (Verse-Ion) of You and consider what is required to make it a reality. One thing You Wish to add or remove from Your Life; then commit to it for thirty days. Every day You are successful You Will feel so much better just by the act of committing to something – by Gifting Your Self with a Purpose.

I am especially motivated this Monday because I have My package ready to send to Ontario Works for the application of a Birth Certificate. The ‘Magical’ element to this Deed is that what Ontario Works Will be doing for Me now is precisely what I have been as King of them to do for months. I was requesting that they follow up on My Public Notices to find out why the certified person has not been terminated. They refused, I suggested they have a legal obligation to do so, they denied any such obligation and then suggested they have no record of any of the Public Notices I have filed with Canada’s government, or My Cestui Que Vie and insisted I order a Birth Certificate as proof of identification or lose the benefits I currently receive. So now I am compelled to Write the offices I was as King of them to follow up with in the first place and have to inform on Ontario Works for their crimes to the authority of Canada’s registry. If I don’t, then I am guilty of fraud for filing for a birth certificate under false pretenses.

Magical how things work out for Me, isn’t it? Well, I Wish to share how this package Will be sent to Orsi because it is equally important.

O.H.M.S. = On Her/His Majesty’s Service

Although I usually like to use the full Words, O.H.M.S. is more common and they seem to know what that means at the post office (sometimes I have to explain that On Her Majesty’s Service is the same as ‘OHMS’ and they immediately go “Oh, right!”). I can’t Imagine what else they think the acronym stands for but again this is important legally and lawfully speaking.

A representative of Her Majesty in Canada is Acting in the capacity of a Governor General to the Queen in Canada. It is fully recognized in Canadian law, and interfering with a Governor General’s attempt to Honour Her Majesty is an Act of treason according to Canadian Law. When One Writes ‘OHMS’ on a Letter, the Postage is paid for by the Queen. It was the Queen who decided that the People of Canada should be able to Write their politicians for free because Her Majesty Wishes to know about it. Her Majesty Will get a receipt (or representatives of Her Majesty but the point is that a Record Will be kept). Also, sending a Letter on Her Majesty’s Service advises the correspondent that One is Acting in the capacity of a Governor General to the Queen and that this Matter is serious.

The other element I added to the Letter to ensure that My package is sent to Canada’s Registrar General and not Vital Statistics (a private, non government agency) is addressing the Letter to the Registrar General by name and placing it “In the Trust and Care of” Orsolya Vancsody. If the full contents of the package I am sending are not received by the Registrar General, Orsolya Vancsody is guilty of an indictable offence for interfering with delivery of the Queen’s mail. It’s a federal offence in Canada to interfere with mail delivery but it is an Act of Treason if One interferes with mail sent on Her Majesty’s Service.

I also sent an email to Orsolya Vancsody today to let her know the package is ready to send but I first need her to confirm the full package I am sending her Will be forwarded to Canada’s Registrar General and not Express Legal. I told her it makes no difference to Me if she chooses to send it to the M.P.s office in Ottawa or the Thunder Bay address so long as she insures it is addressed to the individual responsible for Canada’s Vital Statistics so that he can be properly informed of the fraud before processing the application.

I Writ a Post last week titled, ‘Corralling a Criminal Cabal’; this is what I was tall King about. This is about as much hard evidence of treason as One Man can produce and now Orsolya and her Friends over at Ontario Works Will be sending a package to Canada’s Registrar General that evidences their crimes. The Registrar General Will either be complicit with these crimes which Will only add to mounting evidence of conspiracy to commit treason, which is obviously much worse than a ‘processing error’ or whatever other excuse they may come up with for fraudulently using My name for the last four years and change.

So yeah, I have to say, this has been a very Magical Monday. My email to Orsi was also sent at 2:05 this afternoon and now it is almost 6:00. Typically, Orsi gets back to Me pretty quick and I told her I am only waiting for her confirmation to send the package (I’m in no rush).

Oh, and the other ‘Magical’ element to this Monday I Wish to share with You that might motivate One to start a Blog of their own for precisely this sort of thing; I have already published the paperwork I am sending to Ontario Works here, so the Spell has already been Cast. Now We are just waiting to see how they respond to the Spell.

Finally, before I Sign off today I have to tell You that I was not allowed to enter Staples (nobody is, mask or no mask Ontario is on ‘lockdown’ or something) but a representative came to the door to explain that only essential businesses like grocery and pharmacy are open. I rolled My eyes, and pretty soon We were tall King about how Bill Gates hopes to make 20 trillion dollars by vaccinating the planet and the lady asked Me, “Really, is there anything We can do to stop this? How can We little People make a difference?”

I told her to Write the premier or a Member of Parliament and express Your concerns. Tell them You believe an Act of Treason is afoot because Canada’s Health Agency appears to be taking directives from a foreign, unelected body (WHO). Tell them You are very concerned about the possible risks of coronavirus but would like to have full disclosure of the medical scientific data supporting lockdowns, masks and social distancing because the plan doesn’t seem to be working. Tell them You believe the measures are wrong because it appears to have prolonged the pandemic, rather than put an end to it.

I told her that many People are beginning to Write letters of this nature and there is plenty of data she can find online that Will Show how much harm is being done by lockdowns (suicides, overdoses, domestic violence, mental health) that are greater than the risk of covid. So far, none have responded or provided any data to show that these measures are working – some (in other countries) have responded and admit point blank they have no evidence, they are using projections and ‘social modeling’ technology. If they don’t respond to Your letter when You are Writing an elected official with concerns of treason, they can be criminally charged for breach of Trust for failing to respond and possibly treason if You are correct in Your assertion for they Will be perceived to be aiding and abetting the fraud by failing to respond.

It was the most glorious moment of My Monday!!! You should have seen this lady’s face! She was so excited, told Me she was going to go home and Write a letter as soon as her shift was over so she doesn’t forget any of what I said. Then, just before I turned to leave she said, “Wait, what do I do if they still don’t respond after I tell them they are breaching Trust for failing to respond?”

Print a copy of all the Letters You sent to Your MP requesting information and report it to the Minister of Justice. If the Minister of Justice doesn’t prosecute for breach of Trust, send a copy of all Your letters including the one to the Minister of Justice to Her Majesty the Queen and I guarantee You Will get a result.

Once again, her eyes lit up and she repeated her thanks enthusiastically. It made My day and I think it made hers, too. I feel like I actually made a difference in the world today!!!

I hope Your Monday was equally Magical.

I Will be sharing the full correspondence of email including My last email from Kristine-Haines Chiarello (which is nothing to get excited about) on My Page called ‘the Last Chapter’. It’s not up yet but I plan to Post it soon to save space in My regular Posts.

Love and Blessings,

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