Volume CLX: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Compounding Criminal Acts

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition, thank King You for being here. It is a Terrific Two’s Day and it Will be True to its name because I Will be concluding My Fight Club Interpret a Sean later tonight. For now I have some exciting developments to share with You regarding Ontario Works and just how deceptive and Willful their criminal actions are – unless of course they don’t think fraud or compelling a Man to contract under threat of economic duress and breach of Trust are serious offences. Today, I also discovered they were attempting to Willfully deceive Me, so My application and Letter of protest Will be sent directly to Canada’s Registrar General, the Honourable Francois-Philip Champagne. Told You it was a Terrific Tuesday!

Yeah, when Ontario Works sent Me an email saying that they were sending Me off an application form for the birth certificate to make the process easier for Me and reduce My exposure to covid, it did sound convenient and I was pleased. When they said I could send the completed application to Ontario Works and they would send it off for Me, it seemed a little suspicious but I didn’t really know what to make of it. What is the point in that? I figured they might just Wish to see ‘proof’ that the application was sent. Interesting, isn’t it? They lie and deceive so much, I guess they just presume it is what all People do.

I mentioned that yesterday I sent a letter to Orsi to confirm a few details before sending off the package, it reads as follows:

Mon, Apr 12, 2:05 PM

Hi Orsolya,

I just Wish to clarify that the minimum cost on the application You sent Me is $75 and yes, You issued Me $35.  So You Will need to Issue an additional $40 to Me to cover the cost.  I am leaving the payment section blank so that You can fill it out if You can find an option for $35.

Also, I am very specific with the language I use in emails and I like to make sure I am interpreting Your email correctly, also.  Your email states the following:
“Based on the application form, the completed form will be mailed to the address below once received by our office ServiceOntario
Office of the Registrar General
189 Red River Road, PO Box 4600
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7B 6L8″

That is the correct address for the Office of the Registrar General, but it is NOT the same as the address on the application.  Your email reads “Based on the application form…”

I Wish to make sure that this application is being sent to Canada’s Registrar General directly so that the Honourable Francois-Philip Champagne Will know the application is being made under duress due to threats and intimidation by Way of further economic harm, and that the Vital Statistics Records Office is guilty of fraud as of Jan. 19th, 2017.

Also, the city of Ottawa is apparently on ‘code red’ lockdown or something.  I had no Idea, so I am unable to print copies of the documents I am sending to You, and the representative at Staples said the lockdown is expected to last for at least the next four weeks.  So I Will need You to confirm the following for Me so that I can send this package with the application today.

I can Trust that You Will make a copy of ALL documents I am sending to You to forward to Canada’s Registrar General and return a copy to Me including the date it is received by Your office.  The package Will be sent directly to Canada’s Registrar General, whether it be the Office in Thunder Bay You have included with Your last email, or whether it is sent directly to the Registrar General’s Office in Ottawa where Francois-Philip Champagne is also a Member of Parliament.  The Letter of protest is made out specifically to Canada’s Registrar General, Francois-Philip Champagne, so he should be the individual receiving it.

If You can confirm these details, I Will have the application mailed to You today.

Thank You,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

Usually, Orsi gets back to Me pretty quickly. There was no reply to this email yesterday and I mentioned in My Post yesterday that I’m in no rush. The reply came this morning.

10:45 AM

Good Morning

Once we receive your Ontario birth certificate application it will be mailed to the correct address for processing

If you wish to send your letter “The Letter of protest is made out specifically to Canada’s Registrar General, Francois-Philip Champagne, so he should be the individual receiving it.” you can send that letter yourself to him Ontario works would not be involved in that.
Also an Administrative person would receive your mail in the office and due to covid they would be the one mailing off your birth certificate.

Thank you

Orsi Vancsody

So the Terrific element to this is that I can Show why it is so important to be specific with One’s Words. Although I did not mention the name of the individual Acting as Registrar General for Canada’s Vital Statistics, I did initially indicate to Orsi that I Wish to have My application received by the individual responsible for Canada’s Vital Statistics and that the office was not in Nelson BC (the address on the application for processing). Orsi responded to tell Me the application would be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar General in Thunder Bay. They had no intention of Honouring My request to make sure this application is sent to the Registrar General of Canada directly. This was My reply.

11:12 AM

Good morning,

Okay, then I cannot send the application to You, I Will adjust the address and I Will send My application to the Honourable Registrar General, Francios-Philip Champagne so that at least if I am compelled to commit fraud against My Will, Canada’s Registrar General cannot claim they do not know they are processing the application fraudulently.  I Will request that the Honourable Francois-Philip contact You as soon as he receives it to advise You on how he chooses to proceed with the application.  You said I have until the end of May to show You that I had made the application and I’m sure he Will be in touch with You before the end of the month. If You Wish to read the Letter and application package being sent to the Honourable Member of Parliament, You can view it here – https://vondehnvisuals.com/2021/04/12/volume-clx-the-magical-monday-motive-a-sean-edition-on-her-majestys-service/

You ARE involved in My Letter to Honourable Registrar General Francois-Philip Champagne because You are the One compelling Me to commit fraud and treason.  You are also as King of Me to file for a certificate that shows I have pledged My Trust in Canada’s government when You have knowledge that I do not Wish to do so and know I have placed My Trust in God, so You are compelling Me to do so both fraudulently and in bad faith (against My Spiritual Faith and belief).

I Will mail the letter later this afternoon.  This email correspondence Will be Published on the International Public Record later today at, www.vondehnvisuals.com

Have a wonderful morning,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God

So I Will be sending My package off later today though I still have an Issue because as a result of the lockdown, I am unable to make copies of the package I am sending. I was lucky enough to have an extra copy of My original Public Notice to Canada’s Registrar General on Hand as well as an additional copy showing My Cestui Que Vie and Notices were received by Canada’s Attorney General. This Blog and International Public Record is becoming even more valuable than I had anticipated. I Will Post My Letter and attachment on My International Public Notices Page and send a link to the Member of Parliament, Honourable Francois-Philip Champagne by Way of email after I drop the Letter in the mail.

So already a very exciting day and it’s not even one o’clock in the afternoon yet! Time to get out and enjoy some ‘Son’ shine! (Because I am beaming in the event You don’t get My kind of punny.)

Cannot be ‘Trusted to the Care of’ Orsolya Vancsody

Love and Blessings,

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