Volume CLVII: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part VII

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and thank King You for joining Me. This week I Will be returning to My ‘V for Vendetta’ film interpret a Sean. It’s been awhile because the movie almost hits too close to home with respect to Our current plandemic (#plandemic was trending on Twitter yesterday, not a coincidence). In My last Edition, V had infiltrated the News Network to broadcast a message to the People about the corruption of their government. He is categorized as a terrorist by the local media who claim to have shot and killed him before leaving the station.

Evey, (whom I have suggested is V’s sister) helps V to escape by macing one of the officers who would have otherwise apprehended V. The next scene shows the two main investigators review the video footage in an effort to determine V’s motive. They notice he does not immediately decide to take Evey and considers leaving her despite the fact she saved his life. My belief is that V did not Wish to get Evey any more mixed up in his plans than she already was but doesn’t Trust what might happen to her if he leaves her behind.

Regardless why, the next scene shows Evey waking in Our Hero’s hideout. The first thing she notices is that the walls in her room are stacked from floor to ceiling with books. The rest of the hideaway is decorated with renaissance paintings and timeless looking relics. It’s a beautiful underground gallery of artworks of virtually every conceivable form. As Evey admires and old Wurlitzer Jukebox, V presents him Self and explains the ‘predicament’. V explains to Evey that he was too concerned she would have been tortured or killed in an attempt to find V and it was a chance he did not Wish to take. He also tells her she must stay with him for a year – until the 5th of November the following year. Evey has a bit of a temper tantrum and goes back to the bed she woke up in.

Meanwhile, the investigators discover that Evey’s brother was at St. Mary’s, a facility that was used to treat and quarantine individuals who had contracted the virus.

Evey’s stomach gets the better of her as she smells V cooking breakfast and apologizes to him for overreacting the night before. V isn’t wearing his gloves as he cooks breakfast and Evey notices they are terribly burned. V shrugs it off, turns his back and puts his gloves back on. She asks V what happened and he simply explains he was in a fire a very long time ago – ‘ancient history to some and not very Good table conversation’.

As Evey sits down to eat, she notices V has ‘real’ butter, comments on how Good the food is and queries V on how he obtained it. He tells Evey that he stole it from a supply train on its Way to the High Chancellor. Evey is shocked, “You stole this from the High Chancellor? You are insane!”

“I dare do all that become a Man; who dares do more is none.”

V, V for Vendetta

Evey immediately recognizes the line from Macbeth and tells V that her mum used to read all of Shakespeare’s works to her when she was growing up, made her Wish to become an actor. V asks about Evey’s mum and Evey tells V that she died, then quickly changes the conversation, as King of V if he really meant all the things he said in his speech to the People.

“Every Word”

Evey protests and asks V if he really thinks that blowing up a parliamentary building is going to change the world. V says he hopes so and believes it has the potential. Evey says that if People do show up, they are all just going to be ‘black bagged’ and killed by the High Chancellor.

“People should not be afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their People.”

V, V for Vendetta

“And You’re going to make that happen by blowing up a building?”

V elaborates on the theme Presented to Evey in the first scene when he blows up the Bailey.

“A building is just a symbol, as is the Act of destroying it. Symbols are given power by the People. Alone, a symbol is meaningless but with enough People… Blowing up a building can change the world.”

“I Wish I could believe that were possible but every time I see this world change it’s always for the worse.”

The scene skips back to the evening news but I felt the little interlude with Evey and V was ‘intrumental’ in the overall film as it does lend to the Idea that V might be Evey’s brother. He knows her favourite breakfast and quotes lines from Shakespeare. V asking about Evey’s mum is about the only detail that throws Us off and I’m guessing it is to keep Evey from figuring it out. He doesn’t Wish for Evey to know.

I absolutely Love the theme of ‘no coincidences’ in the film and the next scene begins with the evening news broadcaster tall King about how much of a coward V must be for walking around with a mask on. He starts telling the People how much he Wishes he were there, face to face with V so that he could show him a thing or two – just as V is making his way into the Man’s apartment.

He does come face to face with V and it isn’t quite the heroic, historic moment he had suggested it might be. He is swiftly executed and left naked on his bathroom floor with a scarlet rose left behind as V’s ‘calling card’.

We also learn that the news anchor was once a colonel at St. Mary’s and We are shown an image of him tazing one of the patients. The colonel seems to remember something about V, too and We are shown another image of a man standing amidst a burning building, his body seemingly engulfed in flames, yet looking menacing and triumphant. V perhaps?

Well, it’s hard to believe I’m already over 1,000 Words but it’s True and that’s when I wrap things up. I’ll have more for You next week as I Will be seeing this one through after all. It is a perfect roadmap for government corruption, how the ‘powers that be’ use fear to manipulate People and strip them of their rights, and the People allow for it to happen until they are Living in a total dictatorship, curfews every night, no freedom of thought, not even allowed to watch certain television shows or read certain literature. Fortunately, it is also a roadmap for the People’s resistance.

I have a feeling this interpret a Sean Will be perfectly synchronized with Man’s macrocosm because the film does take place in the year 2020 – ‘coincidentally’ the same time the whole coronavirus plandemic started.

Love and blessings,

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