Volume CLXII: The Super Natural Sun Day Edition; Re-Play of the Last Scene, A Week in Re-View

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day Edition, thank King and Queen You for being here, all Ladies and Lords in the Kingdom of God. King-Dome. The ‘dome’ is the Mind of Man, so does King-dome of God mean the King Mind of God? You know, like ‘Minding the House’; a King’s Duty to the Father would be to Mind God’s House.

It has been an eventful week in My microcosm which is intimately intertwined with Man’s Macrocosm because I am always tall King about it here in the Good News Journal. We are in the Last Chapter of My Story and roughly the same time Canada’s Acting Registrar General would have received My Letter of protest to the registration of My birth, I received a reply from Service Ontario regarding the same subject Matter.

Service Ontario was suggesting that the birth certificate doesn’t have any ‘inherent’ Value which is technically True. It doesn’t have any Value if it doesn’t represent a Living Man (of either kind/sex), and the presumption is that Man is Me, allegedly ‘evidenced’ or proven to exist by Way of the original registration document of ‘Live birth’ with Canada’s government. Carly also confirms what I have suggested before – Carly states that the Birth Certificate is a ‘Foundation’ document for other forms of identification. If it doesn’t have any inherent Value, the other ‘forms’ of identification One applies for with it (representing that artificial legal entity or ‘certificated person’) certainly do – like the Social Insurance account. In fact, the city of Ottawa is currently claiming a Man does not have a right or participate in society at all without one. How Valuable does the Birth Certificate seem now if One cannot exist in the world without one? Never Mind the fact that if I Wish to use one, I’m required to pay for it – they don’t Give them away for free. So it has an ‘inherent’ Value of at least $35.00 because that’s how much they charge for one. Deals with the devil, entering into SIN. Not a coincidence One must have a SIN to work in Canada or receive any social benefits.

That correspondence is very much worth checking out, despite the fact there has been no reply to My last message. In fact, it’s especially interesting because there has been no reply and I have had Friends in My Microcosm if there is any solid proof that silence is consent outside of the Rules of Civil Procedure (which awards default judgment against a respondent if they don’t reply within a specified time period). The Truth is, I don’t. I’m suggesting that the Rules of Civil Procedure and the process for default judgment perfectly mimics the Macrocosm and the Greater Common Law Jurisdiction – how We are meant to behave and interact with One another, to ‘Act in Honour’. The existing laws are Founded upon Natural Laws and were designed to adjudicate over Matters where People Showed they did not respond or Act as One would be expected to in a Common Law Jurisdiction. I feel this recent correspondence is further evidence to support this theory. They had plenty to say until I rebut their position, ever since there has been only Silence.

“The Magic of His Word is Silence”

The Magician, Trump I, Thoth Tarot, Aleister Crowley

I Will have to Publish this Post quickly or I Will not receive My little WordPress trophy for Writing every day, I’m eight minutes to the wire.

I have homework tonight as I Will be Writing My Last Letter to Canada’s government immediately after Publishing this Post and Will be sharing the Magic of that Spell with You in tomorrow’s Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition and My motivate Sean Will be mailing it and having the Spelling of its Magic Cast!

Alright, gotta go, have a fabulous week!

Love and Blessings,

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