Volume CLXIII: The Super Natural Son Day Re-View; Honour Thy Mum

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day re-View and thank King You for being here. Many Sons and Daughter Will be celebrating Mum’s this Mother’s day. I Honour My Mother by calling her Mum (and not mother or mom), and today We collectively celebrate Our Love for Mum.

It is also the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Re-View Edition, and there have been a few new events worthy of celebration this week. I Writ and mailed My Last Letter to Canada’s Registrar General, Francois-Philippe Champagne, I received another response and final Letter from the senior advisor to Ontario’s Deputy Registrar General’s Office, and managed to host and publish a new podcast episode where minister Edward and My Self get into a bit of a War with Words. I find that interesting in it’s own Way because it was Edward who mentioned on the previous call that the number 5 represents War. I’ve never heard that before but it was the Fifth episode of My podcast and it Will be My last with minister Edward.

Altogether, the three make up a nice Holy Trinity in the advent Calendar of My Story. I mailed the Last Letter on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, received the Letter of Reply from the Deputy Registrar General’s office the following day, and hosted My podcast with minister Edward just in time to upload for the Saturday Edition. All three are intimately intertwined because they are all connected.

Initially I did not Wish to upload the new episode because Edward is so hostile and inappropriate on the call. Overall, I felt it was better that I did before My ego had an opportunity to be thing King twice about it. I spent the earlier part of this evening reviewing the last show My Self for the first time and I am now glad I did decide to publish.

Edward is wrong about one of the most critical and commonly misunderstood principles of the ‘Trust’ agreement between the citizen and the state, and the registration process. The registration is a record of an event, the event describes the subject Matter of a Story that begins at a very particular time and in a very specific place, and that Story is Given a Title. The individual fulfills the Role of the Story’s Titled Character by accepting their ‘Part’ (a certificate shows an interest in the principal) on the commercial stage as a business enterprise.

The ‘trick’ is that People believe they are the subject Matter of that Story, and they’re not. There is definitely ‘hope and Trust’ that We Will believe that the registered birth ‘identifies’ and proves the ‘legal’ existence of the individual. Our belief that We must Play that Part on the world stage holds tremendous Value, but it has nothing to do with People. That was also confirmed this week in the Letter to Me by Canada’s Registrar General stating the Registrar’s Office does not ‘register or hold authority of People’.

This is also specifically why I Created My own Cestui Que Vie – My Life is ‘registered’ with My state of being! I’m not suggesting the Value of My Life is in someone else’s Hand, I’m suggesting any such belief is extorsion, theft, and evidence of bondage. One can’t simultaneously claim to be a United State of Mind, Body and Soul if another has dominion over any part of that whole ‘E’ Trinity (E=Energy). If someone believes the fate of their life is in someone else’s hand because they Hold a piece of paper One would not even have had the consciousness to Sign at the time of its Creation, how ‘together’ is that individual? One can’t claim to be together while as King of another to give a part of their Kingdom back.

I hope that makes it more clear. It is the very same Idea as money itself. It is reasonably well known it only has value because We believe it does. The artificial person Created in Your name is exactly the same Idea. It only has as much Value as We Give it with Our attention. The more attention to it We pay, the more Valuable it becomes – it’s all based on Our interest. Once We all stop paying attention to the false I am doll of identification through the artificial person, it becomes worth-less.

Alright, I’m going to Sign off for this week but hopefully You Will check out some of the links I’ve provided today as they are very interesting. Edward really just exposes how argumentative he can be after spending last week’s episode preaching to Me about how I should make more agreements and less arguments in My Letters. I figure it Gives Me a great opportunity to let My peers decide if Edward sounds like the kind of Man who is following the example of Christ. He also messaged Me his phone number and a ‘<3’ in a private message while Writing this Post, so I’m wondering if that is the beginning of an apology. I don’t hold grudges but I doubt very much I Will ever feature him on My Show again – maybe with a public Letter of apology. Don’t mean to sound arrogant either, One should really hear the call before saying I’m being too harsh.

Finally, I Wish to say Happy Mum’s day to all the Mother’s out there, You can all breathe a Sigh of relief in knowing that the registration of Your child’s birth does not give the government any right or authority over Your child (only the piece of paper in Your child’s name). I know My Mum is very pleased to know this, too.

Love and Blessings,

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