Volume CLXIV: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Thing King Edition; Rewriting HIS Story

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King You for Playing a Part in My Story. I have been doing a lot of thing King in My microcosm, so I believe I have an informative edition for You today as I continue to put all the pieces of the puzzle together so that I can tell You the whole Story.

For those that don’t know, My Story is not exactly My claim to fame in Man’s Macrocosm, but it is that in My microcosm. It was after Creating My Cestui Que Vie, Giving Notice to Canada’s Ministries that I had done so, and began to Write a new Page for My Blog, that My social media influence began to grow significantly for the first time. That new Page is called ‘My Story’, and I am tall King about how I believe that what I have done is what all of Man is should do, what We were meant (Ment/Mind) to do; We are each meant to Write a Role for Our True Character to Play out on the world’s stage.

That all sounds like a wonderful, fantastical, and perhaps even a Creative metaphor for Life, doesn’t it? Well, that was kind of the intent. It is most certainly True in the greater sense with respect to Man’s Macrocosm – We are each Playing Our Part in some Way. But what I mean is that what I am telling You is something I have just proven to be factually True in Man’s legal fiction of Law, too!

Now, don’t get Me wrong, this isn’t a breakthrough discovery or anything, it’s just one of those points that is continually contested. Despite the Creative nature of this Blog and the unusual use of capital Letters, all of it is intentional and is a product of over ten years researching information regarding the law, jurisdiction, and what it means for One to be ‘registered’ with their government. The Truth is… Nothing at all!

I can say that this is one hundred percent factually True, at least in the Common Wealth of Canada because I received confirmation directly from the Registrar’s Office by Way of the Hand of the Deputy’s senior advisor, Christine Debruyne.

Why is this such a big deal to Me? Because I have been suggesting for years that We are each the Hero of Our own Story and that all We need to do is choose what type of Character it is that We Wish to Play on the world’s stage to accomplish Our Secret mission Given Us by God. I always say that My Words Magically Manifest, and now I can tell You that is exactly what is going on in the world. The state Creates a Character that has nothing to do with You but You are offered the Part. We accept the Part and take Our place on the world’s stage…

This is also important information for People who are on the Quest to exercise their own right of Self determination because there is a Common belief (even among those extremely well versed in law) that the birth registration represents the registration of a child, of a Living Man (of either sex) – it does not. Most believe that it does. Our ignorance is their bliss.

As Christine very clearly points out

“To be clear, the ORG is responsible for registering information about events. The ORG does not register or hold authority of people.”

Christine Debruyne, senior advisor to the Deputy Registrar General (Ontario, Canada)

That’s all it is, an event. The event tells a Story. Now, We can believe the Story it tells is the Story of the individual entering the world if We Wish; that point becomes irrelevant. The point is irrelevant because the registration is only a record of the event, not proof of the individual’s Life and existence, much less a claim of right upon it. That event tells a Story and the Story is titled with YOUR NAME.

(I’m now going to use all caps to distinguish between the two characters, very much the same as it is done in law.)

That STORY also Creates a new CHARACTER. The CHARACTER is set upon a stage that has its timeline and scene set by the Anno Domini calendar. The registered CHARACTER disappears for a period of time and does not continue until a Living Man Gives that CHARACTER Life by choosing to Play that Part of the world’s stage. That’s all the birth certificate is, an audition to a Universal Production in which You’ve already been guaranteed a Part to Play on the world’s stage.

Metaphorically, Magically, Legally and Lawfully, the birth registration is the title of YOUR STORY. Once We accept the certificate, We begin to Play the Part and add to the STORY. The Story is HIS Story because He (Christ) is the timeline of the Story You were Magically Cast into, and the owner of intellectual property rights (of a story, the BIBLE) also owns all the Characters in that STORY. It is literally just a world stage, but We are not obliged to set foot upon it.

So People who have made a claim upon the record of Live Birth do not fully comprehend what is going on, and this is why. That’s why what I am doing is so different from so many others, too. I’m not making any claims upon that record of Live Birth, I am as King of the government to terminate that Character so there is no more confusion between it and My True Character. My ‘Cestui Que Vie’ is ‘proof of Life’ enough to satisfy any legal fiction because it is the beginning of My Story (both legally and metaphorically). It is not ‘registered’ with any One but Me.

This is critically important information because the registration of Live Birth and the requirement to do so (which does not actually legally exist but is strongly enforced anyway) is a requirement of Her Majesty. Once again, that may sound like bad news to some but it is necessary for Her Majesty to know how many People are in Her Majesty’s care. Remember, the Queen also represents Godhead and Supreme head of state in any Common Wealth country. Her Majesty knows what that event represents just the same as the rest of Us do.

The registration is not proof of ownership over an individual, but it is proof of a government obligation to the People under the Queen. That obligation exists before any requirement to apply for a birth certificate does. This is also why they Will never ‘Give it back’ to the individual because the government’s of the world must maintain a Record of their obligations to the People.

So long as the government of any country Wishes for an individual to use a birth certificate to provide proof of birth registration (an event), they are actually producing evidence of an obligation. Every single commercial enterprise that is created after that is to ‘satisfy’ these obligations that pre-existed the individual’s current condition.

Let’s Keep in Mind that it is the parents that register the child’s birth. The registration may not be proof of the child but it is proof of the event and it was the parents that initially placed their Trust in government by Way of that registration. I’m not connected to that contract at all (and neither are You). But there was a ‘Trust’ agreement of some kind that this registration was in the best interest of the child (for whatever reason). Any other presumption would be immoral and not legally binding anyway.

So the Duty of Care is established by the registration, and One could say that the Birth Certificate is proof of that duty of care because it Shows the Character’s name incorrectly Spelled. They Wish for the individual to associate with that entity, to Play that Part, so make it clear by showing them the Part they are as King of One to Play in Man’s ‘legal’ fiction is defined in law as a bonded slave and that it is defamation of One’s True Character. It is proof and evidence of a crime if they Wish to use it to identify the individual, it is only a proof of an obligation.

I Will have to do a Part II because I have much more to say on this. The Truth is, they do Create and record a STORY, and it marks the beginning of a Character’s Life on the world stage. There is no obligation to Play any Part in their STORY. We absolutely have (and should) use Our name as the Title of Our own Story with all the Magical Spelling God intended for Our Calling. It’s the difference between My Story and MY STORY.

Love and Blessings,

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