Volume CLXV: The Magical Motive A Sean Edition; Shoppers Drug Mart and Small Dog Syndrome

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition, thank King You for joining Me. A week ago today I was threatened by a manager of a Shoppers Drug Mart for not wearing a mask. I told the Story in My Magical Monday Edition of last week and received a response by email on Saturday that I haven’t mentioned yet. I decided this Magical Monday would be the perfect time to follow up on that event, and as I considered the Title for today, I was thing King it might be applicable as much to My Character as the event itself, so I feel it is worth tall King about.

I decided to ‘Google’ the definition of ‘small dog syndrome’ and One of the suggested ‘auto-complete’ searches in addition to ‘definition’ was ‘… in humans’. I decided to go with the definition first, but We’ll see what they both have to say.

‘Small Dog Syndrome’: Definition (Google)

Small dog syndrome is the name given to a collection of behaviours displayed by small dogs, behaviours that have the effect of overcoming any deficits caused by being small in stature. Typical behaviours displayed include: Excitable behaviour. Jumping up on owners, other people or dogs. Growling at people or other dogs.

Okay, so that definition works pretty well. The Key phrase I would point out from the definition is, ‘… behaviours that have the effect of overcoming any deficits caused by being small in stature.’ Because We don’t believe in coincidences here, I always just provide the first definition recommended. Small dog syndrome ‘in humans’ was also suggested by Google and that is what We are tall King about, so let’s see what that has to say, too.

Okay, well that was a little disappointing because it just takes us back to the first definition, there is no definition for small dog syndrome in People. I would suggest the ‘syndrome’ probably exists in most species that are family or pack oriented. If a Man is small in stature (and the males of Man’s kind in particular), he can become a target of any larger man Wishing to assert his physical dominance. It is natural that One would compensate for the deficit just the same as an individual with weak eyesight Will generally develop enhanced hearing or smell to compensate for the loss. It’s the Universe maintaining balance.

We all know that resorting to physical violence to resolve an issue is immature and inappropriate, but that does not stop it from happening. It seems almost ‘culturally acceptable’ that if two men (and in this case I am specifically referring to the males of Man’s kind) can’t resolve their issues, they should ‘take it outside’. Just one of many similar expressions that add ‘normalcy’ to this prehistoric, alpha-male ideology, like ‘want a piece of Me?’, which is what the Shoppers Drug Mart manager called after Me as I was leaving the store.

Theoretically, I should have just ignored him, maybe flip him the bird on the way out. Small dog syndrome. I know he’s not saying this for today – his intent was to set a precedence for the next time I enter the store, to intimidate Me. I didn’t bother to mention the size of the man in relation to Me, but I bet he outweighs Me by at least 60 to 100 pounds, maybe a couple inches taller than Me. So I initially just stopped to consider what he had said and what it might mean or imply. I wasn’t sure, so I went back to make sure I heard what he said clearly and understood his intentions.

He had no problem repeating himself Good and loud for everyone to hear, so I asked him if that was a threat and what he meant by ‘want a piece of Me?’. Then he told Me to ‘come and get some’, continuing to beckon Me on with his hands (from the other side of an aisle). At this point, virtually everyone else looks almost as shocked as I am. Now is the time to leave – and I did.

I’m tall King about this because it is often difficult to determine which is the better move and I’m asserting today that going back was the correct Play, both Spiritually and with respect to ego, the law, and everything else.

If I had not gone back, I would have presumed his intent was to cause Me harm if I enter the store anyway. I needed to know if he was legitimately threatening Me with physical violence because if he is, I can’t risk going back to the store for both of Our safety. In the moment I stopped, I considered what might happen if I were to return to the store and the manager were to physically assault Me. I can tell You this, it would be a whole world of new problems I simply do not Wish to have.

So the fact that the manager asserted that he was calling Me on, is sufficient reason to fear for My safety in their store. Obviously, this is a huge inconvenience to Me, especially when the city is on lockdown and they are providing essential services to the community. I need to know I can go there without having to worry about being assaulted by their general manager for not wearing a mask.

The reason I’m tall King about this is because small dog syndrome is a real thing and I am as prone to it as any Man small in stature might be. The reality is that this manager is probably just all talk and trying to use his size and authority as manager to intimidate. I mentioned in My Post last Monday that I doubt very much this Man would dare say these Words to Me outside of his store.

His intent was not just to intimidate Me from entering the store in future, it was to emasculate and demoralize Me in front of his peers. In his own Way, the manager is subject to his own small dog syndrome, except it’s ‘small mind syndrome’. When I told him that they can’t refuse access to People with medical exemptions, he tried to tell Me he doesn’t care about that because they are a ‘private business’. A ‘private business’ mandated by government to open as an essential public service when all other local ‘private’ businesses have been ordered to close? A business can’t play both sides of the court at the same time. He didn’t have anything to say to that because that is the Law! So then he resorts to the childish, alpha-male tactic of physical dominance. He’s the real small dog. I’m the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Although I still think it is very unlikely that the manager would actually lay a hand on Me if I were to return to the store, I’m still not going back until I hear back from customer service and they can assure My safety. A man was choked out by staff in Canadian Tire for not wearing a mask, so this is not an ‘irrational fear’ in Canada by any means.

I figured I would also share My reply from customer service regarding this Matter.

Dear Sean,
Thank you for contacting us. First and foremost, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please be assured, we have forwarded your concern to a Senior team for further review, they will follow up with you as soon as possible.

We kindly ask that you provide the store address in question. Its been a pleasure to assist you today. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

We kindly ask that you do not delete or change the reference number in the subject line of this email. Sincerely, Amber Shoppers Drug Mart Customer Support Team

I also Wish to point out that the apology is kind of nice because One Will never get one of those from a lawyer or government. Thanks, Amber.

Love and Blessings,

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