Volume CLXV: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Thoughts From the King’s Keep

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I have a loaded Edition for You today that might take two Parts to cover because there are a lot of things I am thing King about that I Wish to share with You. I sincerely appreciate Your audience.

Virtually everything I Will be tall King about today is Good News in some Way. I’m starting with an example that might not seem so Good on the surface.

“Three vaccinated long term care residents die after contracting COVID-19 variant.”

Ottawa Citizen via Twitter

Key Word there being ‘vaccinated’. I am not a doctor, I Trust My intuition and what I know to be True of the natural world. It is the nature of any species to attempt to transcend it’s condition if faced with extinction – that’s what promotes evolution in a species. A vaccinated person (if they work as advertised) Will still ‘get’ the virus, they Will simply have antibodies to fight the virus sufficient to Keep them from developing the disease, ‘COVID-19’, which is what the virus evolves to become if not met with sufficient antibodies (or T-cell response).

So the virus meets the vaccine and attempts to find a new host because it Will die in the current host. If others are vaccinated, too, then the virus has no choice but to evolve or become extinct. So the virus evolves to transcend the vaccine and now Man is dependent on the immune system again – but Man’s system did not learn how to produce the antibodies and T-cells that were required to fight off the disease the first time, so it is at an even greater disadvantage than the first time because the virus is now stronger, and the immune system is weaker. I Trust the immune system God gave Me. I suggest every One does because testing on Man’s kind was not completed and what Levant says is True, Man is the guinea pig on this one.

It is also worth pointing out that the information provided by the Ottawa Citizen is medically or scientifically inaccurate, however One Wishes to perceive it. COVID-19 is a disease, Sars-CoV2 is the virus. One cannot contract the disease, One can only contract the virus which then develops into the disease known as COVID-19. Perhaps it’s just ‘technically’ inaccurate, but this is why People think there is a virus called covid. There’s not. There’s a disease called COVID and apparently new variants of the Sars-CoV2 virus (which clearly the vaccine does not protect against).

The Good News is that the Word is getting out. These vaccines have only been approved under emergency circumstances, which is why all the governments are so determined to keep the emergency going as long as possible because they Wish to get as many People vaccinated before it is as illegal as it is unlawful.

But like I said, this is the Good News Journal and that’s the worst news I have for You today. This next video might not be everybody’s cup of tea but I recommend checking it out because in between the giddiness there is some pure Gold!

I’m always tall King about how We are each the Hero of Our own Story and that theme is consistent throughout this interview. Jordan Peterson is tall King about how accomplishing the goal and conquering the villain is only half of the quest, the other half (which is equally important) is securing the treasure or benefit of the quest with the rest of the world.

It was lovely for Me to hear him talk about it because he has so much more knowledge on the subject than I do. Getting out of the Matrix was only half of Neo’s quest, the real job was securing the future of Zion. In Fight Club, it was about discovering what One is capable of and using that Power to benefit Man’s kind. In My Story, it was discovering the Value of Life, now it is about finding a Way to share that Value with the world.

I thought You might enjoy what is a playful and dare I say somewhat flirty conversation between Nicole Arbour and Jordan Peterson. There is lots of talk about Hero’s and Magic, and learning to harness Our Powers of darkness for Good.

One of the other things I thought some may find of benefit if they take the time to watch the video, is the discussion on sales and marketing. I’m finishing up with this one because it is relevant to My microcosm and the Blog You are reading right now.

All these Ideas tie together rather perfectly because both Nicole and Jordan are tall King about marketing their brand in the very same Way corporations would – except success is not measured by profits, but by the greatness of benefit their product provides for Man’s kind. And the Key difference, really, is that the product each of them are really selling, is an Idea. In fact, it’s much more than that because their brand doesn’t just represent their Character, their brand is their [Ideal] True Character.

I feel the conversation is more or less centered around acknowledging the Value We Our Self (as the individual) offer to the world. I also do not Wish to confuse this Idea with Idolatry, either. It isn’t about ‘idolizing’ an individual, it is about supporting and sharing Ideas about a moral and just society, and what that society of People might look like by Way of the individual example. It’s about championing for Ideas that benefit every One, rather than Self gratitude.

Wow, I’m already at nine hundred Words and I like to try to Keep these under fifteen hundred. A couple of other points I Wish to talk about quickly, is that Jordan Peterson points out a dynamic between intellects and business People; each are typically cynical of the other. I’m not entirely sure it’s True but he suggests that if each of these groups were to harmoniously synergize with the other, it could be highly beneficial for both. I do believe he is most certainly correct on that point and that is really the nature of their conversation, that the new ‘social media’ era is revolutionary and the next ‘must have’ product could be a moral example to follow.

One of the most important reasons for sharing this video with You today is because I am at that Stage in My own personal Quest. Silence really is consent and I’ll be proving that over the next little while as things remain silent in My microcosm. I have all the answers I need from Canada’s government with respect to their ‘legal’ position on the birth registration and My right of Self determination. The only Quest-Ion now, is how to proceed.

One of My considerations is to Focus on marketing. That’s a Good place to leave off for today because I Will finish up that thought tomorrow as I take more time to explain some of the legal avenues I have to pursue, some of the marketing strategies I am considering and most of all, why I haven’t been more actively Focused on sales and marketing before now.

I also haven’t heard back from Shoppers Drug Mart yet, so I’ll be following up with them if I haven’t received a response by the end of tomorrow. That could make for an interesting side story because I have zero problem filing a law suit against Shoppers Drug Mart and that could be very Good for Canadians, too.

I also still have Merovitz Potechin and National Bank of Canada to deal with and I’ve been [admittedly] procrastinating on that because I have so much other ‘nonsense’ going on with Canada’s government service agents. I plan on getting that lawsuit or filing ready for sometime next month, perhaps even My name day!

And then there’s My podcast. I really do feel like I’m managing a meaningful publication and would really like to work on developing a decent podcast over time, so that Will be something I plan to spend more time war King on in addition to Publishing daily material here.

Alright, I think You are up to date with all of the main things on the Mind of the House of von Dehn, expressed by Way of the King’s Hand from the King’s Keep. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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